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Custom Searches for LetsSingIt

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I am not certain which search engine you are using for LetsSingIt searches of Albums/Song/Lyrics/Artists/Members/Topics, etc.

I know about this one: Google Custom Search Engine (formerly Google Co-op when I used it). [Also this generates revenue for your site if you need it to].

So is this a possibility for LSI? Would it help the site to be able to deep search for all the items I keep coming up "empty" on? Or would it provide too many results and confuse everyone? (I'm plus/minus on changing it....)

As long as we're on the topic, there is another Search Engine I've been using: DuckDuckGo

The positive aspects are here [I know not everyone uses the Pale Moon Browser, so just the first 4 benefits listed here would apply to everyone who uses this Search Engine].

As well as some negative aspects of using it
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Ray | 16:35
The LSI search is a custom built engine. I'm not absolutely not a fan of using 3rd party software/functionalities. Although they can be helpfull, there are also a downsides. For example, you can't use your own design, it's terrible show because they come with too many features (heavy extra external calls) and it's slow because they are not optimized for high traffic sites (slow execution). Ofcourse there are rare exceptions, but I prefer to build everything myself to guarentee a max performance for the servers and users.

Also, the LSI is a powerful tool behind the scenes. LSI would not function without it running on the background. There is no other search engine that can take over these jobs.

So unfortunately, you'll have to do it with the LSI Search in its current form.
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