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Joeyy | 03:23
Maybe this thread will only be used for the big releases, but if you also want to review the crappy Netflix film you saw last night, go ahead.

N.B. Posts that are only short sentences such as, "It was good" or, "It sucked" don't belong here; post them in Randomness. You don't need to write an essay, but they don't count.

Please be aware that posts in this thread may (and probably will) contain spoilers. Reviewers: Put the title in bold so that people know to skip if they wish.
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CarlJ | 17:34
Gran Torino
Clint Eastwood.......had never seen this movie...was on ION Television the other day and wow! what a great movie. Great story of prejudices and friendships. and true morals. Highly recommend
All eight Harry Potter Films:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer/Philospher's Stone

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

are being shown in order [with repeats] all weekend long starting 3:30 pm Friday November 18, 2016 on channel "Freeform" [was ABC Family] for those fans who get it here in the US, break out the popcorn and spells for a bingeworthy weekend in the world of Hogwarts and belief in things muggles never know occur all around them
Tom Felton Meets the Superfans (2015)

Watching the Harry Potter marathon on Freeform TV (formerly ABC Family)... I found a documentary created produced, and filmed by Tom Felton that they showed also. Here is a link to their site currently (as of November 2016) showing this

For those not familiar with him, he played Malfoy Draco in all eight Harry Potter Films.

Tom noticed one particular woman who seemed to be appearing at all of his events/press meetings no matter what film it was for.

He wondered what makes a "superfan" so he went exploring...

Along the way we meet the world's biggest Harry Potter fan---in Pennsylvania ....with a basement full of HP memorabilia and enough wardrobe items so he could wear a different HP costume for three months solid and never wear anything twice.

Tom went to Comic Com in USA.

He interviewed Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and J.K. Rowling too, as to what she sees in the actions and behavior of her superfans.

Met and Interviewed William Shatner [Kirk of 'Star Trek' as if I need to remind everyone] to find out what is behind the fan phenomenon.

Awesome video shot many times by Felton himself, using a wearable "go pro" camera, first person view point, gives it real life clarity about all of these people he meets...

JK Rowling signed someone 's arm, and they made it into a permanent tatoo! She says she can't even go to the loo without being asked for photos (and they assume she will vanish if they let her leave--so they want it taken inside the bathroom).

Superfans go beyond the normal ...

Some have used their obsessions positively to pull out of illness such as involving themselves in someone else's life (even if only onscreen) it removes them from their own suffering..

An autograph collecting expert disguises Tom so he can go get Daniel Radcliff's autograph without him knowing ---fun with the actors! Rupert Gint (Ron Weasley) is there and he recognizes Tom right away.

This was great, having to experience autograph seeking without all of the actual waiting out in cold rainy weather.

Tom, after his Comic Com experience in the States, takes us back to England for one in Birmingham, where he goes disguised (by two Cosplay sisters, who are great at dressing up).

This was a great fun sequence and I'll not spoil anything more by revealing it---

If you like what you read here, you'll want to watch all of the show, either live on Freeform TV or on the link I posted above.

Not seen it yet, just out January, 2017.

Joey! This movie is for you! I know you said you like studying multiple personalities and this movie has them all!

Now the Trailer here shows about 30% of the movie unless there is more hidden stories and knowing M. Night Shyamalan's writing and directing, there probably is a multiple switching ending that blows your mind for a few weeks afterwards..... so its up to you if you click the link and see the spoilers before you go see the movie...otherwise, looks like a great movie to get out and go see with a friend in the theatre. Hold on tight for a mind ride!
Joeyy | 18:56
I saw it at the cinema the other day, thanks. It was decent, though the very end felt a little anticlimactic. James McAvoy acted well, but the film only focused on a handful of the personalities; the others made only very brief appearances. That disappointed me a bit, but it makes sense to the time limit of films. I can't remember if I watched a trailer beforehand or not, but I was under the impression he was the sole main character, which isn't true; the focus is also on a young woman his DID is affecting.

As a friend said to me, the problem with these films is that they can demonize mental illness...and as I said to her, that is an unfortunate truth, but it's also true that people with such disorders can and sometimes do commit horrific acts.

