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Site upgrade - bugs and change requests

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Ray | 13:22
This is a support page for the site upgrade, read more about this here: Site Upgrade – Beta Version Launched!.

Below is a list with known bugs and change requests and their status.

If you found a new bug or would like to submit a change request, please let me know by leaving a comment in this topic.


[open] Remove content without approving other content
If content is added that already exists and you use the remove / already exists option, the remove option should take care of all the other content and no manual review should be needed.
Status: unsolved
[open] Cropping pictures
When cropping an uploaded picture by using the zoom option in combination with the dragging function, the picture may not be copped as presented in the preview.
Status: unsolved
[open] Review notifications don't work for rejected content
When submitted content completed review and was rejected, the notification doesn't work.
Status: unsolved
[closed] Loading a picture made system hang.
When loading a picture over a non-secure HTTP connection, the system should raise an alert.
Status: solved
[closed] The edit-form of the "about" song/album is not working.
Status: solved
[closed] The album link is empty wen reviewing an album removal request.
When reviewing an album removal request, the link to the correct album remains empty.
Status: solved
[closed] Pressing Enter key shows error page
On the "Download from Internet" form, pressing the Enter key shows an error page.
Status: solved
[closed] Pictures won't load correctly
Picture that succecsfully loaded in the old system don't load anymor ein the new system.
Status: solved
[closed] Changing the capitalization of an artist name gives duplicate error
The new system doesn't recognize changing the capitalization of an artist name, an duplicte error is shown.
Status: solved
[closed] Reviewing an album gives infinite load symbol when tracklist contains special quotes
When opening the review form for a new or improved album that has non-standard quotes in the tracklist, you run into an infinite loading symbol.
Status: solved
[closed] Link in my-content don't work for new content
After adding a song or album, the link in my-content don't work.
Status: solved
[closed] Album and song cover don't load after move
When moving an album or song to another artist, the cover (if exists) won't load. The remove functionality has been disabled until this issue has been fixed.
Status: solved
[closed] Review notifications don't work
When content you submitted has been reviewed, the notification with the review results doesn't work.
Status: solved
[closed] New artists don't appear correctly in searchengine
After adding an artist and looking up this artist in the searchengine, the search results are blank. There is a search result for the artist, but no name or other text is displayed.
Status: solved
[closed] Infinite loading review button
When clicking on the review button while no items are in the review-queue, the page hangs ("infinite loading").
Status: solved
[closed] Prepublished content appears as "improvement" in queue
When content is pre-published on the site (i.e. already added to the site, but still under review) it appears in the review queue as "improvement". it should actually appear as "new".
Status: solved
[closed] Header styling incorrect
The new header styling is not always displayed properly.
Status: solved
[closed] Review queue popup doesn't close
When you open an item to review from the review list, the review list doesn't close. After reviewing the item, a new review list is opened. The result is that you end up with multiple popups that you have to close.
Status: solved
[closed] Infinite loading after reviewing
When reviewing an item in review the page hangs ("infinite loading").
Status: solved
[closed] The resource button does nothing when you click on it
The "Resources"-button on the CMS form doesn't do anything when you click on it. The button has been removed.
Status: solved

Change requests

Update Museum
Update the LSI Museum Site with the 2009 through 2022 site design.
Update Sitemap
Update the sitemap.
Reinstall back and forward tabs on albums
On song pages the back- and forward tabs on albums whoud be reinstalled.
Make gallery pictures accessible for header-pictures
Make gallery pictures accessible for header-pictures
Rebuild header-picture from old system
The header pictures from the old system don't look nice in the new layout because the new system stretches these images. A rebuild of thes pictures should fix the problem.
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MCSMeister | 23 days ago
True, the old header-pictures are smaller in size and are stretched in the new layout. The overlay is part of the picture, so unfortunately it's not a matter of simply disabling it. I can rebuild header-pictures from one of the images from the gallery. But since the w / h ratio is different for the header-picture than the images in the gallery, I part of the picture needs to be chopped. I don't know if that will give a nice result when this is done automatically. Let me look into this options.

Yeah, I do worry that if the headers are "reproduced" in an automated way, then it may not look great and could potentially be very destructive if done poorly. All pictures are unique and are cropped/zoomed in different ways in the header, therefore I can't see a one-size-fits-all solution working. So, definitely take your time with looking at potential solutions for that. I imagine if you want a good result, you'd have to involve AI image recognition somehow, if that's even possible for LSI.

If you end up not being able to find a solution, then we'd have to manually reupload all the header images ourselves, but I'm hoping we don't have to reach that point (not to mention it poses a challenge when we currently can't choose from the pre-uploaded images). I've already been updating the headers for some artists, but obviously it'd be way too time-consuming to do this for every artist we work on

Fixed, well... sort of. It now gives the reason of the problem, a HTTP connection was used. The system could not handle insecure connections (HTTP), but no check was done and the system simply stopped. LetsSingIt has been on a secure connection (HTTPS) for ages. With the new system, also security was inproved, HTTP connections to load external content are not allowed any longer.

One simple thing you can do what you run into this: often the picture can be loaded over HTTPS as well. So change HTTP to HTTPS to see if that works. If that still doesn't work, the picture cannot be used unfortunately.

Great! As long as a descriptive error is provided, that's all that matters. It's important that the user understands what they did incorrectly instead of leaving them in the dark. And changing "HTTP" to "HTTPS" indeed worked for that image

I should mention that uploading header pictures on the new site has improved significantly since my last post here. In fact, I think that might have been the last major issue I've experienced with it (and I haven't even encountered that HTTP error with any images since, so it's probably rare). We're getting there!

(Also, pardon my late response again - it's been a crazy month )
MCSMeister | 23 days ago
Also, wanted to make a separate post to chime in on this issue that Scott posted as it seems to have confused Ray:

The members profiles are nearly blank in the new system. You have to go to the old system to post messages for birthday wishes.

I think what's throwing Scott off is that the profiles on the old site have the convenient tabs on top that separate the different sections of your profile (contributions, comments, profile, etc.). The new site doesn't have these, which is likely why he described the new profiles as "nearly blank". See this side-by-side image for comparison.

I agree that these tabs should be re-added to make things more clear and intuitive, so you can "jump" to the section of the profile you want. As it is now, you're forced to scroll endlessly until you find the section you want, which isn't really ideal.

So to Scott, you don't have to go to the old system to post messages for birthday wishes - you just have to scroll down to find the comment box in the new system.
MCSMeister | 22 days ago
I should mention that uploading header pictures on the new site has improved significantly since my last post here. In fact, I think that might have been the last major issue I've experienced with it (and I haven't even encountered that HTTP error with any images since, so it's probably rare). We're getting there!

And of course, I spoke too soon...just encountered another image today that's not loading or giving me any prompt when I try to add it as a header. Much like the previous "problem" image, it's sending me back to the three-button menu without any explanation.

The URL is HTTPS, so that's not the issue, and the problem persists even after re-uploading to Imgur, which is a first. So clearly it's an issue with the image itself - maybe it's too small? Either way, seems like another type of error message needs to be made for whatever this error "type" is.
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