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Masterful_Ally | 21:35
Right...we've had your 'worst dates' your 'dream partners' your 'most embaressings'... so I thought I might as well go the whole hog. I want to hear all your first kiss stories - whether they're funny, stupid, sweet or embaressing. There's gotta be some unusual ones out there!

Mine was pretty stupid. I was twelve and my mate dared me to kiss my first really boyfriend, and it was really funny. We actually PLANNED it! hehe. We were all in the library and me and him went behind the bookcase whilst a couple of friends looked out for the librarian... I cracked up laughing right in the middle, and it was like drama-of-the-week. heehee...

Ok - everybody elses turn now...amuse me!

Ally xxx
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random_guy | 09:28
Chris, I dont know if I've ever admitted it yet, but I am a loser as well. And I'm saying it at the top of the page, somewhere
fruity | 10:29
copy/paste from the good ol' how are you doing thread..

i unlocked my safety belt and turned around to him to say goodbye. I remind you- all through this time I was ready for either way, more ready for him to end it with me rather than continue.
he looked at me and said.. "I REALLY enjoyed this evening.." when he put an emphasis on the *really*.
"me too.." I said.
then i saw his head coming closer to me. and this is screw up number 2-
I thought now, relying on the begining of the date, he wants to kiss me on the cheek again. so I aimed for his cheek. I was about to kiss it when.. he turned his head, and gently turned mine.. and kissed me.. on the lips.. and, well, I won't lie, he didn't wait too long before he insert the tongue in there too lol.
I was so shocked! I didn't expect it whatsoever, and also, it was my very first kiss! I didn't know what to do, I didn't know what I'm supposed to feel, so I put my tongue in there too just cuz I thought I ought to.
and it was sooo weird, man... it was AWKWARD. there's no more suitable word for this kiss rather than that, not even in Hebrew. that's the perfect word to describe it by. when I was a teenager I read somewhere that a kiss is supposed to be sweet, and I rememebered that in waiting for my first kiss.. this kiss wasn't sweet at all! it was just.. a tongue lol.. we just tongue wrestled for a while and I found it hilarious.. so I even giggled at one point.. but he didn't notice.. or just chose not to react to it.
I ended this kiss myself. but not too vulgarilly.. I did it naturally.. it just seemed kinda absurd for me to do this tongue wrestle for a long while, also I felt very awkward and embarrassed. so I stopped kissing him, backed away, and smiled at him..
"good night," he said
"good night," i smiled
"I'll talk to you, ok, honey?" he said..
"teehee" was what I ALMOST said. but.. "mm..k" was what I actually said with a childish giggle and went out of the car.

and now all I got left is a memory
litjens999 | 10:32
I can't remember it must be 25 - 30 years ago
vapid_hoe | 12:24
well my first ya know real kiss was bwt a year and a half ago. we were sitting on a hill n we were jus chatting about hweather or not there was going to be anything between us. and he turned round 2 me n it strted as just a peck and then it got really heated. o i do like 2 think about tht lol.
Mine was at a cinema when I was 12/13. It was all running beautifully smoothly and we were having a great time until he leaned in for a kiss.... and bit me! It really hurt, but really, what can a girl say to that?

I didn't see him again.

* offtopic :
Its also strange now because I actually like my boyfriend biting my tounge whilst kissing lol
hell_born | 02:02
mien wasent all that great, she came on kinda ast and i didnt have much time to react, so it was slopy.
hell_born | 02:03
* offtopic :
i ment fast not ast
MERI_AN | 02:10
mmmmm mine hasn't happened yet. I'll let you know... haha
Molle_Rulz | 03:43
Ok here's mine. Highly romantic when i was 15.

My olds had some friends over and as per usual the kids get shoved together and there's usually a stand off between the kids who know each other and the kids that don't. Still happens today.

Anyhow, this time was different. I'd had two glasses of red over lunch and i was fairly relaxed and in rocks the old mates with these 2 HOT daughters one was 20ish so out of my league. but the other one was only 16. The younger one sat down next to me and on we went with the meal. We kept chatting politely but the olds usually ignore us youngens completely so we buggered off into another room.

Turns out she was a gymnast, very flexible, but she wouldn't be any good at it coz she was too tall. She looked pretty damn good at it from where I was sitting. She found out that i did karate so she started trying to kick me. We ended up wrestling on the ground and yeah getting fairly sweaty. I should mention there were others in the room and they were getting annoyed at all the noise we were making so we decided to go for a swim. The beach was only 500m away so yeah off we went.

Her method for getting ready was turning her back, ripping off her top and bra and just changing right then and there. Off we walked to the beach. Went swimming and by this time we were really flirting. Our wrestling was less intending to hurt but to get as close to each other as possible.

We got out dried off a bit and our towels were next to each other so we lay down and kept talking and starring at the stars that were just coming out and I shit you not, there was a full moon just rising out of the sea.
*collective awww* It was full romantic. I said something along the lines of this being almost the perfect romantic setting. She goes "know what would make it better?" and with that she rolls over straddles me and proceeds to make out with me. This is my first kiss mind you and I wasn't frightfully good at it but i reckon i held my own. None of this peck on the lips bullshit. She knew what she was doing and proceeded to show me how she liked it. She eventually sat up and it must have been a while because now it was fully dark and her hair is all over the place and over her shoulder is that full moon lighting her up like and angel I swear it!.

