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the_canadian_88 | 00:35
I never thought I'd make it to this many posts! It took me almost a year..haha... not all of you will be in my dedications because i don't talk to all of you on the forum for my posts to add up, but, if we've talked on msn or the chat..then you mean something to me and your most likely mentioned on my webpage ...so thanks to..

*Jeremy* - definitly wouldn't have this many posts without you.. lol I'd still be at around 300.. lol I love talking to you! You're so completley awesome *xOx*

*Meg* - You're so awesome! I love our interesting talks, especially when the chicken is feeling you up.. lol

*Maria* - Your just crazy and I love you! lol

annyB* - you still owe me a bbq, lol j/k.. glad to be your shower girl.. haha

anny* - you better start remembering my name, we dont talk so much, but, you're awesome

*Arod * - your pretty awesome too..your fun to talk to...many more talks to come I'm sure...

*Lester!* Your just awesome and I love you to bits! I'm sorry we haven't talked so much lately, but I told you about that,

*TOM!* I'm not even sure whut to say to you,I love talking with ya and face it...you're stuck knowing me! lol...

*Marie*,you're pretty awesome too,I love talking with ya! Boys..can't live without them! It's funny how we're kinda in the same boat! lol

If I forgot you, just lemme know, this all was done in about 2 mins

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beachgirl15 | 00:09
woot woot!!!!!! amanda got 1000!!!!!!! *does really happy dance with amanda* you're so beyond awsome too!!!!!!!! i'm so glad you and i met... you know i love you bunches cos you're a sweetheart and yeah...j is luuuuuuuuuuuccccccckyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! *hugs j* congrattios!!!!
the_canadian_88 | 11:16
I love you to bits Marie! I'm glad we met too I love talkin with you! *continues really happy dance with Marie* lol...
the_canadian_88 | 22:52

I figured I might as well put the rest of my milestones in here - even though they're not that important....if a mod sees this, would you please change the title for me? thanks xx
Maycen | 22:54
Congrats! I haven't talked to you at all, I think.. So, hi.. Anyway, well done
the_canadian_88 | 22:56
awww thanks...
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