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sorry guys I gotta go (temporarily)

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music_2000 | 02:45
hey sorry guys just thought I'd tell you all that I will be leaving LSI for a while [b] but I may still visit a little why u may ask am I leaving well firstly I'm no longer technically at school because of the fact that I graduated last week and all that is left is my final exams and im gone from school forever. the thing is though that I spent several free periods just browsing LSI and posting as needed on a broadband connection but now that im at home my parents have restricted my internet use to only using the net when checking e-mail and another thing that will preclude me from coming back is the fact that I have to study so that means less time on the net for me. actually to be honest the MAIN reason I can't go on LSI as much is because I relied on my schools broadband connections to just browse and I only really use the net at home for important stuff
like homework so this is bye guys and sorry to dissappoint oh and BTW if I make it to uni or some college then I will be able to spend more time here ps this doesn't mean Im not an LSIer still cos I will hopefully still be LSIing when possible
IrishMeg1 | 14:37
Aww, kris, horrible news to be taken away from the computer! I can't live without the internet, even though most times i never get a chance to come on for a few days ...
Hope you get to come back soon, and don't forget about us!! good luck!
rebrazil | 14:58
POP OUT SAVE saving ...
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