One thing I liked about it was the focus on whether or not the disorder is real. A Psychology teacher of mine once told me she didn't believe in it, which surprised me at the time.
Cosplay Melee

On SyFy channel, Cosplay Melee starring Yvette Nicole Brown [from "Community" and "The Odd Couple" new CBS version!]

I didn't know she is a big Cosplay fan! She gets to go crazy with the contestants each show and have fun. The contestants vie for $10,000 prize, but its not the money, the the bragging rights to be the best Cosplay designer.

It really helps to have a whole television show dedicated to this as the show's graphics team makes each player's character come alive in the best animated form, really professional, like Marvel or DC movie quality, no matter how quickly their costume was built, it comes alive and we can see the designer's "vision". Whether or not they achieve their goal and if they beat out the other contestants are for the Judges (including Yvette Nicole Brown) to decide.

I remember someone here on LSI wanted to know how to get started in Cosplay. While these designs are very advanced, they all involve and incorporate very many basic techniques used in making any Cosplay costume, weapons, and armor, etc.

Check out the website. Even if your country does not show this program yet, you can view each episode's "Tips and Tricks" on the website and learn multiple new ideas per show and build up a great knowledge about how to do Cosplay costumes for yourself!
Killing Eve Television series

Just wanted to give this topic a bump up...

New show...just 2 episodes from UK

Interesting premise....someone gets fired from MI5 and picked up secretly with MI6 (the ones from Britain will know instantly what I mean) and they are hunting down a killer/assassin with a twist (won't give spoiler away...too good a twist there)... wish I could write more and edit in later so might double post later....
Joeyy | 22:37
It's already been and gone here (eight episodes).
Ok don't give anything away (Its ok...I love knowing full details...makes watching it more informative)
Guess we are always late catching up to the UK in terms of television...remember Pop Idol preceeded American Idol and Britain's The X-Factor preceded the same show in USA!

Alright I'll view all 8 and revise my review (thumbs up or down) as necessary!
Killing Eve

While waiting for all Episodes of 'Killing Eve' to air in the US
THIS ARTICLE came out in paper about the writer of the show (who almost ended up acting in it)

.....and her list of credits is long...
includes 'Crashing' (which I made the confusing mistake of thinking it was the HBO series here by the same name...was one shown in UK totally different story line, just shared same name! )
and she had a role in "Solo" Star Wars Movie too!

And coming to the US to perform in her 'Fleabag' one-woman show...

Just an interesting read.. Hope the article link opens up over there outside of the US
Charmed (2018 reboot of 1998-2006 series on WB TV)

Just posting a note to share in case this series ever makes its way to the UK. Joey loved 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' series and instead of one strong female lead character, here are three sisters, all very powerful women with their own unique magical powers, working their way through life and fighting evil demons that threaten the world every day.

Episode 12 had a brief interlude where two of the main characters traveled to ....... Manchester, England! But unfortunately the credits showed they filmed only in British Columbia, Canada, so no, none of the scenes were actually from Manchester...but it was fun to think while I was viewing it live, that I was visiting there.

So since 'Buffy' is only seen on re-runs...if you and others here like the premise of this show, maybe all can take a sample of a few Episodes and see if its your new favorite show of the 2018-2019 television season! (Its already been renewed for a second season in 2019, so we will see more of it and hopefully that means it will be syndicated to other countries as well).
Joeyy | 01:05
BtVS doesn't just have one strong female. There are many strong female characters in the show, both good and bad; temporary and more permanent. I also own it on DVD and have access to it elsewhere, so I can watch any time.

Cool that the characters in the new Charmed supposedly visit here, though! I watched the original when it was on, and loved it back then. I don't like that they've done it again, but it's nice that there's more diversity for the young kids watching it today. (Edit to add that it is being shown here.)
Bumped this thread up for the Holiday multiple upcoming releases and to describe an as yet unreleased, unseen new television show that members of LetsSingIt who love Lyrics so much might find amusing/entertaining/fun to watch this January!

Zoe's Extraordinary Playlist! [Thanksgiving parade is full of these NBC previews advertisements]

* offtopic :
[For Joey:
Jane Levy's roles in Evil Dead and Don't Breathe have since earned her scream queen status.[2] ]
Double posting as almost no one else seems to be reading this thread
......did everyone use the new blocking threads feature??

