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Adware, Malware, Spyware

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TheA15 | 11:36
Hello everyone.

I noticed in this section a lot of problems/questions regarding adware/spyware/malware and how to remove.
I would like to put here explenations, program recommendations and useful sites regarding the matter.

Before Removing anything please read the whole thread.


Spyware is basically application or files that use as a spying tool over your computer. Spyware, like all of them TV/Movies spies, like James Bond, will try and do it's best to stay hidden and away from the user's notice - hence the name spy.
Spyware's actions range from keylogging to tracking:
Meaning that spyware can record every key press you make, every password you enter, every site you access, can record your surfing habits. Usually spyware sends all of the recorded information to third party companies (usually those who dispatch the spyware).
Spyware will do everything (well, depends on how good the spyware is) to stay in your computer, and hidden - It will download files, it will come back AGAIN even though you delete it, no matter how many times - meaning re-installing itself over and over and it will try to run in the background.

How do you get Spyware:
Spyware usually comes bundled with some programs - especially freeware - like the ORIGINAL kazaa (Unlike Kazaa Lite, which has no spyware) or other programs. A lot of times, spyware notice and concent is inserted in small prints in the EULA (End User License Agreement), which is the page that the developers say what their intentions are.
These companies rely on the common fact that the vast majority doesn't read the EULA, thus allowing them to put whatever they want in it.
Another way to get it is through Email hoaxes (which I'll give a link to in the later levels of this thread). Third way is the pop-ups which asks you to accept things (accept them and you're pretty much going to be flooded with Adware and Spyware, maybe even Malware).

How To Remove:
In order to remove Spyware efficiantly, you must use Anti-Spyware softwares. Sure, there are a lot of free programs out there, but not all do the job and not all are trustable and reliable.
I use "Spybot: Search and Destroy 1.3" and "Spysweeper" for cleaning out my spyware.

You can get them through here:

Spybot: S&D 1.3 Download
Spybot: S&D tutorials - Read here if you have problems with using it.

In cases when the spyware is bundled with software - removing the spyware might cause problems with the software itself, so be careful of what you delete.

New version of Spybot-Search & Destroy:

Spybot search and Destroy 1.4:

Spybot- Search and Destroy 1.4

About EULAs, you can use this program to search or hidden EULA statements by detecting key words.


EULAlyzer can analyze license agreements in seconds, and provide a detailed listing of potentially interesting words and phrases. Discover if the software you're about to install displays pop-up ads, transmits personally identifiable information, uses unique identifiers to track you, or much much more.

The Benefits

* Discover potentially hidden behavior about the software you're going to install
* Pick up on things you missed when reading license agreements
* Keep a saved database of the license agreements you view
* Instant results - super-fast analysis in just a second

Another one for malware that's better than AVG for detecting malware (proven in independent tests) which is also free and is the full working version is Avast Home Edition

Avast Home Edition

Also, here is a program that prevents spyware from even entering your computer in the first place, kind of like a bouncer at a nightclub, only for your computer:

Spyware Blaster

Also, remember, if you anti-virus software doesn't have automatic updates, always check for updates at least once per week.

Adware is a combination of two names: Advertisment and Software - Meaning that adware is used mainly for advertising. It's less pesky and dangerous than Spyware, but bugging nevertheless. Adware's actions can vary from Logging your actions and sending them to their developers (or destinations) to displaying and popping pop-ups.
Not all Adware is harmful, but does annoy a lot of people.

How do you get Adware:
Adware can find its way to your computer if you install software that comes bundled with Adware (like the orignial Kazaa, RadLight etc.) or through cicking Yes for software installations at untrusted sites or unfarmiliar sites. Make sure you know it's a site that won't do you harm before you click yes and that the software you are installing is bundled with adware.

How To Remove:
Like with Spyware, there are a lot of applications to remove adware, but I recommend using Ad-Aware.

Ad-Aware 6

How To use Adaware 6:

(Note: this was posted also here: CashBack Thing)

1. First of all, you get Version 6 from here: Ad-Aware Version 6. Then you install it.

2. After installation run it.

3. Then, once it runs - Click start. Afterwards you'll see two options - Select the second one and press costumize. Then you will have another screen, where you must choose (green ball) these options:

All red (X) on the first three, and green (V) on the rest. Click Proceed.

Afterwards press "Select" (below Customize) and make sure all of your hard drive is selected (if you don't know how to know if you've done it correct then skip this part).

4. Press Next. The scan will begin.

5. Wait until the scan is over. Once the scan is over, you will hear a sound.

6. Once done, press Finish. You'll encounter a screen with lots of tick boxes and load of names (ok, depends on how much adware you've got on your pc). Right click and select all (or tick them all manually).

7. Press finish.

Note: When the Adware you delete is bundled with a software - it might cause it to stop working.


Malware is an overall name for any kind of Malicious code, which is a code that its purpose is causing the computer problems and distortions.
Examples for Malware is viruses like Sasser (or any other kind of virus - including worms) or Trojan Horses.

