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Has the LSI chatroom been phased out?

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MCSMeister | 16:06
I'm going through some help pages for the first time in years and updating them accordingly. Several help pages make reference to a "chatroom". I never used this chatroom in my time here, and now I can't even find it. It's a bit confusing; if the chat is still around, it certainly isn't anywhere that's immediately seen.

On the official Chat help page, it says "to join the public chat, hover over your username in the top right, and under the Community section on the left, click "Chatroom". Since this page hasn't been updated in three years, however, this no longer reflects the current site layout. Furthermore, this help page is misleading and says that the chatroom is a place where "many people come together" and that "there is normally someone in the chatroom willing to help you out". I doubt this applies anymore; perhaps the chatroom was more active in LSI's heyday, but I don't think this is the case now.

I do notice that you can still chat privately with users, though, by going to their profile and pressing the "Chat" button, but I can't seem to find a public chat anymore.

Help would be appreciated so I can properly update the help pages
roxcyn | 23:58
Yes, you can privately chat, but no more public chat.
MCSMeister | 00:03
Good to know. Depending on Ray wants, I guess I'll have to reformat the entire "Chat" help section, but it might be best to wait for his input before making any changes.

Right now I'm thinking this page should be deleted entirely, with the other two subpages reformatted to apply to private chat. I assume the Rules page still applies, but I'm not sure to what degree because there aren't moderators to enforce rules in a private chat, from what I understand.

Honestly, though, since I've never used the private chat I have no idea how it works, so I might have to test it out with someone when I have time.
Ray | 10:24
To start with, great work on refreshing the help section. It is still based on the previous site layout, so quite some info is probably out-dated, including the section about the chat.

Indeed, the public chat has been removed, but the private chat is still available through the member profiles pages. Feel free to reformat the help pages to what you think is best
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