For Joe (repeat posting with additions from the game threads)
in case Joe missed it.....

WARNING: LOTS OF SPOILERS and discussions!

Rick and Morty return for Season 4!

Secret fun stuff is at the end...jump to 12 minutes where fast flash scenes of 1000 ways Morty dies
It went by too fast for me in the original, so this meta fan did the right thing and slowed it down and cut out each one he found in tiny vignettes of perfect fun discussion and references to other shows and movies!
roxcyn | 12:51
* offtopic :
I have Practice! I just don't want to read the spoilers. Thanks for all you do for the LSI community!
Joeyy | 05:31
^ Ditto.
Emergence (on ABC-TV Network)

I don't want to give away any secrets....this may be just a blip on the otherwise standard television fare, as not enough episodes have been ordered until they see how ratings come out.

I'll use this short reviewer's summary that I read, of the first episode to entice you to watch...

The problem with ABC's otherwise entertaining Emergence is similar: How many airline catastrophes can reveal vast, cosmic and hopelessly confusing conspiracies before everybody goes back to taking the train? Count 'em up: ABC's Lost. Fox's Fringe. NBC's Manifest. Airliners have become the Grassy Knoll of conspiracy TV.

Emergence follows a now-familiar pattern: In a weather-beaten seaside town on a remote Long Island promontory, there's a short power failure, followed by a weird Northern Lights-type display and then, of course, a plane crash on the beach.

When town police chief Jo Evans (Allison Tolman of the TV version of Fargo) arrives at the crash site, she finds a little girl (Alexa Swinton, Billions) with no memory of anything, including her own name, but too unscathed to have emerged from the smoldering plane wreck.

Even more mysterious: the flock of NTSB investigators who show up within minutes of the crash demanding custody of the girl and threatening to arrest Evans' officers when they don't hand her over. "NTSB doesn't have arrest authority," replies the chief in a wintry voice. "I do." But she has no answer to the little girl's warning: "If I remember, I'll have to go away."

Emergence's pilot is a pleasantly spooky hour, with some not-all-that-faint echoes of Netflix's Stranger Things. It's aided immeasurably by the casting of Tolman as a size-16 protagonist who is neither a vixen or a superhero, just a good cop with decent human instincts.

And I'm back::

To add that if all that was hinted at above isn't enough to get you to tune into the pilot ,... the appearance of "Terry O'Quinn" from "Lost" is enough to reveal that "something unusual " is going on here...and its worth it to continue to watch episode by episode to see it unfold.

Try to get it on one of your services so you can see it from the beginning and binge at least first 3 episodes in a row so you don't miss anything...then you're hooked on it....goes double for our foreign members when its released over there---catch it before it vanishes.

From my own knowledge of real life characters similar to these and other events, mentioned through the series, they got many things right on the button, others were conveniently stretched, imagined, and fantasy created to move the story along at a breakneck speed.

So watch television as it should be, a window into another world that invites you in for a hour long visit each week, and rewards you with good, and strange feelings and responses.
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

This is a lighthearted, and fun show that if you are a member of LetsSingIt, if you are reading this thread, and listening to the songs on your playlists here, and reading along or singing along (hopefully!) with the songs----- then pay attention!


It tells the story of Zoey Clarke, a coder in San Francisco, California, who is living a normal life of any twenty something, who is rising up in the world of computers, all male dominated with women now taking charge for first time.
She has a gender fluid (PC, politically correct, super fun person) as her next door neighbor who plays lots of music as a DJ part time.

There is her father, who has a rare neurological disease , which causes her to worry too much, so at the slightest complaint (sound familiar anyone ), she goes for a MRI to check it out..

She has a simple, everyday life, correct?

Then, while in the MRI she experiences an earthquake which opens her mind to hear the innermost secret songs that everyone is thinking, but never expressing/singing/telling anyone about!

We get to see the songs, acted out by the very active cast, filling the show with so many appropriate for the plot, songs. If you turn on "captions" like I do, guess what? You got LetsSingIt "instant lyrics printed" going "Live!"

