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Is it true that Evanescence is satanic?

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lauts | 15:10
Some people say it but I think they are not! I don't want to believe that. I love Evanescence, and I am Christian. Tell me they're not satanic. Please, tell me what you think.
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raven_eternal | 20:10
highly doubt they are
Bucephalus | 03:46
not satanic, just shitty
unmercyguy | 17:28

I heard dufferent info, for they are seemed to be goth satanist, but don't you be scared for true-satanists do not consider you, both christian and moslem as our foes..
There's my faq concernin' that topic from my website http:/

faq concerning satanism

1) Satan, who is Him?
Satan is a symbol of the force that changes the world, that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good. Power and Symbol of Freedom and Desire ..Retribution fair changing the world, not giving him to stay in its development. On the nature of this force, and about its reality or symbolism made a variety of assumptions, none of them persuasive. Perhaps we can only feel this force in the world around. Each of Satanists have their own concept of Satan. Who is Satan just a symbol and at the same time - something like a physical field acting at all points of the Universe - we don't know precisely. But in point of view of several satanists - he's a sort of pagan - I note - quite kindly deity.

2) What is Satanism and who are Satanists?
It is a certain way of life, lifestyle, world view. One of the founders of modern worship, Anton La Vey called Satanism a religion, but he has a completely different understanding of the term «religion» as synonymous with world «view». Satanism - it is an independent thinking, rational egoism, the denial of all dogmas and stereotypes, except for health and the Criminal Code and other laws of your state, pursuit of knowledge, not faith. The desire for pleasure and not to self-restraint, for sometimes ghostly spiritual goals. In addition, the Satanist seeks to improve themselves, maximizing their capabilities and talents. All gather under the idea of Satan, who represents change, a fitting tribute as well - progress and freedom.

3) What are the beliefs and principles of Satanism?
In Satanism, there can be no dogmas. Because there is no "commandment" can cover all possible life situations. Of course, the Satanist can produce for themselves what the principles of the basis of their personal experiences, attitudes, world views , but it would be no more than his personal conclusions, not intended for others. I foresee a puzzled question - but what about the rules, commandments and sins of the Satanic Bible by Anton La Vey? Is this not the commandments and principles of Satanism? Not at all! Those who carefully read the entire book, understand that this is nothing more than a brief summary of the philosophy of La Vey, expressed in the familiar and understandable to the ordinary man form. Incidentally view of Satanists' bloodthirsty and disloyalty - a kinda myth. This applies to some part devil-worshiper. I emphasize - not all them. But totally alien to Satanism.

4) What does Satanism to a Satanist?
Ability to live more naturally. Exemption from the fact that hinders the development of his personality, the implementation of his abilities and talents. Ability to move closer to understanding the essence of the world and human society, and practically use this understanding in their lives. Finally, obviously, the ability to communicate with like-minded people. There is a large circle and small circle. To the great circle you can come to join it, and there is no mystical nonsense whether "Invocation to egregor" It's just your normal, Power, mind, but Small Ring - closed to newcomers, again - we have no defamatory «Satanism rituals», self-imposed by modern fake-satanic psychologists , only accept the laws of the your actual government - the fact is that small circle enjoying the priestly functions, the priesthood. The possibility of entry there not for all the beings, but it is only open to inordinary and strong in body and spirit folk, not doing nothing at all what could throw not a jot criminal suspicions or any public outrage concerning the Cult.

5.) Do Christians have - the Bible, Muslims - the Qur'an, but what's a Satanist got?
Books of Anton La Vey, may be? First of all - his own head, common sense in addition. In Satanism, there can be no canon. La Vey's books are no more than philosophical works expressing only his point of view, read for common development. Moreover - hardly anyone of Satanists 100% agree with every word in the books La Vey. Personal opinion of La Vey can be interesting for a Satanist, but this opinion Anton La Vey, and every Satanist has his own opinion. That is why satanist considers no book as "sacred" and unequivocally true, nothing takes the faith and must be guided by reason and experience.
For the Satanist not worship anyone or anything.

6.) What DIRECTIONS In Satanism?
Each Satanist has his own understanding of Cult, rutes an so on. It is safe to say: how many Satanists - so much Satanism ways.In Satanism there is no canon, even among members of one group are considered unpleasant discrepancy in views on Satanism. Satanism - is the way, the Tao, the general direction of the development itself and not any of the principles and dogmas.

7.) WHY Satanist rename itself? Why do we need ANOTHER NAME?
And what does "real name"? And if it does not like, why am I thus called? Especially since most of the modern European and Muslim name is derived from the names of "saints" and other characters of other cults. Why should I, a Satanist should be called the name of a religious figure who can be my like-minded Satanists destroyed and for this has got name of "holy" His cult now? !No, I will call myself by another name, known as the nickname, "Devil's name (Nick devil)" which, I for myself have chosen; and something is not associated with other religious teachings.

