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Site upgrade, beta version launched!

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Ray | 13:30
Hey guys,

Yesss, I'm excited to announce that the beta version of the site upgrade is ready! The new version is the result of all your input about layout and managing content on the site. Most of the ideas tips and suggestions I received can be found back in the new version.

Many thanks for your input and many thanks for your patience! It's been a ride. Two years of developing in a period where we had to deal with COVID-19. A period of low energy, little time, resulting often in writer's (or actually "developer's") block.

Just with every change, give yourself time to get familiar with it. I'm very curious of what you think of it!

How to go to the new version!
Use the button on top of the page to switch to the beta version and test the new functionalities and see the fresh look.

If you find a bug or have a change request, let me know in this support-topic: Site upgrade - bugs and change requests.

New: Updated layout
You'll immediately notice the freshed layout. The trusted LSI look and feel is still there, but changes have been made to improve your LSI experience. Highlights:

Page header
The page header has been redesigned. The header picture is larger in size, higher in quality and the grid-look overlay has been removed.

Also a small picture is presented on the majority of pages. On an artist page this is the profile picture of the artists. On albums and song pages this is the (new functionality ) album or song cover.

In the header you'll find navigation tabs. In the old layout these tabs were hidden by default and could be collapsed by clicking on links the breadcrumb. These tabs are now permanently visible to make navigation clearer.
Similar content grouped together
For increase readability similar content has been grouped together and styled.
Faster site response
Content on the site loads faster.

New: New Content Management System (CMS)
The other change is the totally new content management system (CMS). This one is big and editing content on LSI has never been so easy with this unique system. I don't think you'll a system like this anywhere on the internet, this is next level.

Central dashboard
What is immediately noticeable is that all contributor related functionalities and lists are grouped together in a new "contributor-dashboard". You can open this dashboard by clicking on the contributor icon in the upper-right of you screen. Or bij clicking buttons you'll find on artist pages.
One single edit form
This is perhaps my favorite; editing content is now only done with only one form. One form for submitting, editing and reviewing content.
One type of moderator
Currently, we work with 3 different levels of moderators: guests, moderators and super-moderators. The new CMS works with just one: "contributors".

To make this possible, besides the VIP-level, there is now also a "reliability"-level. The VIP-level keeps track of your activity, the reliability is a measure of the quality of your work. Reliability is not displayed on the site.

Reliability is measured by votes on your contributions from other contributors. They can vote (review) for your contributions as well as how helpful your comments are.

Your reliability level is used to determine how many reviews your contributions need. New users start with a low reliability, you've not proven yourself and for content you submit more reviews are needed from other contributors. This is the equivalent of the "guest" level in the old system.

When you're longer on the site you start to earned reliability. At some point your reliability will exceed a certain level that reviews are no longer necessary, you can edit content directly on the site (equivalent to super-moderator level in the old system).
Contributing on metadata level
Contributing now happens at the metadata level. This opens the door to tons of extremely helpful options, separate parts of a contribution are processed separately from each other.

An example: remember when an entire song in the review was rejected because only the lyrics were incomplete? That's history. Now the song can be submitted without the lyrics. Or, it's now possible to improve the lyrics while reviewing. The song has then two lyrics in the review. The next contributors can vote which one they think are correct (or add a new improvement if they think the lyrics are still incorrect).
Benefit of the doubt
For new submitted content, or edits on content that had no content before (like adding lyrics to a song that has missing lyrics) Snap keeps track of the review process and makes predictions. If Snap thinks the outcome could be "approved", but we're not there yet, Snap submits the content to the site, but it remains under review. In this way, content is fasted added to the site. If it turns out the content is "rejected", Snap removes it again from the site.
Writer / Copyright editable
The metadata writer and copyright are now editable.
Edit lock
Metadata can be flagged as "verified". Verified data cannot be edited. This option is still under constructon and will be available soon.
Album and song covers
It's now possible to add covers to songs and albums. Nice!
Removing content
This option is still under constructon and will be available soon.
Snap got training
Who thought that robots could learn? Snap got training and while submitting content Snap is of better assistance than ever before. Snap offers you a detailed help section with examples and validates submitted content on formatting and offers suggestions when better formatting is available or required.
roxcyn | 14:09
Whoohooo! Yay! This should be interesting. I just activated the beta version.
Ray | 08:28
An update:

1) The moderator privileges have been transferred to the new system.
2) The removal functionality has been enabled in the new system. Though, moderator privileges have been disabled for testing purposes.

Ray | 27 days ago
A new update:

There is a new review-notification functionality live. It needs more work, but the first version is here and it works like this:

You'll receive a notification when content you submitted completed review. This notification points to the "my content" tab in the contributions dashboard. This "my content" tab lists all your contributions that completed review for the last month and the reviewing result (approved or rejected). Not yet work, but available soon is the option to see the voting process of the reviewers.

There are no messages involved in this new functionality, these have been replaced by this "my content" - list.
roxcyn | 27 days ago
Hi! I noticed the "about" area is missing. Can we keep that in the new version?
roxcyn | 27 days ago
Clarification: the old format has the "about" section where you can add, edit, delete information about the song. The history of it, how it was written, etc. In the beta version if the song has an "about" section you can see it on the song's page, but on the edit form (notepad with pencil) there is no about section to add, edit, or delete anything. I think it's a good idea to still keep. Thanks for any help.
Ray | 17 days ago
The about section is still on the site, but indeed, there is a problem with the edit form. I'll add this to the bug list on the other thread. Thanks!
MCSMeister | 1 day, 5 hours ago
So you say Snap got "training" in the new system, but apparently not enough

I was hoping that it would be easy for Snap to learn that once a user reverts the lyrics it submits, it would stop submitting them repeatedly. But alas, this appears to still be an issue. I've now had to revert the incorrect lyrics that Snap has submitted to this song five times over the past 4 months, which is very annoying. You can see its edits in the page activity feed - they always seem to occur on the same day every month. And this is far from the only page I've noticed this happening on.
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