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Artists that have not done any works!

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Hi Ray!

I hate to be the one writing this thread as I'm not the best person to know what is going on here and if this problem I found maybe, its normal or maybe not...

But I decided to write an introduction here first

.....and then myself or others here can add individual artists or groups of artists to this growing list of problems as I will describe in a moment.

So this thread is not done yet....its only just getting started:

What happened over past month or so is that I've been playing the games in the game threads.

Especially these two, Artist Name Game #4 and Artist Alphabet Game #6

They ask you to find the next item in the game, using the LSI's alphabetical Artist Lists artists that go next in order according to the game rules.

Artists are found in the Menu box on the left---you know which one as you recently modified it to make the alphabetical order spread out and easier to use on mobile devices, but I'm sure that has nothing to do with the problem, as its a

DATA driven problem, not a coding or user problem!\

Increasingly, I'm finding that more and more artists that I choose for the games (I do look at what I choose, not just copy and paste) as that is the idea of the games to expose us to new artists we may not have heard before out of the tens of thousands you have on the site!

To continue; as I started out to say, I increasingly began to discover that the artists I was choosing to use had NO SONGS and NO ALBUMS!

Sooooo... if they have no songs and no albums listed (for example : Chris Price )

then I wonder, how did that artist become included in the LSI database?

Easy 15 seconds lookup on a database (one of many) like "Wikipedia" proves he is a fully functioning music artist! With songs, albums, bands, many things to his credit.....yet none are listed in the LetsSingIt database!

Note....yes Chris Price did produce an album for the artist Emitt Rhodes, BUT his name never appears on any information about that artist, nor the album, nor is he credited anywhere else in LetsSingIt, so I ask below:

Someone had to have suggested in a review, sometime, that they be added in!

But in order to be added in , they had to be an artist who created something, did something!

But now these say they didn't do anything!

I then must be SNAP! (Sorry Ray, I guess we all blame SNAP for anything weird its nice we don't hurt his feelings as he is only 17 years old---and has no feelings to hurt)

But I went into SNAP's recent profile... He is busy!

Past 18 months that I can scan.. he's been adding in new artists that actually have at least ONE Song or ONE Album! Not ZERO!

So confidently I can say that its not an ongoing problem with SNAP!!

Ok, now that you know the dimensions of the problem, I'll be listing examples from the game as I wrote them in, so I gathered them in one spot.

Hope I didn't write too much there.

Hope any other members who find what we in the computer field call "null sets" data bank entries of Artists, with zero information within them, that they help out and list them here too following my introduction which again I am not the one who can write a truly short introduction!

Have a good day....

Don't fret over this too much, its just something I'm noticing and before it spreads to other areas of the database, maybe it can be nipped in the bud and the missing data restored again.

[Unless...I add this suspicion as my last thought---maybe every one of these empty Artist sets individually wrote to you? And asked that under copyright laws that you delete their lyrics? Then their names would still appear, without the lyrics?

But..... I ask.... I'm certain like all the "discography" sites out there.. you ARE still allowed to list their songs and albums... just you would delete the "lyrics" if they asked you to do that, am I correct or wrong again?]

1. Earlier I wrote here:

Céline alerted me onto this problem across many of the Artist pages as we play the games Artist Alphabet game or Artist Name Game:

Who allowed almost a whole page 5 of "Z" artists

without a single song or album among most of these with "Zhang" in their name? I thought everything went through a review process here!

Zhang continues with "0" songs and "0" Albums on page 6 of the "Z" artists pages

Also to continue the topic, I discovered earlier many blank artists with zero songs, or zero albums on the "Li" pages:

all of page 26 ---

most of Page 27 -----

OK! I found ONE of the Zhang artists who actually has 5 songs! So don't remove this one along with the many others if you can edit out the ones without any productive works?

Zhang Guo Rong

Thank you for taking a look at the pages!
2. Earlier I wrote here:

Alphabet City All-Stars

[quote]I guess someone should look at them, may be something happened.

Yes, this is appearing everywhere! Like this one above I picked as of course there are THREE ALBUMS, and another compilation or two! Some with 24 tracks of songs on one I checked inside...

What is going on????

They must have had some approval as nothing gets in here unless we say "Add new artist" and vote on it, unless SNAP is breaking down???

[Edit: I checked SNAP out of curiosity ....over past 18 days it has added dozens of new artists, each with a MINIMUM of one existing song...not zero.. so something somewhere is going wrong.. I really hate to be the one to raise it without further evidence or proof of failure, so maybe someone can check these out to prove I'm not going C .....R....A.....Z...Y!!]

Of course I know Ray should be informed of this....but since I've only made a "spotty" check of the lists of artists here, and encountered this problem not knowing like others here would know...if there WERE lists of songs and albums maybe as recently as a month or so ago...

