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Can't add artist pictures [solved]

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MCSMeister | 20:01
Today I've been trying to add a band picture to Dinosaur Pile-Up, but it's not working. I tried both uploading by URL and by local file.

Here's what happens (screenshots for each step):

1. I select the image and press "Start Upload".
2. The usual "loading" icon appears.
3. The "loading" icon disappears and the screen freezes in the overlay, so I can't do anything without refreshing the page.
roxcyn | 06:47
Good catch! I can confirm it didn't work for me, either.
Ray | 12:33
I see I messed up with the last upgrade on the popups. A fix is in place.

This issue might happen on other places on the site where you'll find "multi layered" popups. Let mw know asap when you'll step on the same issue elsewhere.

And, nice work on the step-by-step explanation with screens. Always very helpful!
MCSMeister | 15:13
Nice! Can confirm it works now. Thanks as always, Ray!

Also, yeah, it's worth noting that I didn't even realize this forum topic posted until several hours later, because when I was posting it, a similar error happened with the overlay showing me a never-ending loading icon. I closed the tab thinking I'd try again later, but to my surprise the topic did post. Might be worth double-checking that (I can't reproduce it without creating another forum topic, which I don't want to do)
Olivia_Ka | 23:11
Got this problem here too, again.

Every time I upload an artist picture, it doesn't work, saying
The URL contains invalid characters.

What are they? Letters, numbers or signs such a - (hyphen/minus)?
I've reuploaded a picture by removing the - sign, didn't work.
Again with only numbers, didn't work.
Again with only letters, didn't work.

So I gave up. Does that mean I have to upload the pics directly from an URL instead of uploarding them from my comp?
MCSMeister | 02:08
Celine, please refer to this new thread. Ray explains what the system means by "invalid characters":

The url is considered invalid because of some uncommon used characters like "$" or "(".

But more importantly, if you remove random characters from a URL, that will break the URL and cause it to no longer display an image. For now, just download any images you're having trouble with and upload them from your computer.
MCSMeister | 15:51
Just in case Celine hasn't seen the new thread yet, I'm posting a heads up here that Ray has fixed the error she reported above
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