8.) WHY Satanist known for wearing black, use Gothic SYMBOLS?
In the black there is a certain philosophical meaning. This is the most convenient backdrop for other colors, the lack of any noise, including ... white.It is on a black background all seen more clearly, without illusion, as required. Even Christians are talking about the light .. only in darkness. Stereotypes and prejudices of society also have a place. Unfamiliar with ideas of Satanism people associate with blackness, and darkness, with skeletons and blood, and many Satanists Unfortunately, even quite intelligent and advanced, inertial follow these associations are not always understand their meaning, imposed as a rule, outside and by not satanistic environment.

9.) They say that in Satanic Rituals use drugs, that all "SATS" _ addict to something.
May speak anything, however, just do not believe in it. As a Satanist is guided in the life of the mind, then it is highly undesirable anything that might his mind influence bad way, and drugs including. The idea of independence of the individual - as already mentioned also - one of the key in Satanism. Independent of any dope man cannot be considered a Satanist."Himalayschiki" and "Kastanedschiki" (and some - not all) say that using drugs can come to a different understanding of the world, to achieve any success in that magical practices, and thus to keep the mind and health. But experience shows that the vast majority of cases, stimulants (including caffeine, even) stronger than us, and to nothing except the apparent degradation, their active use does not. Occasionally there will be some rare exceptions, but they relate to the ritual use of alcohol, caffeine, etc.

10.) Anything prohibited Satanist?
There are actions that indicate that commits them to a man is not and never was a Satanist. For example : all subordination customs, artificial moral dogmas, public opinion in those cases when do the opposite would be much more clever and no risk to life, health and welfare.Satanist comply with the law, but is not considered unpleasant because the world demands it, but because that violate the laws is dangerous and clearly inappropriate.The law in the not totalitary country for Satanist is just an external factor, which not depend on us, it is not contrary to the legitimate struggle for rights.

11.) In HONOR OF WHOM SATANITSTY NAMED themselves Satanists?
The first data about the image, known as "Satan" appeared in ancient times. There are different versions about the origin of the Name.There is a version that the name of Satan - of Indian origin.The word "Satan" on one of Prakriti (the ancient Indian dialect, from which there was a Sanskrit) means "Lightbringer" - the same as the "Lucefer" in Latin. In Pali (spoken by the Buddha) the same word means "real." Satan is a symbol of Freedom, personal development, health. In addition, it is a symbol of Nature and the Planet Earth.

12) As sell one's soul to Satan and what might be the consequences?
"Sales of the soul" - one of the most enduring fairy tales. No soul is going to buy even. Tell you a secret - the soul is not that I actually do believe .. No doubts .. If only because it was not clear - what is it? If the soul-mind, then how can I sell? If a soul to understand some of the substance, which remains live after the death of the body, then nothing about her is absolutely unknown, including - even the very fact of its existence. And who knows what to sell - is a fraud, you either walk along the path, the Tao), or not. No act as aforesaid shall not name, even so does human Satanist.

13)Are satanists really guilty in ritual murder, burned temples of other Cult, shitting in the cemeteries?
Satanists do not commit ritual murders, not set fire to the church and not ruin the cemetery. And do not do anything that does not bring them any benefit.And there is a widespread phenomenon, which is called counterfeits of Satanism. Forgery under satanism - this desire to look a Satanist in the eyes of others in a profound misunderstanding of the essence of Satanism.Replay in real life all the commonplaces of rumors and tales about the Satanist: dark rituals without purpose and meaning, hooliganism in churches and cemeteries,"Sacrifice" of cats and pigeons again without a specific purpose, and even "ritual murder" - so anyone in that stupid enough.It's all fake - the desire to be a Satanist, not being such one.
unmercyguy | 17:29
Evanescence play as gothic satanists, but I do not know their real religious affinity..Don't really matter..Is me to be true& something?
bkeskin | 21:16
they're not satanic at all
Headbanger13 | 02:30
nope. they are definitely not satanic... they're gothic, i think
KittyKat321 | 00:15
Lauts, evanescence is so blatantly a satanic band that the mere fact that you pose this question and say you're a Christian while lacking discernment on this matter means that you need to read your Bible daily and pray to the Lord Jesus Christ for discernment. Evanescence's lyrics and videos are so demonic that I can't believe you couldn't pick up on that. Some evidence for you: 1. "My heart is broken", she's singing to her "dark angel", i.e., Satan, as her savior and deliverer from sorrow and pain, and that she'll live her life torn away from God, 2. "Sweet sacrifice", she puts it out there that she's offered a satanic sacrifice (a baby) and is being tormented by the evil she's committed; in the videoclip's background, you can see a baby's silhouette and she's surrounded by an evil aura while lying on a satanic ritual alter. 3. "Going under", the song is an ode to Satan, and that she's so far in the devil's clutch to break free; the video of the song is so ghastly demonic, starting with her makeup to the demonically contorting faces of the crowd. If you google Amy Lee's photos, you see her signaling the devil horned hex as a witchcraft spell. I believe Amy Lee is a witch and by no means a Christian. No born-again child of God will be cranking out one album after another singing the devil's praises. I pray for your discernment.
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