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various artists compilation or Split Albums

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tabbydog | 20:01
It would be nice if we could enter various artists albums or split albums. They are the album where the artists only contribute one or two songs. The nice thing about these albums is they are normally theme records, so all the songs are of one period, one genre, etc.
roxcyn | 23:58
I think Joeyy and Nicolas do that. There is a code that Sierra taught us for compilation albums.
MCSMeister | 23:20
What are some examples of albums you wish to add? I've done work on entire compilation series such as this, so those are easy to create, but I don't really create compilations that aren't part of a series, as I'm not really sure how to go about doing that (might need to ask Ray there).

Split albums can be done by creating the album under the first artist's map, pressing the "+" button next to "Artists" on the Edit Album page, and selecting the second artist the album is credited to. Then, you can use the ID trick that Scott mentioned Sierra taught us - copy the song ID in the URL bar (example: the ID for this song is "pp13j13") and insert it in the song link box as "id=[id here]". This should pull up songs by any artist and not just the one credited to the album.

I did mention to Ray last year (fifth post down) that we need other options for additional artists on albums, since there are other cases than just "and". Currently, we have no specific option for split albums, so right now you can only use the "and" option when adding the second artist. But Ray suggested that you can just create the split album on the separate artist pages with only their songs (again, read that topic for clarification on that).

I personally think we still need a "split with" option for additional artists so split albums can be correctly classified. In fact, I'll post again in that thread to ask Ray about the status on that.
tabbydog | 11:08
That answers a lot of ?. There are many split albums from the metal genre. I've been told by an on-air DJ friend of mine that they where produced as mailers to radio stations to preview a new group(s) or album releases, but are not meant for general public distribution.

Another easy way of doing this is by creating an artist classifications such as "Compilation" or/and "Split". We than could use the features mode (Second Artists) to indicate the name of the artist preforming the piece. It should be understood that a compilation is a collection of songs by different artists not 'The Best Of' or 'The Greatest Hits'. I believe that this system would require no changes to the program and we could use it right away, thus not snowing Ray down with a program changes. If we began to use this system it would be easy to switch to another system if we found a new system or we had to tweak it the present system.

MCSMeister | 13:42
Indeed, I've worked on many metal artists and have come across split albums more in that realm than anywhere else. As for the "compilation" and "split" artist classifications, I'm not sure if we need those, but I guess it is up to Ray. We do have a huge Various Artists map, which I assume is what we use for compilations that aren't part of a series, but I've never used it as it's such a mess and I'm not exactly sure what the standard is for creating compilations there. Most of the albums in that map don't have tracklists, anyway.
tabbydog | 03:41
Various Artists (compilation series) - 30 Stars Of The '80s, Vol. 2 [2014]

I just did the included album and it took me about 15 or 20 minutes to find the album in iTunes. The search for the song was very quick but the cut and paste took the most time. Also I would recommend that you use iTunes to find information about albums. They are out to sell records so web site is very quick to use and there is a wealth of information, such as bios, genres, labels and publishing dates.
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