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my parents don't like him

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okay my story is that basically i really like this younger guy and it is tearing me up inside because my parent's don't like him (they're racist). it pisses me off, but i don't have the financial means to move out on my own, at least not right at this moment. anyone have a song about two people that like each other but can't be together? thanks, i'm mega depressed and haven't eaten well or slept for the past week.
...how about the theme to romeo and juliet? this story is as old as dirt, and still as tragic each time it is told...

but to play devil's advocate for a moment, step back just a lil and see if there is any other reason that your parents might have... seventeen years ago, i fought to be with a young man my parents disapproved of, i was blind to everything they saw so clearly....love truly can be blind, deaf, and dumb... protect yourself...

if it is as simple as an issue about this guy's race, that is sooooo sad... your parents might be missing out on a very special individual... the true test, though, is not whether he makes them happy, but you... best of luck...

"don't be reckless with other people's hearts; don't put up with anyone who is reckless with yours".....be careful, guard that which is precious...
and a bit of wisdom that i have come to know full well... when someone shows you who they are, believe them.... (the first time)....

hope all works out for you in the best way possible!

my two cents....
awwww. hey thanks. that was very beautiful. *sniffle*
...i really was being sincere, i hope you were, too...

been there, done that, REALLY i have and after 16 1/2 years, i am running for my life....

best of luck,
carole | 16:10
November rain, I think there's one song by Craig David (is it "can you fill me in" ?) which relates the same kind of story.
I'm not sure really, but check out the lyrics...

And I'm sorry if your parents are truly racist, but you sound clever enough to ignore them. Just make sure you're right about this guy's feelings and about your own...
Take care.

P.S. Your nickname is beautiful
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