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MCSMeister | 01:13
Was trying to find a topic like this and couldn't find an active one. The most active one I found was last posted in 2008 and when I tried to post in it, it said "Vote at the poll", but no poll exists for the topic anymore. So it's probably best to create a new topic entirely.

Here's the albums I bought over the last month:

CHVRCHES - Every Open Eye [2015]
David Bowie - Best Of Bowie [2002]
David Bowie - Blackstar ★ [2016]
Fitz & The Tantrums - More Than Just A Dream [2013]
Suburban Lawns - Suburban Lawns [1981]
Vance Joy - Dream Your Life Away [2014]
Weezer - Weezer (The Blue Album) [1994]
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kalsonberry | 18:51
It's been cool hearing The Gold - Manchester Orchestra on the radio!

I like Up All Night - Beck. Surprised to see Miley Cyrus there though, haha.
calvin72 | 19:58
Jeremy Camp - The Answer
MCSMeister | 20:39
Technically got this in April at the Halo Circus show I went to (which I talked about here), but forgot to post it here for my records. The album is signed by both current band members and personally addressed to me.

Halo Circus - Robots and Wranglers [2018]
MCSMeister | 21:15
Bearstronaut - Telecoast [2016]

A bit of a funny story with this one. I originally had ordered this CD through the band's site in mid-June. After 3 weeks went by without getting the shipping confirmation, I e-mailed the band about it. To make up for the delay, they not only sent me three copies of the album, but also a T-shirt and 3 stickers! Even though they're a pretty small band, I'm really happy about this, haha. No idea what I'm going to do with these extras though...
roxcyn | 02:28
* offtopic :
That's awesome, Nicolas!
goretski | 16:45
Shinedown: Attention! Attention!
MCSMeister | 05:05
Ruby Rose Fox - Blue Angel [single] [2015]
Ruby Rose Fox - Die Pretty [single] [2014]
Ruby Rose Fox - Domestic [2016]
Ruby Rose Fox - Ruby Rose Fox [2012]

Earlier in this thread I mentioned how the band Bearstronaut sent me extra copies of the album I ordered, as well as merch, to make up for them shipping my order late. Well, I just had this artist pull that on me...but for no reason this time! I had only ordered her 2012 EP and the Domestic album, but she ended up sending me a second copy of Domestic, her Salt album (which I already owned), and 2 CD singles. This is nearly her entire discography.

I'm completely baffled right now - she didn't have to do this! Maybe it was a late Christmas gift, maybe it was a thank-you gift for the support, but I'm grateful all the same. I really hope more people support her in the future.
MCSMeister | 22:15
Choo Choo La Rouge - Black Clouds [2009]
Choo Choo La Rouge - I'll Be Out All Night [2004]
"Weird Al" Yankovic - Dare To Be Stupid [1985]

The Choo Choo La Rouge albums I actually got for free! They're another small band that I had been in contact with via e-mail. I asked them for lyrics to their Black Clouds album, and they were nice enough to send me the physical CD, which has lyrics inside it, as well as their debut album as an added bonus. These bands sure love to send me extra stuff, haha.
roxcyn | 02:12
* offtopic :
Is that any good?
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