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Tell stories about your past relationships!

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Lil_devil88 | 00:02
Here's a thread where you can talk about your past relationships. Try and get it off your cheast.
jessykar | 01:12
well i just broke up with my bf of a year and he is still trying to tell me who i can talk to and hang out with its not fair
sexybunnie99 | 01:28
lil_devil88---> <---her ex-bf
TheHyper1 | 17:53
erm 1 was with a guy from my skl - we had 1 of those stupid rediculous childish relationships, where notin @ all happens even though u both want em 2. we split up after bout a month, didnt talk 2 eachova v much 4 like a year + last week we were back 2 how it was b4 we went out (but much better). But this week he's bin a bit off wid me + now i dno wots goin on!!, it's startin 2 get 2 me - plz help! i wana know if he still likes me how he did or is playin games i dno - im so confused!!
Roxy_Ryan | 17:54
there is way too much to tell *sigh* way way way too much
lozerella | 04:08
well this guy hooked up wit 1 of my best friends when our other friend liked him and there was a big fight and so i met him 1 day after school to tell him bout it coz he didnt know andhe was so sweet and so nice and he gave me a hug and everything. and everytime i seen him since that i would always say hi and have a chat to him anywayz 1 day me and my friend(the 1 who liked him) were shopping and he was there wit his mum and we walked past us and he checked us both out so we decided to ring him that night. he is biut 3 years older than us so he was drinking and whatever and soon before we had realised we had asked him and he's mate to cum over for sum fun. and soon enought they were over so we snuck out to the backyard and they jumped over the fence and soon enough i was making out with him. i was with him for bout 2 hours and he was so sweet and he was saying how he wanted to be with me and he wanted to go out and stuff so i told him that we could go out and so i thort we were next day my friend and i went back down to the shopping center were he worked and seen him i sat next to him and tried to talk to him but he wasnt very talkative so i ran off upset and my friend asked him why was he ignoring me turns out he only kissed me to make her jelous coz he liked her and not me and everything he said were drunken words...
he really hurt me coz i did like him since i met him. now whenever i see him i still say hi to him and ask him how hes goin. im friends with his sister and he no longer works at the shopping center infact he is unemployed, hes 19 and he is addicted to pot really i guess it was probly better that we didnt go out in the long run...
this was a heaps long post but im glad i got it off my chest
Playmate01 | 04:30
i went out with a guy for about 8 months. He lived about 45mins drive over the other side of town. We tried to see eachother as much as we could. It was sorta one of those relationships like before, we both wanted to have sex and we were both having sex but never EVER did anything. It got to the point where we were both cheatin on eachother to get some but not with eachother so in the end i called it quits. Best thing i ever did he was a loser.
k this one guy said he liked me and kissed me and i liked him more than he ever knew (hear that Jordan!!) but anyways we went to movie and football game and he said how much he liked me and i beleived him! then he got a girlfriend and then he broke up with her and he wanted a second chance so i said ok and then he lied to me and then went out with a differend never gonna trust guys again!
blainep666 | 06:28
hmm...well my first serious girlfriend went home for the summer and cheated on me
and then my girlfriend after that, who i thought was one of the coolest people ever, broke up with me and now recently is blaming me for her trespassing and possessing alcohol when i wasnt even in town that night.

yeah, good memories
rcs | 18:17
well, i was so stupid back then, he was 10 years older,and i thought i was the only one. Duh, i wasn't. it took me a while to get over him, but its ok now, besides the fact that i can never possibly trust a guy again...
Olivia_Ka | 23:50
At the start of the relationship with my ex-fiancé, I bought a long-sleeved purple nightgown thinking of him and wore it at home all the time. Purple is still my favourite colour and my favourite boyfriend wasn't offended by my choice. I considered the nightgown as a "fiancée gown" (not a bridal gown, I can't get that far), even though we started our relationship 1 or 2 months earlier. So that was some kind of engagement, but an unofficial one.
We broke up a week after his birthday in April, less than 2 years later (we had mutual agreement and I left him), and I wore the nightgown less and less afterwards. The last time I did was in late August that year. In late October, 6 months after our breakup, one morning during the holidays, I found a red label put above a purple heap of ripped pieces, and asked my mum what was the purple cloth she had ripped. She said it was my purple nightgown indeed, and she ripped it because it had holes (because I wore it a lot during our relationship). I was angry at her, saying it had a lot of value to me, but keeping the sentimental reason private (I finally disclosed it to her in 10 or 12 years later). And the ripped nightgown was just the start of what anyone calls a post-breakup depression that lasted 7 months or so.
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