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Little wreckers, little freckles or so

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Olivia_Ka | 03:15
I was in a car with a friend about to go shopping (not the driver, though), then I turned the radio on, and there was this song, fully in English, and I remember the video too. It happened in a kitchen, it was quite animated, though not a cartoon, with everything that seemed to sing from the first part of the chorus.

The main voice was a male voice and the music was some type of old-fashioned, as if the song was made before the sixties - but not a song from before the sixties, I think. The chorus, that appears thrice in the song, started with voices that sounded different from the male voice, it started by
"Little wreckers/little freckles/little wrappers" or sth., so I think it's the song title.
Then the second part of the chorus went... In bold, the part I'm sure of.
"Don't fire more at me (...)
[rhymes with the word in bold before] baned/waned/faint/gain with horoscopes
The video ended with a plan of everything singing in a row, like a xylophone. I can give you some notes from the chorus and I knew how to play the piano, I would play.

Do sol la sol, ré sol la sol [Little wreckers...]
Sol sol sol, sol mi sol la sol
Do sol la sol, ré sol la sol
La si do la ré [Not sure of this part]
Do do ré mi ré do, do do ré mi ré do [Don't fire more at me...]
Do do do la la sol, do do do la sol [...Baned with horoscopes]
Do do ré mi ré do, do do ré mi ré do
Ré ré ré ré ré ré si la sol.

Another indication : I do not have the CD. This song came back to me in a dream, I remember the video but not all of the lyrics since I did not seem to understand them fully. I don't think my friend knows this song, so I made her discover.

Any songs with the "with horoscopes" in the second part of the chorus?
Olivia_Ka | 13:08
So no one to answer me because it doesn't ring you a bell, nothing at all? You're going to tell me again that this song is pure invention, le tout de mon cru.
roxcyn | 22:46
Could it be Vinilioversus "Boss Don't Fire Me"?
Olivia_Ka | 22:52
Uh, no Scott, the song I'm looking for must've come out before/until 2004. The one you propose me is too recent.

The instrumentation was much simpler, too, not a big band or a rock quartet.
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