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Joeyy | 03:23
Maybe this thread will only be used for the big releases, but if you also want to review the crappy Netflix film you saw last night, go ahead.

N.B. Posts that are only short sentences such as, "It was good" or, "It sucked" don't belong here; post them in Randomness. You don't need to write an essay, but they don't count.

Please be aware that posts in this thread may (and probably will) contain spoilers. Reviewers: Put the title in bold so that people know to skip if they wish.
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Joeyy | 18:36
My usual cinema gang are currently debating whether to see Ant-Man or the new Terminator (someone suggested both, but my frugality screams no; we'll see). I haven't read the comics and the idea of there being a superhero like that is theoretically silly, buuut I have a soft spot for Paul Rudd and I trust him and the studio to surpass any low expectations. Plus, sometimes a silly film is a fun film.
Juliet86 | 18:57
I didn't think it was anything for me, but then I saw the trailer. He's so little. I like small things.
kalsonberry | 19:27
"Was the road trip bit any good? For some reason that's the only bit thats makes me want to see the movie. :-/"

I'd say so, it was pretty exciting!
Giving the thread a little bump up before it vanishes off the "active" forum listing.
For those fans of Michael Fassbender, he will be playing Steve Jobs in the movie of the same name due out October 9th!
References: Time Magazine September 7-14, 2015 and WIkipedia
The Ghost Writer

I know a number of you are fans of Pierce Brosnan, so here is an "indie" movie starring him and Ewan McGregor (Robots) and Kim Catterl (Sex in the City and Star Trek VI) Its older (2010) but making its rounds on the indie film channels so that is how I happened upon it.

(Some spoilers, but kept it mostly mystery as to details to let you enjoy it more).

Plot involves both British and American people wrapped up in an Ex-Prime Minister's Memoirs (written by the "ghost" Ewan McGregor) Of note is how, in one of many great dramatic elements of the movie the "ghost's" name is never revealed, as a ghost writer you are never to know the name, but its interesting how many times we are just on the verge of discovering his true identity, then only to have it snatched away....

Excellent casting in this movie, a Pierce plays his role well with the perfection to detail he brings to all his various roles. His wife (too short a review to go into more detail about her great performance) is played by Olivia Williams (The Sixth Sense, X-Men: The Last Stand (at least I give credit where credit is due when people make cameos!) and many other TV/films )

Watch for cameos by Jim Belushi, Timothy Hutton, and the great Eli Wallach

Shot both in England and US (but without Polanski or actors as he is forbidden to return here) and places as stand-ins for US scenes--, it pivots the political and secrets of both countries against each other in a very clear plot that has interesting twists that keep the story line evolving into something new. I like when the plot takes twists that leave you squirming as to shout out, oh no no.. why? why? Oh.. THAT's why ! Type of reaction so that is why I chose this as my first Review.

Directed by the famous and versatile, Roman Polanski it features a lot of conversation pieces interspersed between higher tension action scenes. From Wikipedia: The film won numerous cinematic awards including Best Director for Polanski at the 60th Berlin International Film Festival and also at the 23rd European Film Awards in 2010.

Pierce Brosnan does something in this movie I've not seen him do, so instead of revealing it as a spoiler I'll leave it for fans to watch and ...wait for it....

The musical score in background should not be forgotten---its perfectly understated, as I noticed it, but it didn't overwhelm the story, like some movies do today just to build an album that can be sold with the movie for extra revenue... no false purposes here.

* offtopic :
I wanted to write a few other movies here, but not written them well enough to post, so still forgive any omissions in what I should have discussed or how it should have been done as its my first (comments and criticism on the review are welcome... this critic has thick skin.
Spelling correction edit: Kim Cattrall
kalsonberry | 17:02
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

I thought the movie was even better than the book actually. If any of you guys have seen it, I would love to discuss!
CarlJ | 18:12
Kaleb...just watched the Maze Runner.....will be watching the Scorch Trials soon. first one was very good. Has anyone seen Olympus Has Fallen and did you like it? I thought was a great movie and just saw previews for the sequel London Has Fallen......
The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill And Came Down A Mountain

(1995) *yes I'm watching old movies to review

Its a movie with a very long title about a very small difference of opinion.

First, you should know that the English (at least in 1917) considered the Welsh (even thought they are part of the same United Kingdom/Britain) to be backwards. They look down upon them and their ways.