So its worth checking out.... only one episode, the pilot was shown so far in January, and I'm waiting for the rest to appear.

Take a look at Zoe's Extraordinary Playlist about Zoey Clarke [hmmmm let me think do we know another Clarke here? ] and see if you like it too!

[Update! Most of those here know I've been unable to sign in for a while now---so this was not posted and I missed watching February 16th Episode 2 and tonight, February 23rd is Episode 3, so I need to catch up too...but posted this anyway so if someone reads this before 9 p.m. on NBC Network channels, so you can jump right in and see Episode 3 live and see if you like it too!]

Great movie!!!!! (revealed only a few spoilers so you can enjoy it more!)

Full of powerful classic music! You know the songs by name.....
"Yesterday" (of course--eponymously the title of the movie)
"Let It Be"
"When I'm Sixty-Four"
"Back In The USSR"
"Penny Lane"
"Eleanor Rigby"

All written, sung and lovingly performed by their creator: Jack Malik!!!

,...wait a bit...
Hold on!
Jack "WHO???"

Jack Malik!
Don't you know Jack Malik???
Singlehandedly, who after a worldwide power outage wakes up in a world in which "The Beatles" never existed---yet he remembers (sort of ) all of their songs.

Since he is a unsuccessful songwriter/performer himself, Jack simply passes the songs off as his own creations! Great performance by his always loving, faithful girlfriend/manager overseeing all of his creative growth spurt!

Fun performances of "Let It Be" ,"I Wanna Hold Your Hand" ,"Eleanor Rigby"
and "Help" have to be witnessed to be believed....

But all is not fun and sun and fame in this new world....They don't have Coke Cola either! ...its a Pepsi world everywhere...,

Singing "Hey Jude" as you leave the theater (or the room if watching on HBO where it is now shown),,,,,,,,..
,...really makes me want to redo my career choices over again...

but since I can't...,.. You can enjoy what I'm regretting watching the movie version instead.....

[Spoiler for Joey: Don't know if you'd be put off and don't want you to miss out on the whole movie---but main character loses his front two teeth (will someone hand him a mirror?) and walks around like that for about the next 10-15 minutes of the movie after the introduction piece of about 10-15 minutes or so.
I really don't want you to be upset by my not mentioning that before you view this! Try to find this 2019 movie that I waited all year to view.....
Its a British comedy movie so all the objects/places/things are quintessentially British and fun!]
Joeyy | 21:18
Thanks, Practice, but why would that upset me?
Prior postings about your emetophobia, that's all. Just trying to be kind and recognizing different people's attitudes about things that don't bother me at all---but again I've had far different life than you. Worked in various places because I don't get upset as easily as many others here do.
Joeyy | 19:59
Thank you, but my phobia isn't about people's teeth falling out. Though I do have the occasional nightmare about it happening to my own.
On a piece of paper it says:
"Read review out loud"

Ever find one of those television series that just doesn't seem to make sense at all?

Until it does.

"Lost" was one.

Many other imitations have come and gone..........mostly gone.

Of course you have no idea what I'm talking about, until you view the series.

The name of course, which I have declined to present up front.
(All the while I'm composing this review attempting to imitate in the spirit of the current series)

As that is what everyone always expects from these reviews.

You do the same thing, every time, while writing a review.

You name the show.

Put it in bold.

Make it a link------or not!

and then proceed to write the review.

Either you announce that you will give away spoilers...... or say it does not.

But then, maybe, you want to find that one new show that is slightly off key.

Off kilter.

Off the grid.

Out of the box.

That a quirky, strange, journey of a show, makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

If that is what drives you to discover new shows.

Then maybe its time.

To join Peter.

To join Simone.

To join Janice.

To join Fredwynn.

To join the series before it vanishes (My "on demand" says see it before September 30th) so best hurry to catch up before Season 1 vanishes into the dustbin of television.

If that is what you seek...

Then by all means

Tune in to AMC on your local listings.

Dispatches from Elsewhere

Just watch me.

[For Joey, et al outside of the USA in the UK Dispatches from Elsewhere premiered on April 29, 2020, on BT TV. a subscription TV so I guess you might not see it unless a friend has a subscription to this]
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