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Hi Ray!

Writing a separate idea so to make it easy to say yea or nay to it!

I don't have a screenshot of the old "Comments" listing we had as the button to take the screenshot can't work when the "menu" pull down under our member name is being used (quirk of my screenshot system).

So I'll describe what is being asked for (If you don't get it I'll have to photograph it with a camera and upload that!).

When the new listing showing on the left our own square photo of our Avatar with the points listed underneath it we earned, it shows on the right the quote or action (i.e. "PracticePractic liked this comment") and it gives with blue links the thread the comment was made in....

What is missing from this....

[and my memory seems to recall the old "comments" section had listed]

that we could see a blue link with the name (!!!!) of the member whose comment we "liked" or whose thread it was we posted in?
i.e. for example it would say: "PracticePractic wrote a comment in the TV/Movie Thread started by Joey"

It just kept things more organized I thought to know whose comment or thread we had posted in and it was blue as a link...

And it also indicated whose comment we had liked... "PracticePractic likes comment posted by Joey" with again Joey in blue link. It just made my memory of why or who I did things and when I did it clearer....anyone else have opinions?

So that is missing now in the new version under "Activity".

Sorry for a long description where a photo would have shown this instantly far better!


And presenting you, the web designer, with a big up for the new "quote" designed square box and yellow stripe design!

This modern design looks more like what I see at other web sites to indicate quoted phrases, much clearer to the eyes to spot quotes, and nice design that shouts out: "I'm a quoted sentence!" more than just the old method (still used when we do quotes in the comments) of the very thin grey line and quote marks and indentation that quotes were done (and are still being done so far) in the regular body of the text of the comments sections.

Its nice to have different appearing items for the different functionality areas of the website.

Variety is the spice of life!

Keep on going!

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Ray | 13:05
I like the idea, but I have to check the technical and design possibilities. So no promises
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