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drinking, drugs, weed, sex

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SswEeTneSs | 23:02
ok. ill start off that i am fifteen. i feel like everyone around me smokes and drinks, i feel like the more i read posts around here, the more i feel okay about drinking getting high... i dont want to feel that way... does anyone else not drink, not smoke, is anybody like that and 15 or older? i feel so alone in some of my decisions. also, i feel like the older i get, and any boyfriends i have will want more and more... like theyre not just fine with hooking up...when i like i guy i dont wanna be all over him right away...i really am emotional in my feelings....does anybody agree? hey guys, are u into girls because you really love them or do you just want sex? i feel so pressured to make the guys i like happy too.... just tell me what how u feel ??
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people are saying, no drugs or alcohol as though they are two different things which is completely incorrect
oh and i forgot......14, pot, yes and i have many reasons, but not of them are influence or depression or anything like that, drink? not really maybe one or two when out with friends, and sex, yes because im mature enough to handl eit and ive never had a bad experience involving sex
chloya | 09:39
None of my friends or I ever did drugs or much alcohol til we got to about 16/17 and we certainly didnt have sex til then. Nowadays kids seem to be growing up too quickly and wanting to be an adult more quickly than they can be.
i dont think so, we can be grown up as we want, height doesnt = maturity or intelligence
ROAARR | 07:38
ohh i jus found out the otha day tht mi best friend had sex when she was 14, n now were 15, n anotha one mi friends done it too on new yrs, n a few guys kno bout it coz this jerk told one person & so on & so on & now we noticed a couple of his mates lookin at her like she was gunna giv them some, its far out feral n freaky, but still man at 14?? n theres one girl in mi yr tht has a rod in her arm, unbelievable
16 here, smoke pot (or weed, whichever name you prefer), drank only for a friend's religious ceremony, had sex with one guy about a year ago, and have occassionaly smoked a few cancer stix here and there.....
MEade | 03:26
i have 16 and i smoke weed every two weeks and drink almost everyday and its not something that i can be proud about
dumbass_957 | 23:20
personally i dont see the big deal about all of that stuff.....but i can see why others may think that its a really big deal
foxyd | 15:53
sweetness than soo much for the post cos i am also 15 n i know i have asked myself the same questions on more than one occasion. i think that at the end of the day you've just got to be urself. there has neva been and there will neva be anyone like yourself on this planet so don't let ppl pressure you in2 doin thing u wud neva othawise do because it is ur own choices and decisions that make u who u are. luv dxxxx
tool_ley | 02:22
smoking a bowl is like smoking a cigarette. stressed, smoke a bowl. bored, smoke a bowl. want to relax, smoke a bowl. had a bad day, smoke a bowl. had a good day, smoke a bowl...you get the idea
well im 15,no drugs, no alcohol, but yes ive had b4 and i kinda regret it im still wit this boy but i feel like the only thing we talk about has to do with and we cant just have a decent conversation without having , i feel like im close to him and we spend so much time together. hes 17 but i like him to much 2 end our relationship
rcs | 15:21
18- no weed, no sex, no drugs. Don't feel pressured. When it all clears away, you'll be glad that you haven't had any; I am. All my friends say that they wish they'd waited to have sex; I learn from that. Keep it goin'.
FatJo | 15:24
There's nothing wrong with being 15 and not doing all of the above, in fact, it's very good of you. There are Legal age limits to all of those you mention in your thread and funnily enough, none of them are for 15yr olds.

I, on the other hand, did most of them before I was 15. Sex was the only thing I waited for, and that was at the ripe old age of 16. I was an OAP in comparison to all my friends when I popped my cherry.

If you don't feel comfortable doing any of them, then don't.
errrrrrrrrrrr r all of u lot like reli strong american christians by any chance?

u dnt have 2 have all of those things 2 hav a gd time..... but they do help

drink in moderation is fine...makes u less nervous

weed in moderation is fine....... makes u happy and relax and if americans took some then the world wod be a much better place and everybody wouldn't hate america
DolphinStarr | 23:35
no, lots of ppl who aren't strongly religious don't do weed or drink or do other drugs just cause we don't want to. I figure if i have to be high/tipsy to have a good time at the wrong place.
ImSteve23 | 02:23
im almost 14 n most of my friends smoke n they dont pressure me i dont do n e of that i like a gurl for who she is not 4 sex
Devils_Spawn | 02:30
I don't do drugs and I don't smoke. I am 19 and I have never done drugs only smoked once and if anyone tells you girls are for sex slap them for me please!
Devils_Spawn | 02:32
* offtopic :
i'm 18 sorry I need to take typing lessons
Catatonic | 19:30
I'm 15, I've got drunk a lot, smoked weed a few times, still a virgin... though I do feel I'm at the right age to lose it.

Peer pressure is a really big deal when you're 13-16. There's a really 'cool/ popular' group at our school, and I know a lot of people would get drunk/ high/ have sex just to fit in. It really suck, and it's really hard not to get drawn into all that shit. I don't feel pressurised into getting drunk or stoned, it is my own personal choice; but I can see very clearly how easy it is to be influenced into making (more often than not) the wrong decisions about drugs and drink and sex.

I hope that the starter of this thread doesn't get sucked into all the peer pressure shit. All the best in whatever you do, and don't feel you have to take drugs, drink, or have sex just to fit in.
Baino | 19:38
So much pressure nowadays...
All my mates are like cmon Baino lets go down College Green (Druggies Heaven) later.
I always say no...only been drunk once...everyone in my year is talking about sex...but im not...I know that im waiting until im married...and its not for religious reasons.

Dont give in to peer pressure. Thats all i can say.
xcr4zyx | 20:29
Meh, most of my guy friends drink a lot .. ive never gotten drunk but i have drank here and there, ive never done drugs and well yah. Ive never been in the position where it was like ' do it maria ' so im okay. people in my school dont tallk about sex often but we know whos doing it and shit but itsnt like you feel that your the only one who isnt doing it if youre still a virgin.
Chahoso | 20:40
im 15, gonna be 16 in a month and 1 day (cant wait!) well anyway, i dont smoke, never plan on it. i dont do any drugs at all besides like daily vitamins cuz i have allergies sometimes lol. but yea and i havnt yet had sex.

i have gotten drunk once when my brother who's in college let me stay in his apartment over the weekend a few months ago and he took me to a frat party and let me have a few but i was fine. i dont see a problem w/ drinking as long as u can keep urself under control and dont get addicted. like social drinkin is fine but not to the extent of being an alcoholic.

good luck w/ everything. And dont do anything if you really feel uncomfotable doing it. dont be pressured into doing somethin u dont want to.

keep it real
vandy | 21:08
K I know she posted this awhile ago, but Julie (sweet_j), those wine coolers? If they're what I think they are, they're more than just .5% alcohol. More like 5 or 6 %. More than beer, anyway.
xoparisxo617 | 00:33
15- drugs sometimes, alcohol all the time and sex ocassionally
FireWaterBurn | 00:41
I've never really felt pressure to do anything. Those who feel peer pressure are just weak.
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