How Do you get Malware:
Malware is usually implented on sites/applications/mails etc.
Malware can be unleashed on your computer from opening email attachments (usually from senders you don't know) or from downloading files from doubtful places (IE porno/adult content sites).

How to remove Malware:
Malware removal is slighty more tricky, since it can be Torjan horses or Viruses, but here are a few programs:

1. Norton Anti-Virus - One of the well-known anti-viruses. Make sure you keep it updated and have the latest version. Visit Norton's homepage: Symantec.

2. AVG Virus remover - AVG is a free and excellent anti-virus. You can get it from here:

AVG Free Edition - Note: You must register this product, but it's free.

3. Trojan Remover:
Usefull tool for removing Torjan horses from your computer. Get it here:

Trojan Remover Version 6.2.8
For Trojan remover Updates click here:

TR Updates

If you are not sure what you're doing, but still want to get rid of these codes, follow these steps:

You must create a restore point, so incase anything goes wrong, you can go back and avoid the trouble.

To Create:

1. Go to start --> Programs ---> Accessories --> System tools ---> System Restore.

2. Choose the second option, "Create A Restore Point." and click next.

3. Name it.

4. Press create.

To restore your computer:

1.Go to start --> Programs ---> Accessories --> System tools ---> System Restore.

2. Choose the first option, "Restore My Computer To an earlier time" and click next.

3. Choose the restore point you want to go back to (by date). A description of the restore will also be available.

4. Click Next until it restores.

NOTE: Restoring your computer will undo any changes done after the restore point, and in time of restore, the computer will restart itself, so don't panic

Ok, now back to the Wares.

Now, here are some stuff to read/learn, which can help a lot:

Spyware-Guide - Excellent site about Spyware - Includes easy navigation, names of dangerous codes, companies etc. Highly Recommended.
Spyware Guide - About Malware/Spyware/Adware
More about Spyware
Symantec Support page
Usefull to know - Regarding Email hoaxes - from Symantec

Ok, that's it for this time, I really hope that this helps.

For any questions - Ask me.

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since so many people ask me for computer advice, im just going to give you a site, I believe will help..

dudekrulz | 14:22
Also, please add:

Kaspersky Online scanner

It is free and is extremely efficent at detecting malware.

But it does not remove the malware but it is still worth it as it is one of the top 2 antivirus brands in the world (with NOD32).
You can delete the malware manually if you like.


Beware of malware that is disguised as antivirus or antispyware software on the net.
Do not click on the 'sponsored links' in google are these are paid to Google and Google does not care too much if the antivirus program is legit or not.

This website has a list of all known false security pages, fake antivirus and antispyware programs as well as legitmate clones of programs.
dudekrulz | 14:33
Also HUGE tip:

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, I recommend you switch internet browsers.


Because IE (Microsoft Internet Explorer) is most targeted for virus and adware makers since the most number of people use it.
It is also the easiest for spyware since it is directly linked with the inner working of Windows and thus VERY easy for spyware to enter and stay on your computer.

I recommend:

Mozilla Firefox



Firefox has many customisations such as skins, themes etc and will load in your bookmarked pages from IE into Firefox so there is no hassle.
Also tabbed-browsing, in both Firefox and Opera, allows you to have multiple pages opened in the same window.
This is useful for such things as comparing one thing to another, whether it be shopping on the net or seeing which design looks better.

Opera however is faster loading than Firefox but has less customisations made by users.
dudekrulz | 14:37
Sorry I stuffed up the links:

Mozilla Firefox


dudekrulz | 14:40
THESE ARE THE CORRECT LINKS (for you to download the internet browsers).

Mozilla Firefox


Chrisrocks53 | 14:44
* offtopic :
shite, just remember to put http:// at the start of every link
dudekrulz | 14:50
* offtopic :
loving copy and paste . I usually get the links right ok, it's nearly 4am here
Chrisrocks53 | 14:54
* offtopic :
I get ya , its nearly 2am here
valdez | 00:07
I'm using a software firewall (in antivirus built-in). It's good enough, so I don't need any stuff like Spybot - Search & Destroy

And I'll buy a hardware router soon This will be the best firewall
andro | 06:43
You'd be surprised. Firewalls are a huge help, but they don't protect you against anything that you download/install yourself without knowing exactly what's in it. It's nice to have some scanning tools on your system as an extra level of protection
abrocks22 | 22:46
Wow. Thanks for the informative post. Recently my comp got infected so this will help me lots! - A.B., UMGD
Mr_Pie_Guy_69 | 00:52
I usually don't have to worry about malware, spyware, adware etc.

my mac doesn't get viruses or spyware because the codes are always updating and changing

(no hate please, i'm not bragging)
Mr_Pie_Guy_69 | 00:54
But i will remember to look around for some of those anti-spyware things because my other computer is always loaded with spyware and malware and i get it re-booted at least 3 times a year :\
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