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Guess What? I'm Leaving.

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Shira88 | 20:47
I wanted to make this thread a milestone+announcement thread, but I didn't reach a nice milestone yet.

Right, so.... School starts on Wednesday. I have to complete some homework. So I'm doing this now. I'm leaving (Yes, AGAIN). Don't worry, I'll drop in here once in a while on vacations and I'll try to be foten on MSN. It's just that, if I don't make this huge thread of announcing I'm leaving, I won't actually manage to leave. I need to get out of this place, out of the computer, so I can study hard and not fail. I don't want what happened last year to repeat itself (failing loads of subjects). I also want to spend more time in my youth movement, and my relations with people outside of this computer, as much as all of you had been great friends to me. So I had to make a big thread so that my pride won't allow me to come back here, lol. Fine, fine, here are the dedications

Megan- All I can say is wow, thank you. For everything. For making me wipe my tears on MSN, for maknig that saviour of a thread "How are you doing" thread that allowed me to get out my feelings in bad times when no one was there for me. And then again, you're always here for me. Even though we only recently started talking on MSN. I always had that feeling that you really do care. And you always have the time to listen and to "give" a hug. Thank you. *hugs*

Marie - We've only been talking for about a week now, and there all of a sudden we're such good friends. Meg was so right when she said we were similar. Thanks for the talks, for sharing things with me, for listening. For being there. You're an amazing person, and you think too low of yourself, because you really are wonderful.

Karin- We've been close friends for about a year and a half now. I can only remember one time when we had a fight, and it too was solved so quickly. Because you're so peaceful, and friendy, and only reading you saying "Heads up honey, smile!" can put a huge smile on my face. Thanks for being with me for a year and a half, and for not letting go of me when I was about to fall forever. *hugs*

Danny- I bet you weren't excpecting this. We got into a tough little time in the past week, I know. Don't know whose fault it is. But before that, you could always make me smile, and comforted me when I was doing bad. And you made me promise that promise, and althoguh I broke it a couple of times, you were still there to pick me up and put a smile on my lips again. We should really catch a talk on MSN sometimes soon to clarify things up.

Neta- Now I'm sure you didn't except this one, hehe. We've been through ups and downs and ups and downs and more ups and more downs. All I can say is thanks for that year (or more?) of listening to my shitty complaints or sharing your feelnigs with me, or advising me or whatever. Good luck in life, whatever that's waiting for you.

DJ - You're gonna be reading this not sometimes soon. But thanks for letting me share my feelings about some people and about this place with you. Thanks for all those patting smilies. Good luck in school, I miss you already.

And to all those other people, you know who you are. (Ok, fine: Allison, Ashley, Val, Mariah, Gabe, Matt-Dekar, Carole, Ally, Irishmeg, Gavin, Haz, Carly, Sarah, Liz, Petra-Come back, I miss you, Jess, Jez, Phil, Cricket, Yochai, and all of you others who I don't have on my MSN contact list). Thank you. For making me smile with tiny comments.

Bye. I'll drop by sometimes (Don't worry, the Rosh Hashana vacation is near!). I hope that this thing actually works and that I do well in school and in my youth movement. Thanks.
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Katka36 | 20:51
oh shira, not again
i hope i can talk to you sometimes!
i think i will come online only on weekends (cos of skool, yes). hope to run into you sumtimes loveya!
icefyre | 20:53
bye bye Shira
i hope you'll still post your poems/short stories from time to time, i enjoy reading them
DeathByMonkeys | 20:54
Awwwwww....Shira, babe, I'm gonna miss you! *hugs and kisses*
Ros | 20:54
Aw Shira! You'll be missed, A LOT! I wish I'd taken the time to get to know you better. Well, I'll just have to do that when you get back

Now good luck with school, I'm sure you'll do great
Goodbye Shira, haven't really ever talked to you, but I wish you the best in your life outside the forum
aflackoh6 | 20:55

o/' Don't you
Forget about me o/'

ahh..80s music
TheA15 | 20:56
Shira... we had our differences, but I wish you tons of success in school.

If I don't speak to you again.. Then have a wonderful life and I wish you nothing but the best!

Katka36 | 20:57
yea shi, we all wish you good grades and success!
Take Care
Wous | 21:11

I'll miss your funny/stupid-ish (in a good way ) anouncements and the things you always had to say to cheer one up!

Take care at school, have fun..and do your homework very well.. If you have to write an essay about holland or in dutch, I'll help you !


(don't forget to post poems/stories! i wanna read them!!! )

* offtopic :
(swwy for the number of smilies in my post...

* offtopic :
DaRkSiDe | 21:32
good luck with school and see you around when you get the chance take care! we'll miss you
purple_hippo | 21:49
aw Shira...