We kept on making out after that and I discovered my liking for biting and being bitten. She started that one as well.

We were going for a fair while so it was time to go back. On the walk back as we were arm in arm i stepped on a piece of glass that sliced my foot with a four inch gash, blood came pissing out and she had to run back and off I was carted to the 24hour medical place and I never saw her again
eagle05 | 03:48
I haven't had mine yet, so I'll say when I do.
Metallicum | 14:14
I can remember my first kiss, but I can't remember how old I was... The girl next door said that she wanted to kiss me, so I ran as fast as hell, (I was in that age where you think girls are creepy) but I fell, and then she kissed me. Didn't talk to her for a week
Ellypoo | 14:19
Um i was in secondary school, and i had been going out with this guy for ages, but he sprung it on me and it was in front of his two mates, it made me jump which was kinda weird and made me embaressed, lol
Well ive had lots of kisses on the lips in pre school etc but my first PROPER kiss was when i was 12..

My brother and his friend( they were 16 at this time) had just got back from this club..My brother was drunk and went to bed..And his friend went to our lounge and just sat there.(my parents were asleep) And me and my friend went there and were annoying him and i said i would kiss him if he wouldnt give me 20 bux an he said no so i was kissing him on the cheek then my friend was like "score him" so i was like ok and we kissed but it was such a surprise for me i slapped him lol and asked him to go brush his teeth and he went to go brush his teeth an i just sneaked to bed coz i didnt want to kiss him again..i thought it was *icky* lol i was only 12...

Lets just say i dont think its *icky* anymore..

(that was soo embarrassing)
dukegirl88 | 17:00
lol, mine is kinda funny but at the time it was heartbreaking:

I was in kindergarten and I was playing house on the playground with this guy, Gregory and our "house" (the playground) was on fire and we had to get our "baby" out and then all the sudden he stopped me and was like "I'm not playing with you anymore, I'm going to go play with her" and he pointed and there was this one girl just standing there, waiting for him. So I was hurt and he tried to kiss me but I turned away and he just kissed my cheek.

so pretty much, my man left me with a burning house and with a baby.
um it was last year. We were on the bus on the way back from our Volley Ball game. And I sat by him and it was in the night time. Everyone else was pretty much sleeping. I was talking to him and we were going out for like a few months and he kissed me. It was fast, but I kissed him back. We almost made out.
dark_me | 18:08
all these kiss stories made me wanna kiss sb
dark_me | 18:11
* offtopic :
Ok well I was 17 when I got my first kiss and it was pretty routine...kind of like I'd always expected. We'd been dating awhile and one night as he was walking me to my door, just before I went inside, he just kissed me, very briefly. It was pretty romantic...the very next night we were in the back of his friend's truck making out.

But I'm not with him anymore...so I have to say...my first kiss with my ex-ish (on again off again) boyfriend was by far more romantic. We had been in a long-distance relationship and had not seen each other for months (since we'd been dating). He was visiting me and it was a really starry night in December (albeit a bit cold) and I live in the country so we were walking down a back road and he stopped and kissed me. It was absolutely perfect.

BUT...if you want to hear about the BEST kiss I've ever had...which you probably don't...

It wasn't even real. As some of you know, I'm an actress, and we're doing "Little Women" and I'm Jo. If you're familiar with the story, you know Jo's friend Laurie proposes and kisses her at one point. Well our Laurie is really attractive, not to mention a great kisser. I absolutely melt every time he goes to kiss me...and it's all fake.

Sad thing is...he doesn't even know I'm attracted to him.

So those are my kissing stories.
YuPiTsMe23 | 18:23
heyy everyone my name is sara im 13 years old and my bf is 14 he has alreddy had his first kiss with tounge.... and i havent and he wants to kiss me
i need help with this wut do i do????

YuPiTsMe23 | 18:28

kkizzle | 01:10
mine was in the back of a bus on the way to an away football game (im in the marching band and so is he). So we just...did, but everyone knows that the back of the bus is rather bumpy, so our heads bumped and it hurt, but then we tried again and....it was...WHOA
kkizzle | 01:24
ps im fifteen and it was....um, october of last year

reading everyone's they had that bit of info and i felt like i should add it
Mr_Pie_Guy_69 | 03:18
When I was like 12 or 13 with my first girlfriend in the movies. Yeah, thats what everyone does. lol whatever.
moliana | 02:19
I've had 2 first kisses, but no boyfriends. My first one was a dare to kiss this ranom guy who I know, and the REAL one was with my bgffl. (best guy friend for life) He took me down to a bridge and gave me a beautiful necklace. As he put it on, he leaned in closer, and closer, and then he kissed me! But then he told me he was moving, and I probably wouldn't see him again. I haven't, either.
Srimantika | 16:16
mine was enchanting......the kiss consumed me....the guy is my present bf,it was awesome in 1 word
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