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lil_minty | 17:24

Congratulations for joining the phenomenon that is...the letssingit forum!!
A wonderful place to be. Anyway, in light of 'recent events' I thought I would create this thread, in the hope of helping new forumers to understand the rules and to fit in!
The first thing you need to do is READ THE RULES!
A lot of new forumers don't realise there are rules *sigh* and don't know where to find them!
You can read the forum rules here, and the general member rules here.

Ok so. "Discriminate people". This generally means ignoring or treating others differently because of whom or what they are. This could be in terms of where they are from/ their race (more commonly known as racism) or maybe even how long they have been in the forum. Try to be open-minded and tolerate everyone.

"Insult people". This can be through discrimination, as above, through the language you use towards them or just being rude. Everyone is allowed their own opinion, but just think about how controversial yours is! Some people take great offence from small comments so think before you post.

"Spam" Well the main definition of spam is already there i.e. posting topics in multiple categories. This means making many threads about the same thing. Spam can also be posting pointless things multiple times e.g hi, hi, hi, hi (in many posts) creating threads in the wrong categories e.g. 'hello i'm new' thread created in 'request lyrics' category. Spam can also be creating a thread when there are already many others. E.g 'Im bored' 'Lets chat' 'abortion' 'favourite song' etc etc. This can be done accidentally, but always search for topics before you make one. You do this by typing in the word e.g. 'abortion' into the search box. Spam can also be posting a LOT in a short period of time. For example, if you posted 1000 times in one day, this would probably be considered spam. To search to see if there is already a thread on a certain topic ( so you don't spam ), use the search bar on the left hand side, under the forum menu. The other search bar ( on the top bar ) is to search for artists, albums, songs, lyrics, and fanpages.

"Use rude language" Basically don't swear!! People sometimes tend to do this without even realising it! It is advisable not to swear at all, even posting words with stars in l*ke th*s can be offensive to others. And regardless of whether you think swearing is natural or not offensive, it is against the rules! So don't do it!

Posts will be removed if they are not in the right category- see above (spam)
If they don't have a clear title, like titles "I need Help". This is annoying as people do not know what the topic is about. If you need lyrics put the song name and/or artist in the title. Try to make the titles obvious, so people know what the thread will contain.
Capital letters are not used in a correct way. It is extremely annoying when people type all in capitals. Firstly it is difficult to rude, and secondly it can make what you are saying, appear to be aggressive. Don't type like this unless you want to make it stand out. However it is advisable not to type in capitals when you are angry, as this can spark a fight. Similarly, do not TyPe EvErYtHiNg LiKe ThIs. It is almost impossible to read, especially to those who are not fluent in the English language!

Well there are the rules explained. Now for some general advice.
Ray: Everyone should know who ray is. He is the webmaster/almighty power which has created letssingit. He has his own nickname on the forum- Ray. You can message him to inform him of forumers who have broken the rules, although you can message forum moderators too. Try not to pester him with messages though! He has a lot of work to do and gets many messages so think before you send! Sometimes a forum moderator will be able to answer your questions. If not, they're the ones who can get in touch with Ray.
Lsi: Lsi is the shortened version of the word LetsSingIt
Slang: Please do not use slang or 'text talk' on the forum. This is quite inconsiderate of others as many find it hard to understand. Although the site is in English, bear in mind that the forum is full of different cultures, races, nationalities etc and not everyone speaks fluent English.
Fitting in: We were all new to the forum once upon a time! I for one have changed a lot since I joined. I learnt not to use slang and to respect others. So if you perhaps use slang or annoy people without intending to, then just take heed of their advice, and they will be willing to give you a 2nd chance.
general advice: Limit the amount of smileys you use in a post as this can take a long time to load and can also be a liottle too much on the eyes!
Once you have clicked 'submit' to post, DO NOT click it again!! Double posting is very annoying!

Song Discussions
Often the Active Topics are flooded with discussions. There's no problem with this, except the majority of these threads just say "I hate this song" or "This song is great." That's not a discussion, how could anyone reply to that? People will like you a lot more if you actually add something about the song for people to discuss

As a member, you receive certain 'privileges' these are:
Being able to bookmark lyrics- my lyrics
Being able to save contacts (members of the forum) - my contacts
Being able to send other forumers messages- my messages
Being able to add and manage website links- my links
Being able to create a page about yourself- my page
Being able to review songs- review songs

Bumping Threads
There is NO POINT in bumping a thread that it a few months old. If it's not been posted in for no long, it's because the thread has in effect 'died' and become uninteresting. If you want to add a really interesting comment, do. But think if what you say is worth bringing back the thread for. Don't just say "I agree" for example!