...and now these have vanished...

I'm not qualified nor knowledgeable enough to make the complaint with concrete examples of what is wrong here..

Maybe its just a database "re-compilation" as my data bases say every so often...but
strangely this has been going on for a few weeks now...not minutes or days!
3. Earlier I wrote here:

Its fun playing the games but...they are frustrating when they reveal a buggy database!

Here is another one to add to your finding of "Bullet Proof"
artist without any songs!

Chris Price

See how much work and discography he has done!

and he even has a whole Wikipedia page!

Yet on LetsSingIt, not a
Entry except for his name!
4. Earlier I wrote here:

Newton & Frizzell

I give up!

Don't know who is keeping track of all these artists who still remain on the database, but have

1. Zero Albums

2. Zero Songs

and 3. Zero Biography..... who put them here?

For the purposes of the two Artist games here in the games threads; I'm not going to keep opening and reading them and skipping over them so I can respond faster.. its wearing me out trying to find only the REAL artists here.. who actually have works of art, music, songs, lyrics, albums, etc to their name!

I have to write to Ray, but he has more important coding to figure out other than going after all these "zeros" to root them out...

I picked this very old one Artist as I happened to KNOW they exist....just not here on LetsSingIt!!!

Enough said! On we go!!!
5. Earlier I wrote here:

Riccardo Zegna Trio

[EXPLANATORY NOTE: this entry originally ---a week or so ago---had zero songs and zero albums listed]

(like this one listing the Ricardo Zegna Trio's discography) that I KNOW have things produced and they must have written to the website or lyric find and had their items all wonder I can't find their songs or albums here anymore...its all been taken away without even leaving the "names" behind so we might not have lyrics but we can list the names of songs and albums, can't we? ???

Thanks Practice for sharing their another site, I found and corrected something about them, you can check Green Dolphin Street [Live In Siena] [1999] - Riccardo Zegna Trio here.

Thanks ATESGUNES---I know I can send it to webmaster Ray, but....there are so many without any songs or albums now


As you can tell, between these several posts, ATESGUNES took matters into his own hands and fixed the database so now it reflects the proper number of albums [1] and songs [9] for this Artist.

That is a very slow, time consuming process that does not reflect why this is happening and needing manual human intervention to correct these...

Soooooo I wrote the Support post that appears at the top heading of this page.

Good luck again finding out what is going on and at least explaining it if not repairing them all automatically!

Ray | 11:15
Thanks Practice for your investigation, nice work What is exactly the question?
All that means is that I'm asking a logical question:

1. If we assume that other than via "SNAP" who I checked out and is working properly adding new artists, songs, etc all correctly for the 95% most part!
We assume that all artists appearing on those alphabetical artist listings HAD TO HAVE HAD some artistic works of music in order to qualify for listing here on LetsSingIt, am I correct in that assumption?

2. Then over time, for some mysterious data bank re-compiling or sorting feature, the various artists that qualified to join LetsSingIt had their songs and albums removed!

3. So if an artist has ZERO songs, and ZERO albums----how in the world are they still listed as an "artist" on the LetsSingIt database?

4. Add to the mystery, that even if the artist exercised their copyright option to ask the webmaster (i.e. you) or "LyricsFind" to remove their lyrics from the database----then maybe the Lyrics are gone, but their names of songs, plus names of albums should still remain as EVERYONE can have lists of things without violating any copyrights-----

Or else how would libraries list online their catalog holdings of book titles? They don't give the CONTENTS of the books online (except for E-books of course, I'm being very general here as I don't know what contracts LetsSingIt being a foreign corporation/copyright holder not in the USA would have)----they still do list the titles so we can know what books the library has for borrowing.

Just as we should know what works each artist did in their lifetime, either by song name or album name.

5. So my question ends up asking, even for the "old-time" artists that I'm CERTAIN had works listed with full lyrics given too for multiple numbers of albums, each with at least 10 or more song tracks... for them all to vanish like this..without leaving behind even the names of songs or the albums they are part of; all points to something strange happening!

6. I cannot find any evidence in my prior screen shots or listings or anywhere in the two artists games, but I just don't remember any artists being listed here before January 2021 with ZERO songs and ZERO albums.

# # #

So final thoughts here is that this is a brand NEW phenomenon, and something that might indicate a larger problem with the storage faculties used for the LetsSingIt database, unless you are actually in possession of the several hundred? or more artists that I discovered here suddenly in the database WITHOUT a single song to their name.

[And I did some of the research to prove that data bases and Wikipedia sources outside of LetsSingIt actually list and have their song titles and album titles (multiple ones) ].

Therefore it can't be something that is also stripping the names of songs and albums from ALL ONLINE data banks, just the LetsSingIt one!

