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Foreign Language Lyrics partie deux

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I found this song

Julen är Här

by Tommy Körberg and Sissel Kyrkjebø

here on LSI... I'm assuming its in Swedish as the translator took the first verse

Stjärnorna, fallar i natten nu,
himlarna sänker sig,
ner över jorden.
Och när stjärnans bloss,
tänder sitt ljus hos oss,
brinner en låga klar,
i hela norden.

and translated it over to:

The stars, fall off in the night now, the
heavens settles
down over the earth.
And when the star flares,
teeth its light with us,
burns a low ready,
throughout the Nordic region.

(For Ray) and others who were following my Foreign Language Lyrics help me to help you topic thread---this is a good example---

Now that I "discovered" by accident a Swedish Song, (If I'm wrong and its not from Sweden, please let me know Lisa before I post it) I'm going to post a new thread of "Swedish Songs"

(There would be one per language---anyone can contribute a link when they find a song....doesn't have to be perfect, but for those searching for a song from another country and don't know the language they can find this song (for example) and using Google Translate get the English or whatever language they want to read it in..and see if they want to "use" or play or enjoy that song from Sweden!)

(I do still agree with Ray that energy and time would be spent better directly contributing songs---but wondered if anyone found a song if they can just 'dump" it in these threads that I would create and even out of alphabetical order, they can be explored and links tried and its better than having no automatic tagging method for finding these songs (maybe just like the tabs "browse by artist " and "browse by genre", these topics of songs listed by country/language, will not get used, but I should start them don't you think? See what happens? As long as it doesn't take away from the main work of finding and correcting the lyrics here).

(I hope this makes sense now! If not let me know!)
Joeyy | 00:11
Are you intending it to be for searching purposes only? I mean, is it a 'if there's a foreign song you enjoy, post it here' thread or...?
You just about got it right Joey...

Ray says we can't search for songs by country or language (see my earlier question about search engines here)

So I wondered if we can make lists like he has "browse by genre" "browse by artist" Ray can set it up, but its a lot of effort for him to program that, I understand completely....and the benefit is zero so far---no one uses it..

So, looking ahead at the big picture here.. I'm going to be around here for a while---and when I see a song in a different language or country fly by---I'd like to do more than just copy and paste the link in my own computer (it can get lost there)....I'd rather have a permanet topic category listing all of the countries and languages songs are in here (I did not do a full search as that is not possible with the current search engine, but I would guess from Albanian to Vietnamese is a good start---and all of the countries inbetween alphabetically..

So this song would be my first link (everyone please set up links so we can find the song with one click!)---from the Sweden/Swedish Topic...

Over time, long time, the topic will fill up with songs everyone has dumped there in no particular order----does not have to be a song you like...just gather them together!

I again assume some of you who are really strong in helping out the site here like Celine will be able to fill up the French/France category with 1000's of songs right away----so that might be the second most useful place to search for a foreign language song next to the regular site having mostly English songs to my untrained eye.

I hope that explains it better Joey!

Thanks for asking!
Juliet86 | 09:23
There are so many songs, and so many languages (are you really going to make a thread for each one?). It's going to be an infinite amount of work, and I don't see that the benefits outweigh that work. But if you're really going to do this, I'll help when I can.

Yes, Julen är här is a Swedish song. It translates to Christmas is Here.
(are you really going to make a thread for each one?)

Of course! It would not be a complete data base effort without doing at least that at the minimum.

I would think that due to everyone's busy schedules, if you would concentrate first on songs you like, songs you know or are particularly famous in your country----the "best of the best" and leave it to future members to fill in the blanks where we miss the minor, less known songs.

This is something where we humans have the automated program bots and computers beat as we can make such value judgements and they [at the moment] cannot.

Thanks Lisa! Your help is appreciated!

Tusen takk!
Juliet86 | 11:04
Takk is Norwegian. It's tack in Swedish.
Sorry---comes from knowing too many languages' phrases and getting them confused--rather than owning a full second language!
And Lisa...

Tack så mycket!
roxcyn | 20:32
So, what are we to do with the translations?
I'm trying to make this as easy as possible Scott.....

Some future members can contribute their time and effort to translate everything "correctly" into English [assuming we consider English to be the main language for this web site].

Someone with editing powers can link or move the entries around so at least they are in alphabetical order [I considered making many topics to cover the alphabet [for example Song Lyrics in French A to G by Song Title (or Artist)]

But I'm keeping it simple so anyone who is interested in finding a song for any reason in a certain foreign language need look no further than LetsSingIt for all their foreign language song needs------ Clicking on the topic is just like getting one of those Google results with 1 million hits in no particular order.

At least I tried to gather them together in some semblance of order--more than bots or programs can do. Just like here on LetsSingIt with the army of Contributors helping out here.
roxcyn | 04:04
I could it in the field about the song.
I could it in the field about the song.

I could link it? was that what you meant to say?

How would it look/work? Sounds interesting.....

If you could do that then a worry of mine----that after a few dozen pages it can be all too easy to allow needless duplications of song entries to occur. I assume me and others would read/search the list before posting--- but being realistic about their and my time to do this process means that I cant ask them to read all the previously posted songs first!!

Just think of trying to read some huge thread like randomness or "what song are you listening to now" to see if anyone posted the same song before [yes I know you can duplicate there but I could not think of more examples while trying to get this post bak to you 6 hrs later!]
roxcyn | 16:04
I could put it in the about section of the song?
Good idea Scott!

But unsure how this process works with LSI.....if you (and me) think of something like this ["this" being that you just add translations to the "about" sections of songs] .......Do we just "do it"? or does it go through Ray first?? --maybe it unnecessarily complicates the about section too much? Then Ray would not like us adding complexities to that section....
In other words, using that section to dump in too many hodgepodge of elements that just don't have a category elsewhere in the song lyric page for each song.... Am I clear in what I'm saying?

Maybe alternatively I can, or you can, suggest to Ray that he develop a section for all the songs called "translations"?? which would accommodate English translations of foreign songs as well as foreign translations of English songs.... (I can write it up in the killer ideas thread(?) if you and others(?) agree with me?)

But remember! Please...this is not the main purpose that I created these new language sections!

I wanted to list songs that are NEVER found in the English lists of songs! So there would not be a English version of the song to which you would be adding the other languages in the about section to. I am trying to find both the modern songs and songs that are part of each countries language and history and culture (so go and see my first entry for "Chinese" when I finish it soon) if you want to see a song that is NEVER in English ever [I own one of the few ever printed English transliterations I've ever seen of that song until I found it does appear on a Chinese web site... [with a YT video as well, so that is what I'm going to use...]

....if of course...that is ok with Lyric Find (which is why I sent you a lengthy PM about that subject and am waiting for you (or Ray) to comment on that topic so I don't do something bad here unknowingly! [in terms of royalties--but my first attempt is such an old traditional song with words I assume there is no royalty connected with a song over 100 years old I assume???]

Wrote a lot...so will sit back and see what everyone's response is first before I post and open up the Chinese thread.
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