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New_Born | 19:52
BBC DJ John Peel, whose nightly Radio One program is credited with launching the careers of bands including New Order and Joy Division, suffered a fatal heart attack Monday.

Prime Minister Tony Blair joined the tributes to the DJ.
Mr Blair's official spokesman said the premier was "genuinely saddened by the news".

The spokesman went on: "His view is John Peel was a genuine one-off, whether on Radio 1 or Radio 4. He was a unique voice in British broadcasting and used that voice to unearth new talent and different subjects and make them accessible to a much wider audience.
The Prime Minister knows he will be missed by everyone."

One of the bands Peel championed was Joy Division, who recorded their first Peel Session in 1979.

Band member Bernard Sumner, who went on to become the singer and guitarist with New Order, said: "This is a dreadful shock.If it wasn't for John Peel, there would be no Joy Division and no New Order. He was one of the few people to give bands that played alternative music a chance to get heard, and he continued to be a champion of cutting-edge music throughout his life. He will be genuinely missed by millions of music fans all over the world, both inside and outside the music industry. Our thoughts are with his family."


Bye John, you were a legend to us all.
chloya | 19:53
John Peel Thread

There's already a thread for this.
DannyB | 19:54
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