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George Bush 2004 Re-election campaign song

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wofwd123 | 08:06
To the tune of, The Ballard of Davy Crockett

When as a boy it appeared to most,
young George Bush was as dumb as a post.
His daddy looked for schools with degrees for sale,
and sent his boy to both Harvard & Yale,
Georgie, Georgie junior, scholar of the ivy league.

When war broke out in Vietnam*, *(nam as in charm, not nam as in sham.)
in the Air National Guard he was safe from harm.
Went once or twice to admire his plane,
then never reported for duty again.
Georgie, Georgie junior, defender of his country.

In business he always seemed to fail,
with the number of companies he tried to derail.
His dad bailed him out, but firmly he said,
he should try his hand at politics instead.
Georgie, Georgie junior, captain of industry.

As Governor of Texas he had to decide,
if death row prisoners, lived or they died.
Whether their convictions were safe he didn't care,
he was gonna get his money's worth out of that chair.
Georgie, Georgie junior, champion of justice for all.

Then when it came to the Whitehouse post,
between him and Gore it was all mighty close.
He asked his brother Jeb to help him out with that,
and ban from voting those who'd vote democrat.
Georgie, Georgie junior, guardian of democracy.

As President he always remembered his friends,
especially those who from, his funding depends.
When to steal Iraqi oil, he unleashed the army's might,
the Haliburton board, were partying all night.
Georgie, Georgie junior, knows where his duty lies.

A couple of times he's been caught DUI,
on cocaine he has been said to get high.
Bringing up his kids, he's done mighty fine,
now he wants to say how to raise yours and mine.
Georgie, Georgie junior, give him another four.
POP OUT SAVE saving ...
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