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tabbydog | 03:53
Music has made listening much more easier. I'm 68. When I was 8 or 9 yrs. in worked on the local tobacco farm and earned a few dollars. Not really understanding the value of a dollar I quickly went up town to buy a record player (now referred to as a Turn Table). To my dismay I was not rich enough to buy one but I was able to afford a record, so I bought my first album. "8 Groovy Hits".
When I got home with my proud purchase my mother was livid. "How could you buy a record when I could not even play it, since I did not own a player." Well she was right, but I spend hours pouring over that album cover. If God had gifted me with the ability to draw, I'm sure I could reproduce it that album cover from memory after al these years.
An evening of listening to music always included a close inspection of the album cover while that spinning record played its magic.
Back in those days you were always limited to where you could listen to music. With technology, that limitation is now behind us. But Physics class has taught us that for very action there is a equal but opposite reaction. We gained mobility but lost the art work.
Maybe we could talk about our fondness about a record covers.
Ray | 15:22
nice thinking Adding album covers is already on the to-do list.
MCSMeister | 16:47
How would we go about adding album covers? Would we automatically fetch them from a database? Obviously adding album covers manually is too large and unrealistic of a task when we already have so much content.
tabbydog | 17:16
I never doubted that but my question is that while we are collecting pix can we be saving cover art in our own computer until the day we can share them on LSI. If so, what would the best format for us to be saving them, JPG, etc. Thanks have a great day.
roxcyn | 21:02
I think Genius and other sites do it - maybe see how they do it. Maybe they're pulling the info from iTunes/Google Play for the album art. I agree that it would be a lot of work to do it manually.
How would we go about adding album covers?

The same way we add pictures.
Ray | 21:10
I got this question asked a zillion times over the last years. I think it's a good idea to add covers. I want to implemented it in the first place for those who would like to add a cover. And it's of course also an extra piece of info that fits perfectly on the album page. And it would color the page nicely. Once this is in place we'll get an idea if an how this would work on large scale.
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