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Can't merge song because it has historic value? [solved]

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music_junkie | 21:18
Hi folks! Need some help...

I wanted to merge a song with a duplicate, the other song has the correct title, the one i want to merge title is wrong, but i get error saying it cannot be removed because it has more historic value than the other one i'm merging to..

My issue with this is, since this is a MERGE not DELETE, why should 'historic value' matter?? there are no comments, no album details, nothing except 3 votes and a video link on the song i want to merge into the other.

requesting merge means all the data is brought together anyway except the title right? Is there another way around this problem?

the title i am merging to has more correct details in it which would otherwise need replicated so it seems like wasted time & effort, why offer a MERGE feature if i still have to enter all the info on both tracks to make this work?

song to merge - Disturbed - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Ishfwilf)

song to keep - Disturbed - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For [U2 cover]
music_junkie | 16:53
hmm. crickets so far?

Ray, you have some insight?
roxcyn | 17:42
You have to merge the right song with the wrong one (the one with more historical value). Then after it gets approved, you'll have to go in and correct whatever was wrong.
Ray | 11:25
Rox is correct, merge the songs the other way around and fix what's needed afterwards.

Historical value is not only from the user's point of view, but also from SEO point of view. SEO is what brings people to the site. A merge is still a delete, a merged song is deleted after its data is merged with another song. And if stuff gets deleted, we keep an eye on SEO. We prefer to keep the oldest records on the site, because they are way more valuable for SEO. So if you want to merge a song, the system checks the age of both songs. Age is a heavy ingredient in determining the "historical value".

music_junkie | 00:21
ok I'll take the long way around..
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