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How to add DJ remix compilation albums?

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music_junkie | 15:30
The Prodigy
Prodigy of Mobb Deep
Liam Howlett

All 3 above artists are a super-mess in LSI which i am clearing up now.. but i cannot figure how to resolve one of the albums...

Liam Howlett is a member of the English Techno band THE PRODIGY. He did a side project as DJ remixing many popular songs by other artists and released on an album called Back To Mine , which is currently in LSI under incorrect artist, rapper PRODIGY of Mobb Deep.

As a DJ releasing an album like this, what is the correct way to enter in LSI?? For each of these songs there is another artist who i think should be the primary artist, and in their index we would normally show the track like "title [DJ name Remix]" -- but given in this case that the DJ released the compilation album under his name, what is the right way??

Should this album be transferred to Liam Howlett, or should it be considered a compilation of various artists with the DJ name remix added to the titles??

music_junkie | 16:17
Also - i found this wiki page that adds more complications to my question.. BACK TO MINE is a huge compilation series with 28 volumes (album releases). which further makes me feel like it should be created under various artists, not the DJ name... agree??
robinsvy | 05:09
I wouldn't usually comment on such topics EXCEPT that one of my artists mixed such an album and I have been waiting for some clarification. As far as I understand it a compilation/mixed album means a group of songs compiled on an album by a DJ/producer/other; it does NOT necessarily mean that th DJ remixed all the songs on the album individually. In my case and possibly in yours a DJ who is a producer and a record label owner put out the album.
There are two ways I see to go with this:

1. Give due credit to the DJ, producer and label owner as prime artist (i.e., Vivid - Delicate Sounds Of The Underground Vol. Ll Mixed By Vivid [2010]).

2. Give the credit as 'Various Artists' and be done with it (i.e., Various Artists (compilation series) - Back In The Day: A Summertime Hip-Hop Mix [2010])

The first seems the correct choice for some cases and the second for other cases. Thus the dilemna!

Anyone else have input, please?
robinsvy | 07:43
From searching through the forum I find that related topics have been mulled over for years now, such as various artists compilation or Split Albums. It is clear that there has been no correct way yet settled upon to deal with compilations, but quite a few ideas to consider. I will study up on compilations and compilation series.
music_junkie | 16:07
thanks for the feedback robinsvy, yeah its definately a confusing subject. if it were upto me DJs who do remixes would not be considered primary artists, but could be added on versions of the primary artist song as you said, to give proper credit. problem is anyone with a half decent laptop can call themselves a dj and post their "remix" on YT these days so a ton of clutter is hitting LSI database.. maybe someday there will be more definitive guidelines on this process??
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