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MCSMeister | 18:32
After the last one took nearly 15 years to finish...we're finally at #2! And somehow I've won two game threads in the same day - this is all new to me.

I'm glad I'm able to make this thread, too, because the rules for the last one seemed a little unclear to some people. I'll make some adjustments to them for clarity.


1. Every post must contain just two words.

2. One of the words must be one of the two words from the previous post, the other word should be new, but the two words together should be an intelligible phrase. The order of the words does not matter, as long as you're using one word from the previous post plus a new one.

3. Punctuation is allowed, as are variations of the previous word (for example, if someone uses "Close" you can change it to "Closed").

4. You cannot post twice in a row, someone else must post before and after your post.

This is just an example:

1. Korn Rules
2. No Rules
3. No Limit
4. Vertical Limit
5. Vert Ramp
Last one was:

Way Back
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