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fruity | 20:05
well I don't know if this thread is gonna be a big hit, heck, it'll probably get shot down exactly 2 minutes after it's opened, but right now I don't really care. we're all human. we all feel like crying in every once in a while. so here is the place to do it in public. heh, crying in public, here's a winner thread for ya. well, I'll start cuz I hate my life right now-
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Olivia_Ka | 08:40
roxcyn | 10:15
I'm seeing a trend on this thread.
Olivia_Ka | 00:23
I cannot find enough pleasure in poetry, so I express myself with words.

If freedom of speech had a prize, then I would win the gold medal, no, the silver one instead. All my posts are respectful, poetic and most of all, come from the heart - just did not know I had to cut into different parts, and cutting's not my domain. No joke, no pun intended. If I can empty my bag, I will share with everyone else here, not keeping it for myself, since I have had a packful of defeats in the last few months, since I came back from holiday - I've had victories too, but most of them are small. My first intention was not getting you bored with my long posts, it is just that... I use the "pop out" function below and actually do not care about how long my posts can go, I am not trying to beat the record of the longest posts ever on this forum. But... How could you treat thirtysomething complainers? We know, in my country, freedom equals respect, most of the time, and we have more freedom that some of you have. Seems like since 2014, too few here have changed their minds, and for this reason no nicknames will be given. I wish I were furious, but I am not.

I miss freedom these days. I feel like a bird in a cage, a lonely bird, alone. Somewhere, not here. And I don't let the sun catch me crying. And if you do not want writers putting their moods in the most popular thread, well... Let's not sing it, let's call it professional career breaking. I get bona fide support and encouragement from my parents, my coworker and my cat, and 2 of you here, and that must not be enough right now. And if you (un)purposely cut freedom from any expressful poster, then... Remember I said I do not want to slide in a downward spiral, and that anxiety is my enemy.

Heart broken key. And age difference may be a problem, not as a couple - not going to tell my personal love life. Seems like the younger ones put me down and the older ones take care of me. I would not feel anxiety, it's just the heaviest weight on my shoulders. I thought hypnosis and meditation would cause me to feel better than I thought I would be - and actually, it did. Sadness is voluntarily left aside tonight, despite having been in that state of mind some time ago, and nostalgia strikes me again and again since last month. That said, my heart has been beating a little faster than I thought, because of what happened last night.

Enough with being the butt of jokes when you say "no it isn't" and I say "yes it is". I have the right to negate 'the poster above' when I don't agree. Your scale has gone far too high and mine would remain low. That's just pessimistic, negative, provoking, going too far until hurting my mind. My eyes are emptying like tea bags in a hot water cup that I would drink reluctantly.

Seems like I face and fear divorce, even though I'm not married, and deffo not ready to overcome it. I wish I had a ring on my finger that I would give you back. Where are the papers so I can sign them, please?

Je sors.
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