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MeSoHorny | 06:26
hey, just curious...whats you guys' favorite lyrics?
ghettogirl | 21:46
heya! my fave lyrics r from a song by donnel jonnes "shortie got her eyes on me" ooorrrr evan and jaron crazy for this girl...cant pick a fave line from that they r all rly sweet...u hafta download that song!
krull | 21:49
frenzal rhomb have got the best song lyrics of any band ever- just listen to 'punch in the face' 'we're goin out tonight' and 'mum changed the locks' and you'll see what i mean
Across The Universe, what a trippy, chilled beatles song

Pools of sorrow, waves of joy are drifting through my opened mind

Nothing's gonna change my world ......
I love Hurt by NIN, but I also (twisted me) rather like Happiness in Slavery and Sin, they're wierd but good

Hurt myself today...
ghettogirl | 21:42
mines from a joe song called how soon...

"you're a career girl you gotta do what you gotta do
as much as i want you here with me girl im so damn proud of you!"

soooo sweet!
lilly4Luvme | 23:08
my fave song is have you ever- brandy.. my ex's outside-stained
Dekar | 23:11
Silverchair - Tuna in the Brine
vandy | 23:18
hmmmmm...this one's tough. "The Summons"--it's a hymn.
Pandora | 00:26
death creeps like a breeze but have no fear watch me inhale.. project 86, six sirens..

rock on
KitKit | 03:52
The Little Things by Good Charlotte I love their lyrics
i think ozzy, deftones, toadies, third eye blind, ataris and bush have the best lyrics.

some of my favorites-

BUSH - GLYCERINE ( my fave lyrics of all time )
It must be your skin that I'm sinking in
It must be for real 'cause now I can feel
And I didn't mind
It's not my kind, it's not my time to wonder why
Everything gone white
Everything's grey
Now you're here Now you're away
I don't want this
Remember that
I'll never forget where you're at
Don't let the days go by
Glycerine Glycerine
I'm never alone
I'm alone all the time
Are you at one, or do you lie
We live in a wheel where everyone steals
But when we rise it's like strawberry fields
I treated you bad, you bruise my face
i couldn't love you more you've got a beautiful taste
Don't let the days go by
Could've been easier on you
I couldn't change though I wanted to
It should have been easier by three
Our old friend fear and you and me
Glycerine Glycerine
Don't let the days go by
Don't let the days go by....
Glycerine Glycerine
Bad moon white again
Bad moon white again
As she falls around me
I needed you more when you wanted us less
I could not kiss, just regress
It might just be clear simple and plain
Well that's just fine that's just one of my names
Don't let the days go by
It could've been easier on you you you

Every thought that I repent
Is another chip you haven't spent
And you're cashing them all in
Where do we begin
To get clean again
Can we get clean again
I walk home alone with you
And the mood you're born into
Sometimes you let me in
And I take it on the chin
I can't get clean again
I want to know
Can we get clean again
The God of Wine comes crashing
Through the headlights of a car
That took you farther than you thought
You'd ever want to go
We can't get back again
We can't get back again
She takes a drink and then she waits
The alcohol it permeates
And soon the cells give way
And cancels out the day
I can't keep it all together
I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know
I can't keep it all together
And the siren's song that is your madness
Holds a truth I can't erase
All alone on your face
Every glamorous sunrise
Throws the planets out of line
A star sign out of whack
A fraudulent zodiac
And the God of Wine is crouched down in my room
You let me down, I said it
Now I'm going down
And you're not even around
And I said no, no, no, no...
I can't keep it all together
And I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know
I can't keep it all together
And there's a memory of a window
Looking through I see you
Searching for something
I could never give you
And there's someone who
Understands you more than I do
A sadness I can't erase
All alone on your face

Get it right
Get it right now
Get it right
Do it good
Get it right now
Oh let's bomb the factory
That makes all the wannabes
Let's burst the bubbles
That brainwash the masses
As far as I can tell
It doesn't matter who you are
If you can believe there's something worth fighting for
The color of an eye
The glory of a sudden view
The baby in your arms
The smile he always shoots at you
Believing in nothing
Makes life so boring
So let's pray for something
To feel good in the morning
Oh doctor
We're dying
There's no use in crying
So live for tomorrow
And do what you have to

eh there was more. but i dont feel like thinking
andro | 13:30
My favourite lyrics at the moment is from "The Ballad of the Bangkok Novotel" by the Manic Street Preachers. Whenever I think I'm going insane I just listen to that song and realise that I'm not really that bad. Not yet, at any rate lol
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