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Suggestions for a new way to handle Moderation Repetition

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MCSMeister | 15:48
I was talking with Sierra and Ray about this recently. Sierra told me to bring it to Ray, and Ray told me to bring it to the forums, so here I am.

Basically, I had messaged Sierra about a suggestion I had for the Moderation Repetition thread as she recently said she disliked the thread, and I personally think it's time for a change, as (I'm assuming) the thread's been the way it is for over a decade, since it was created in 2005.

This was the idea that I had sent her:

What I'm thinking is this: we keep the Moderation Repetition thread, but we make it for duplicate artist pages only. I feel like this would keep it organized, because now that all site mods can rename artists, that is done pretty much on the spot and Alinda and Ray don't need to worry about it. This would also make them get to the dupe artist pages more efficiently since they wouldn't have to sift through all the renames that I post.

Then, we can create a separate thread for renaming artist pages only, again for organization's sake.

And this was the idea she had sent me:

I actually have a totally different idea in mind to get rid of the thread entirely. I'm thinking of having a button installed under the "Contribute" part of the artist page that will say something like "report fake or duplicate artist". And this option will also be available for songs and albums too. I haven't really thought beyond that yet. Once a member clicks it, then what happens? A message is sent to all supermods? Or it gets sent to the public review and any members can vote on it? Just not sure yet.

Ray said this is something that should be discussed among the forum members, and I agree.

In shorter terms, my suggestion was splitting the Moderation Repetition thread in two, while Sierra's suggestion was to get rid of the thread entirely and implement a "report" button for duplicate/fake items that, once clicked, could either be sent to moderators to deal with or sent to the public review. Perhaps you guys have opinions on this, or maybe new suggestions entirely.
roxcyn | 12:25
Keep the thread as a back up, and have the option to edit it. (Remove artist, duplicate, fake artist, [whatever options you have], then it would go to a queue for the super moderators or artist moderator to evaluate. If they don't answer or come to a consensus after X days, then it goes to the Public Review.
Ray | 14:21
Nice thinking guys.

I like the idea of making removing/renaming one of the moderator tools. Only, I have not figured out what to do with it once it has been submitted. Access rights come into play, so sending it to the moderator/public review is not an option. Sounds like a new review queue on super moderator level. This needs a new design. It's certainly an option, but the alternative, splitting up the thread is a faster method for now. So lets go for that one.

The Moderator Repetition thread has been split up into two new threads:

Remove this artist please
Rename this artist please

Comments, thoughts... let me know
MCSMeister | 20:46
Great idea, Ray, and thanks for splitting the threads. However, I do have some questions.

- What's to become of all of the dupe artists you didn't get to yet in the Moderation Repetition thread? Since Alinda has been busy elsewhere, it's really backed up at this point, and I'm going to feel guilty if I post in the remove artist thread knowing that there's other dupes in another thread. It was comfortable knowing they were all in the same place - but of course, I'm not against this move (I suggested it, after all). I might just vow to keep a personal list of them and won't post them until you do finish what was left in the original Mod Rep thread.

(I should note that the last confirmed "updated" post in Moderation Repetition was in September by Alinda, but it seems like some select dupe artists were removed after that without either of you saying anything. Even still, not all of them were removed.(

- Or, do you just want me to repost all of the dupe artists in the new thread? Of course that would take a bit of time, but if it makes your job easier I can devote some time to that, since you'll mostly be checking the "remove this artist please" thread now, because normal mods can rename artists on their own.

- Are you going to sticky both of these threads? Currently they aren't.

- Once you do get around to all of the stuff in Moderation Repetition, will you close and unsticky that thread?
Ray | 12:27
Stickyness updated

And, I have everything on my radar, no need to repost artists that need to be removed. I only have not been about to catch up. I'll post the "updated" liner once I'm there
MCSMeister | 21:03
Okay, great to hear then. If you have the previous Moderation Repetition thread on your radar and will get to them soon, then I'll post any artists I find on the new one. I do like the new topic names as well, might I add, as they're much clearer in what their purpose is (whereas a thread name like "Moderation Repetition" may not be immediately guessable as to what the thread is used for)
svaraej | 21:04

I noticed that two help articles still link to the old Moderation Repetition thread. It might be a good idea to update them Edit Remove
Olivia_Ka | 01:26
I wish there were no duplicate sngs anymore - only to re-use them for other artists's missing songs. Instead of deleting, keep them in a secret store. Deleting is killing, danger.
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