Good luck in checking under the hood and finding where the "memory leak" (not what is actually happening but its a good name for it--that I picked up from another place) is occurring.

I made this a separate entry:

I wanted to compare different artists to see if there is anything similar between them..

As you can see here:

This artist was added by yourself "Ray" in the activity section your name is listed!

Harry Davenport

with Zero Songs and Zero Albums

(maybe its a two step process? First you add the artist, then you add the songs/albums? But
but but.. I've never noticed this happening before that way!)

Here is an artist entered by SNAP showing how that appears on the artist page--with zero songs and zero albums:
Opera IX

And another one by SNAP:

G.R Dolla

Not everyone is perfect, including SNAP: INX is one who does not appear to be a musical artist [unless it is a corruption of the more famous INXS artist name!)

Yet another one placed in the database by SNAP, plus ATESGUNES added to it? What did he add? There is only the artist's name... for 3 pts for SNAP, so what else is there? So again asking WHAT WAS REMOVED from this data entry that ATESGUNES added in earlier?


# # #

Maybe these entries show the problem better?

The following artist was NOT entered by Ray
The following artist was NOT entered by SNAP (as they show it too I'll try to find an example)
The following artist was NOT entered by a guest or any one of the members here on LetsSIngIt

So....mystery deepens!! How did that artist become part of the database????

More examples I collected just today of this type:

Avant Strangel

Kaki Vargas
[Definitely has four albums! and multiple tracks of songs on each one! according to this site!]

Undivided Roots

[Apple Music contains a bio for this group---if its the correct one, indicating they have been around since 1980's producing music though only 5 songs are on the Apple Music sales listing, there are other sites listing many more plus earlier albums from the 1990's]
roxcyn | 17:35
Artists can be added without having to add their works (bio, album, songs and lyrics) is the short and simple answer.
For that reason we are here to add their works songs albums or another informations too.
But everyday another artist is releasing any song or album, I think there are less people are interesting for this work. İf you check the leaderboards, you can see how many people are here.
Community is going to onemillion members, today's the biggest member number is 998689, but workers or adders are just ten people as you can see in leaderboards, believe me if I am fourth place it means there is a very big mistake error and there is very big laziness. I'm not counting Snap, because he is a robot.
And believe me I don't know how many artists listed here.

İn this situation how can we collect all of them?
But you are right about your complaint, because I feel the same and agree with you.

And for roxcyn's comment:

Artists can be added without having to add their works (bio, album, songs and lyrics) is the short and simple answer.

Its not that I complain about TRUE MUSICAL artists that just have MANY works on the WEB etc that no one bothered to add them in.....

Especially in the "Asian" sounding names---not being discriminatory here, but those are the ones I ATTEMPTED to find out if they TRUELY are artists...

Seems like any guest who signed in asked "can I add in an artist" and it was accepted....and its the PERSON's OWN NAME!

They never did any work!

Never played an instrument or wrote music in their life!

So that is why I bring it up.....

NOT to go through the entire database today, and weed everyone out, but lets pick a day...............
Choose "tomorrow"--whatever day that is in 2021
....... and say that new rule for adding artists is:
NO MORE ARTISTS without a web link or something showing they did at least ONE work of music, lyrics, melody, notes, something!!

Sorry to write so long but felt this was not clear enough to everyone and Ray too what I was mentioning here...

ELSE.....................[are you ready for me to be humorous here?]

If not corrected...............

I'm submitting a "new artist" tomorrow!
Guess who?


Why not?????

Everyone else seems to be adding as artists their own real names just listed here.....without a single provable work of music to justify them being here...

While we're at it (I know Ray doesn't get the reference but its here in New York State) [Here is my dream joke...........]

Cooperstown.......... I want my real name listed in the "Baseball Hall of Fame" website! Just add it in!
No runs, no games, no history, no bio...
Just add my name in so I get a website listing!

See ? that is what happens without making certain (at least on the zillion pages of the web) that there exits some reason to make them an "artist" on
LetsSingIt website archive! .............i.e. forever!!!

Ok, everyone... please comment!

This is not against everything.... just under "Artists" In playing the "Games" about Artists names I happened to notice this when Olivia_Ka pointed it out to me that I should be using artists with at least "1" under either album or song to play the game... then I discovered how many artists (see my earlier examples I won't repeat here)

Just someone's name!

No works at all! "0" Songs and "0" albums!

If anyone finds a work for them, just LIST IT!

NO Lyrics needed!

Just LIST their work, even just once... just one song ..just one album..

and then they can stay until someone takes time to type in the Lyrics !


Ok enough writing for today......
Ready for everyone to jump on my words as I'm still the "new kid" here and maybe that is not how this works, and why I hide all my comments in this easily deleted sub-sub-topic!
POP OUT SAVE saving ...
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