I'm going to miss you loads, seriously.. *tries not to cry*

please come back soon
danastasia | 21:53
Wow, Shira, I don't know what to say.

You were one of the first people I saw around here, and it was like, "Woah, she has lots of posts, everyone loves her" and I know both are still true.

I know our first contact wasn't as loverly as it could have been, but hopefully our last won't end up that way. You've contributed such a lot to the site, you can keep a level head when others - including myself - get losts in the dizzy heights of whatever's going on at the time.

I love you to bits, and look forward to clearing things up on MSN, so we can go back to being friends

Stay strong Shira, I know you can
dismissed | 21:58
oooh no!!! we were jsut startin to talk!!!
music_2000 | 22:38
good luck then with your future and all its too late for me though but u could probably make a difference to ur future
Cyd | 22:44
I'll miss you...never really talked to you but i've seen you around here and I think you're really nice! Sorry you gotta leave...
lolit | 23:39
awww shira....

i hope u'll have the best year ever! this year is really important coz u have all these f*cking Bagruyot, so be serious (yeah i should realize it myself) and im sure that at the 20th of June 2005 u will tell me "ohhh it was so easy Lital i have excellent marks, i really enjoyed this year, and we had the best school trip ever! i fought with the guide it was so funny!" lol

so shira shir i'll miss you and ur special opinions, but im sure i'll talk to you again.

wish us luck!

* offtopic :
úáîôîé àú æä á- 20 ìéåðé... ççç ùéâéò ëáø äéåí äæä àîïïïï
Jez | 00:45
Goodbye and take care Shira.

I'll see you when you get back.
IrishMeg1 | 00:56
Your leaving us, Shira? *sniffles* It's sad to see such a great girl go, but sometimes you have to and expecially for school and life (sometimes i think if i should leave, but its hard!) I wish you much much luck in school, and your youth movement... and i will hope to see you on here or on MSN sometime!!! i will miss you lots
Snowdrop | 01:10
oh damn Shira... (excuse the rude language) I knew that you were going to leave as soon as the new school year starts... but I didn't expect time to pass so fast... I really don't want to lose all our conversations... they're not always the happiest, they're not always "creative" (we always sound like a couple that's married for 20 years when we ask each other how we are and how our days were, but I love it) but I loved them, and they were (and hopefully still are) always something I was looking forward to... sometimes I really only signed on msn cause I wanted to know how you're doing... how your trips were and how your tests went... cause I really felt close to you, and in some moments I was incredibly worried about you... I really really hope that this year is going to be a lot better than last year... I'm sure your friends in the youth-movement will make you happy, and you, being your sweet self, will make many new friends there, cause everyone who doesn't make the effort to get to know you is just very insane!!! and hey... you'll show every single one of your teachers what a smart and so very intelligent girl you are... cause you are, I really liked reading all your posts in which you stated your opinon on many things like political situations and stuff like that... and especially your homeroom-teacher (though I still didn't really get what his function is, lol) will be amazed! I know it!!! you just need to have faith in yourself... cause you are a lot stronger than you think you are!
Shira, you really mean a lot to me, and I want you to know that... it would really be a great loss for me not being able to talk to you anymore, I hope you'll appear on msn every once in a while, to tell your weird friend from Germany how things are going and how you're doing, darling... I really want to know.... talking to you just became such a HUGE part of my life and I don't want to lose it! so... will you promise to come online every now and then? please!!!
and I also want you to promise another thing... I think you know what I'm talking about... this thing... well, just promise to try, ok? I'll try as well, if that's any help! I care about you, darling, I really do... and I'm always here to talk to you when things get tough! or to give you a hug... or just to say "Head up, honey... smile!"
well, I think I better stop writing now, you probably already fell asleep while reading it, lol... but I can't let such a huge and important part of the forum (and of my life) leave without a huge post! so... take care of yourself, darling... and let me know how things are going... ok?
I love you sweetie!!!!! and I'm really thankful that I got the change to get to know you, thank you for sharing a part of your life with me!
an incredibly huge *HUG* to you my dear! I love you!
zandragrrl | 01:38
You probably don't know me since I'm relatively new, but have a great school year and goodluck!!
Shira88 | 12:12
Aww, thanks guys.

And it's not like I'm not going to be on MSN everyday. Of course I will be, for a little while, in the gap between lunch and doing homework. And of course I'll come back whining on MSN to everybody how maths sucks and school sucks and my teachers should die and I don't want to go to this or that activity/trip.

I'll be OK. No worries.


we'll miss u shira take care love rosh xxxxx
Shira88 | 20:42
I'm not gone forever, I'll be here a bit. And I'll often be on MSN. This came out as a too serious thread. I'm not going to disappear. Just leave for a bit to focus on life outside the computer.

(Yes, it WAS a weird way of bumping this)
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