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I checked before posting.... seems there are about
1,407 similar results, showing 1 to 50

and I'm sorry, I'm not going over each one to be 100% certain its never been done before!

So as a recent posting gave me an idea to start this thread!

Find and post here various You Tube videos that have the words ON the video as part of the song encouraging the audience to "sing along"

Yes, yes there are millions out there who have created videos with the lyrics on the same page as the song playing..... We can all find that in many of the songs here on LSI...

I'm looking for the special moments of the sing along videos(but I guess this didn't qualify for that topic heading so I put it in general forum topics).

Here is one I'll post as an example:

See? The whole performance is not only sing along with the video, but the words are clearly posted as they are being sung! I know I've seen many of these in the past and I'll try to re-locate and post them here myself...but asking all others as you discover them (or if you know of any) please post them here so they are in one easy to discover spot on the LSI site!

Thanks !
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It's Raining Men

The Weather Girls

Posted TWO You Tubes, one from site, one from outside, just to make certain in case they turn off one, as I noticed some of my other postings have vanished over the years!

Holding Out for a Hero [From Footloose]

Bonnie Tyler

Found this You Tube off the LSI site, so lets see how long it stays connected as a link!

The Rocky Road To Dublin

The Dubliners

* offtopic :
Since this You Tube and Song Page are both working might as well post it here before anything happens to it...since this is the month of St. Patrick's Day.

Just try to keep up with the words-------------Dare you to try!
POP OUT SAVE saving ...
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