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A dream is a wish your head makes

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Chrisy | 22:42
This is a parody I made from Cinderella and I heard that is was written by Michael Boltan. Is that true?

A dream is a wish your head makes
When you are in bed
In dreams I will find my heartaches
Whatever I look for I need

And if I stop breathing
I cannot keep on believing
for I am not immortal
Like the other girls

Sometimes I will find my lover
With another woman
And then I will gain my heartbreaks
When I find him alone.

And if I still believe
my dream from my heart
will come true.

I didn't do nothin'
For I was knocked out
But when I see the blood
On my hands I figure out

I didn't do it
But if I done it
I will be called, "The Guilty one."
For I have been called this before

But now my head has headaches
And my heart has those heartbreaks
But nose also has those too.

I know that it seems like nonsense
But if you can believe
Whatever you are dreaming if you keep on believing
Your wish from your heart will come true.
Like mine did.

It's kind of weird, I know.
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Winslow | 13:22
Sounds like Michael Bolton anyway!
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