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baaigones | 09:04
I'm just curious, how many of you know Belgian music. I've noticed there are a lot of Americans and Australians on this site but do you know groups such as

- Praga khan
- Lords of acid
- K's choice
- Arid
- dEUS
- Ozark Henry
- Soulwax
- Flying Dewaele Brothers (just made the best mix-album ever)
- Zita Swoon

These are groups (and I know I'm forgetting loads of groups right now, Lucky Bob will kill me because of that) that make really great music, music which is good enough to be known worldwide (in my humble opinion) but often don't get very far because they don't have the marketing strategy American groups have. So my question is, do you know this groups, and if you know them, what do you think of them. (If you don't know them, maybe you can look for them on the internet and then say how you like their music)
girlie | 09:49
well actually no, haven't heard of them...but like you said, it's really to do with marketing strategy and whether something gets well known or not has not much to do with the quality of the music....
lucky_bob | 14:28
well, I'll help you a little baaigones * still on your knees I hope *

if you've seen Wild Things (a.k.a. Sex Crimes) with Neve Campbell, you must know K's Choice's 'Not An Addict'
if you're a true fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Party Of Five, you must know K's Choice tout court
if you've seen Stealing Beauty (with Liv Tyler) you must know Hooverphonic (back then Hoover) with '2 Wicky'

mmm, Millionaire is currently on heavy rotation at MTV Europe I've noticed, and Hooverphonic was too, with Mad About You and Out Of Sight
dEUS is a very well known band too, but mostly in Portugal and Greece (of all places!)

then off course, must never forget Sergio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as for those you forgot, they are:
* Millionaire (funkrockalternative) (well, sexy anyway)
* Zornik (not one of my favourites, but still) (soft version of Placebo)
* Calibre (Belgian new metal)
* DE MENS, GORKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! you did it again, you mean person!
* Axelle Red (sings in French well known in Canada and France) (has a new duet with Renaud, very nice) (did the France World Cup song with Youssou N'Dour)
* Arno!!!! was just given a knighthood by the French government, really good between rock and chanson
* Neeka (new, singer songwriter like Joni Mitchell)
* PJDS (formerly known as Pieter-Jan De Smedt)
* Camden (mellow rock with the former leadsinger of Ashburry Faith)
* Daan Stuyven / Dead Man Ray (only if you're a freak though)
* Mauro (former Evil Superstars)
* Buscemi (latin jazz dance, like Saint-Germain but much much better)
* Laïs (folk)

did I forget someone?
baaigones | 14:29
You forgot Flip Kowlier
Tiny | 16:32
I know of K's Choise and I really like their music but I didn't know they're a Belgian band. As for the other bands I've never heard of 'em.

But I like belgian people(atleast the ones in this forum) so all the bands are probably good.

lucky_bob | 09:45
yeah, I also forgot ABN, 't Hof van Commerce, Monza... heaps... but they sing in Dutch, so less chance anyone abroad knows them
lucky_bob | 08:10
okay okay, I got Ozark Henry's Birthmarks and 2 Many DJ's As Heard On Radio Soulwax for my birthday and they are truly amazing

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