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wot do u think bout drinkin and drugs?

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crazy_sheriff | 21:32

Drugs, and drinkin,. Wot do u think bout this topic
In another thread a person was goin bout wether was it rite or not etc. I personally don't think either of them are rong ive drunk but aint taken drugs, I no I will try weed sooner or later, and I don't think its that bad, ok yeh u get fucked up but it for me it the fun of it the experment the joy of doing it! Wot do u think bout this kinda stuff do u think teenagers shuldnt be doin drugs and getting drunk,?
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crazy_sheriff | 17:00
lu i totally agree with u!!! if u wna do sumfink then do it, dont od it cos sum1 is forcing u to have a fun life enjoy wot u do , u only get 1 life, so have a great time
Pandora | 22:42
see how.. I don't mind if these two above me get drunk and fall off the face of the earth, maybe when they come back they will learn how to write!

And yes Neta, I completely understand your side NOW.. hehe.

I was just replying back to those who were writing the posts. Most of the people that have replied are under 15. That is still a child to me. I mean I am not even that old, but I have self control.

Yes, there are somthing that need to be tried once. haha.. like corn.. and water..

But things that have been prove to be harmful and have dangerous side effects and outcomes are not in that category.

You cannot put a bunch of kids smoking pot and drinking beer in the same category as Scientists and Physists, and other experimental theorists. Because many of them worked in a controlled enviroment, and were trying to do something purposeful.

heh, this whole agruement is junkies trying to make exuses for themselves, and kids trying to act all grown up and ready to party.. when they don't realize that most "grown ups" if they have a life only drink on special occasions and such, that's it's not the "cool" thing to do when you grow up and realize, god you are an idiot.

but that's all I got to say..

rock on
safari | 22:50
again, I will say it. I wasn't encouraging the youngest people on here to go and try it, I was encouraging them to keep an open mind, as a pose to people like yours who right the teenagers who like to party off as unintelligent cretins.
thats not the case.
I'm convinced at least 90 percent of my highschool either parties, has partied, or wants to party. and most of those people have the potential to become scientists, physicists, engineers, inventors, etc.
the fact is, marijuana gets you seeing things in a different perspective. thats why most people do it. the ideas that i've heard come out of some people whilst they were high (and me not high on many of those occasions) have been amazing. I know for a fact that most of the professors at my local university used to get high and talk about philosophy and theories of all sorts and kinds.
I know I do it myself, although I don't have a phD and so you will right me off as a "junkie". I know that I, and many of my fellow "potheads" are anything but junkies. they enjoy the feeling, the thoughts, the emotions and perspectives. and they get damn good grades. and have a lot of potential that inevitably gets put to some use or another. (we all know its hard for even non-drug users to get ahead in the fields they excell in).
you can't right people off as stupid, just because they enjoy something you haven't opened your mind or heart to.
safari | 22:51
also, you'd be suprised how many adults will have a glass of wine a day or something to that persuation. its actually encouraged by doctors. you'd also be suprised how many of your parents out there have hidden weed stashes. I've found some in the homes of some of the most unexpected candidates.
they also realize that if done responsibly, it isnt that bad.
Olivia_Ka | 10:58
Heroine : never
Alcohol : very very little, not even an occasional drinker
Tobacco : hardly ever, had 10 cigs in a course of about 10 years and stopped before turning 30
Cocaine : never
Amphetamines : don't think I have
Caffeine : depends, I used to be a heavy tea drinker now I'm only into 2/3 cups and on weekends
Benzos : had to take them for a month or so, due to misdiagnosis and against my will couldn't stand them even when the dose gradually went lower
Weed : doesn't get my attention, I never think of doing it
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