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Olivia_Ka | 06:13
My current musical tastes are like the 4 seasons of the year : pop/rock, classical (just a bit because I get easily tired, lol), jazz and dance/electronic/house - autumn, winter, spring and summer respectively. I have to write a short post for tonight because Mondays are usually the day we play nineties music of any kind at night, past 9pm.

Now at the start of the 2020, those songs from about 20/30 years ago are being pilfered and recast with additional lyrics, different from the original. Have you heard
- Some Say?

Let's say, I neither love Eurodance not hate it, I grew up listening to that, with all those music videos on TV. Maxx, Culture Beat, 2 Unlimited and so on. Most of all, those acts were made by either German or Italian composers/producers by the start of the nineties. I have a cassette with some of them on it.

A few months ago, I was watching a video, actually a televised performance in a nineties revival show, apparently aired before 2019. I don't remember exactly if she was the one who sang Baby Baby (Sandra "Sandy" Chambers) or the one from Horny 98 (Emma Lanford). At first I couldn't recognise the singer because it was not the lipsync one (Olga de Souza, Marta Simlat or Catherine Quinol to name a few), actually, but the real one (Giovanna Bersola-Jenny B., Annerley Gordon-Ann Lee, Daniella Galli-Dhany to name a few - one of them was named Karin but I don't remember which act she sang for!)
* offtopic :
On a side note, my friend Katia, a blonde girl, was a Kylie Minogue impersonator until last year, when she resigned.

The actual singer, currently fortysomething, commented in posts below the video that "[she] couldn't dance because [she] was having baby", before adding "'[she] was 7 months and 16 days and craving cheery pies, so you can see a big baby pump" [sic]. She has probably had the aforementioned child since that date, let's hope they don't get the Corona-virus (no joke). And when asked about singing Eurodance again, she answered "No I resigned last year" [2019], then "all that [she wants] is another baby". Hey.

So I put a final touch by sending a mail to the hostess to play some Ace Of Base for me, either "All That..." or "Happy Nation" tonight. Even though it sounds more reggae than Eurodance.

I'll probably sample/interpolate the keyboard riffs from the 2 in my next performance, in case I do one. But for now I'm done.

Et maintenant, dansez!
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