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improve VIDEO review process

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music_junkie | 20:45
hope this is the right topic to add this suggestion under..

I've been running into MANY wrong videos linked, i assumed they were put there by snap. sometimes they are not even songs or have nothing to do with the song/artist, other than some part of the title of the video is similar to the song title or artist name.

im hoping we can get more specific email notifications and/or add to queue for review when snap adds videos. would need to see the video title, preferably with a link in the email to view the video.. otherwise i have no clue a bad video is saved, content checker just shows if the url is populated but not with what.

roxcyn | 00:50
We've had topics on this subject, Pratice and myself. I can't seem to find the threads.
Noticed the same here. Since I'm into music video as well as lyrics (music and words) I pay special attention to those and have been slowly ...ever so slowly reporting any I find and fixing them... Lets see....Millions of songs on the data base and at the rate of doing one or two a week or so..... I'd finish the job in about 19,000 years give or take..

So I'd appreciate what "music_junkie" has suggested....but again its how much effort it takes to program something like that across all the pages that are here that Snap has control over.

[Edit] Now I see Scott's response while I was typing mine... It was all done via "messages" No public displays or thank yous from anyone there is no "topic" like this...
I do have some topics about You Tubes and certain formats I am trying to make collections of in this data base..
for example "Sing Along With You Tubes" that what you meant Scott?

I have to wait until my VIP level returns back so I can pick up messages again and send messages to where I left off doing it so I can send in more discoveries of wrong Videos with Lyrics on the various pages (some are with the Chart toppers of course--easily mistaken for other songs and phrases by Snap).
roxcyn | 03:07
I thought there was a support topic about it - where Snap goes in and changes the video. The only bad thing there is no review process to change the "about" nor the "YouTube video" sections. I don't know how much coding that would take or if it would be worth it.
music_junkie | 20:25
YES roxcyn there was a support topic on that problem, i know the one you meant.. i have sporadically followed the forums so im not positive if that problem was ever resolved or a workaround added..? i agree with some other comments ive seen here though that sometimes snap is LESS helpful than intended.. perhaps the source of my suggestion above stems from that prior problem, snap changing urls to junk when it was already touched/reviewed by a HUMAN. maybe that is the piece of code needed, for snap to see if a human mod already edited the url and to NOT override? or for snap to email to mods to notify of intent to change a url and let the mods decide??

IDK what the right answer is, i just know there seems to be a growing amount of junk in the video links. maybe allowing MULTIPLE video links is a partial solution?? since there are often multiple versions of any given song, especially on video, and certainly there are tons of uploads of the same content, but if titles vary even by 1 character makes it a unique video according to snap.

Practice i hear your concerns and they are valid as to volume of approvals.. i personally would be ok with letting all members edit video urls, no admin/mod oversight needed, to DELETE junk/duplicate content at least. if there is a mod for that artist they can be sent an email notice that a change was made. adding content should still be approved as it already is, IMO. (esp for videos -- there are some weirdos out there lol)

but my core request/suggestion on this thread was referring more to the email notices we get when content changes are made esp by snap. it would be nice to see the video Title & Link to the url in the email notice, which isn't a difficult change to make (because i've written a fair share of .NET code so i know it should not be that complicated to program the code changes). unless a human SEES the video there is no way to clean the junk links out, no auto-checker can tell you that its a commercial or a record review or not even a music related video vs. actual video of some sort for the song.

and i cant say i recall receiving ANY notifications just because snap added a video at all, i get them when snap adds a new SONG, i dont know if that means there IS a video automatically linked or not? i have a habit of going to the artist when i get that notice "content changed" and i look at the contributions section at the bottom to see WHAT was changed, but dont always see something in the timeframe of the email notice received, so its still a bit of a needle in a haystack figuring out what was changed and by whom.
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