Sticky topics.
There are a few sticky topics in most categories. These are the threads widely and commonly used. For example randomness is the answer seems to be quite a popular one at the moment! These threads are unique and should not be replicated!

I have noticed the increasing lack of respect in the forum recently. Firstly the number of fights has risen significantly, due to this. And it needs to be prevented.
The first thing you need to remember is that you don't know how things are being said. They may be sarcastic or a joke. So don't be quick to jump to conclusions! If somebody does make a comment which upsets you, don't retaliate IN THIS WAY . Try and sort out your differences civilly! If somebody offends you in a way which breaks the rules and continues to do so then talk to a forum moderator. Remember if you are discussing religion or religion related topics e.g abortion, people are bound to say things which you do not agree with, so start debates do not start a fight!
Remember all forumers will respect you if you respect them. If you do not respect others you will be liked less! This is not a good way to make friends!!
Similarly, if somebody else lacks respect for you they are also in the wrong. Do night fight, just message them politely and try to prevent further trouble. If this persists, message a forum moderator.

Common Courtesy.
If somebody asks you politely to stop doing something e.g swearing, then have respect and do so. If a forum moderator tells you then you should definitely stop and apologise.

Some good threads to start in.
First of all you can create a thread introducing yourself. Go to categories and click 'hi im new' then in the top right corner 'start topic' Choose a name for your thread- maybe 'Hi I am Sophie' or something like that. Then type a bit about yourself. Make it interesting so people will reply! This is a good way to make friends, rather than making a thread called 'hi' and typing 'hi im new, wanna chat'. Use this thread to meet new people, there is no need to create more.
Here are some threads I use/are popular
Randomness Is The Answer
The Happy Clover (temporary)
I'm bored- someone online?
Well that's about it....I think!

Any questions just post here! Hope I could be of help
For other information you may wish to read Netiquette.
If you are not sure about things or have queries, you can message a forum moderator. They will be sure to help you out!

And when you post posts, make good use of the 'offtopic' function. If you want to say a quick hi to someone who's just posted, use the offtopic button. If you want to add anything, that isn't to do with the thread, use the offtopic function. This isn't a rule, but it's very curteous and makes threads a lot easier to read! To post something in offtopic, press the offtopic button, type what you want to be offtopic, then press the offtopic button again!
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rahulraul | 12:47
hi any1 here 2 make new frnds do email me on email removed
barryalmo61 | 20:58
OK ... now I found the forum :-)
Never even knew about it !!
Happy to see Canada as #3 in LSI members !!!
Welcome new friend North of me. Oh Canada! (singing)..... I'm pretty new myself.....
purpwillow | 17:00
yo what was newbie but I love music
CarlJ | 17:14
welcome to the forums!
roxcyn | 03:22
Welcome to the website, Purpwillow!
megdoll187 | 03:26
Welcome to the site! Enjoy your stay and if you need help, feel free to ask

MOST of us don't bite
Olivia_Ka | 04:25
Welcome to LSI Purpwillow. Bienvenue!
leocalcio | 12:18
Hello, I am not new but I had to create a new account because I couldn't remember my past email or password to my old account Sairina. Oh well. Time to make new friends then. It's been about 4 years since my last visit.
Welcome back!
roxcyn | 05:01
Welcome back Sonia!
Hi Sonia! I'm newer than 4 years so you're new to me too! Welcome! Bienvenue! Bienvenido! Добро пожаловать!
AnnaGreen | 08:07
hello! I am hew to this forum!
roxcyn | 07:28
Mandarine | 15:09
Hi! I am new. What a great place, I found it out of desperation to find a song, but I wanted to introduce myself first. I hope I can stay over here, looks like a nice forum!
Welcome Mandarine! You're from Luxembourg, such a small country! One out of 600,000
Ray | 00:42
welcome !
roxcyn | 23:28
Welcome Mandarine!
Hi I'm new
roxcyn | 00:41
311jayson | 19:29
Hey guys!

I'm new here. At the off chances someone comes here "hi".
Ray | 21:34
roxcyn | 06:03
Welcome 311jayson!
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