And so back in 1917, the King ordered a survey be taken of all the lands of the United Kingdom, which ended up with Hugh Grant (Reginald Anson) and Ian McNeice (George Garrad) cartographers visiting the small Welsh village of Taff's Well (Ffynnon Taf in Welsh), Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales and its neighboring Garth Hill. (Reference Wikipedia as its complicated). to measure all the Mountains/Hills other geological features of Britian.

But in visiting there they found that the Mountain "The Garth", Ffynnon Garw that made the fictional town of "Ffynnon Garw" famous, was lacking by 20 feet----- so instead of being called a Mountain its called a Hill. They filmed on location of course---but used the more rural villages still there today, of Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant and Llansilin (try saying that three times fast-------in Welsh!) as the original village is now more like a city.

Now you may think I've given the whole lot away----all the spoilers for the story---but its just the very beginning of the story here----and the rest of this movie proceeds after that ; (marked as a drama, but full of the usual British wry humor that is so memorable you'll remember this one long afterwards.)

Note that Part of Charles's Royal title is that he is the Prince of Wales....as he is going to one day be the King of all of Britain (Crazy coincidence there is a recent play out called King Charles III about just what occurs when that does does happen) So the Welsh have that type of standing in British popular writing/films, which is needed to know for viewing this film is the reason why they treat the English guests that way and in turn the English Surveyors treat the Welsh as a "foreign country" , " the natives/locals" they are called at various times in the movie.

The ensemble cast is great. Hugh Grant is perfect as his personable character fits just right with him as the actor and roles he has taken. Colm Meaney (of Star Trek TNG, Deep Space 9 and many cameo roles when he became well known here in the States) plays Morgan the Goat.

Stay for the very surprising ending (after you think the story is all over) as that is where true life intersects with filmmaker's storyboard and brings this film to a more than satisfying conclusion.

Musical Score (since this IS a Music site)--- is excellent! If you don't leave the movie humming the main score for the next few hours if not days, you've evidently not been paying attention!

Go see it! Its being shown right now on Showtime and other movie channels here and there.

Enjoy a small funny Drama from Britain!
roxcyn | 06:36
Is anyone watching Limitless the series? Come to find out there was a movie first. I'm not sure if there was a book, but from what I found out it doesn't look like there was. The movie was pretty interesting and I'm really into the series.
The Librarians Movies
The Librarians: and Santa's Midnight Run 2015 TV Show
Venice Library Scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Ghostbusters (the original) New York Public LIbrary Scene
The Day After Tomorrow used New York Public Library throughout movie

Bumped up this review topic so we don't forget its here....

No one said "no" to my previous question on posting here....so I copied this over from my original posting on "Randomness 181", page 133 so its under the correct topic heading:

Joey started this question by asking:
Can anyone think of any great TV or film moments involving a library?

I don' t think Joey meant these two.... but adding it into the post thread in answer to her inquiry:

First came the movies in 2004, 2006, 2008:

The Librarian: Quest for the Spear 2004; Return to King Solomon's Mines 2006 and Curse of the Judas Chalice 2008 similar titles of movie series.

Then came the 2014 TV series The Librarians (Still playing on TNT just started in November 2015, its second season) The Librarians starring John Larroquette and others... very good for TNT they are making an effort in this area...

Also see in recurring roles (Great to see them back on television again)
Jane Curtin and Bob Newhart

As we were all into the spirit of Christmas, with DonnyW's Christmas Playlist thread/postings, I found the 2015 season premier episode of 'The Librarians' has a early Christmas theme so I watched it "The Librarians....and Santa's Midnight Run"

Covering the true purpose of Santa's appearance here on Earth and diabolical plans to harness the good energy for nefarious purposes (the usual Librarians themes) and they come to the rescue of Christmas despite some of them despising Christmas (as "Eve" was actually born on December 25th so she hates her birthday and being named "Eve" too, being eclipsed her whole life by Christmas spriit etc).

Excellent fun acting by Matt Frewer as " QUOTE Dulaque, the mysterious immortal leader of the Serpent Brotherhood," (I remember him as 'Max Headroom' (successful both in UK and USA) and many other minor comedic roles over the years!)

Of course my and others favorite "library" moment inside a full length movie is "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" 1989

The entire library scene!

[spoilers follow if someone has not seen it]

Where they are inside the library in Venice, and "X" (for Roman Numeral 10) does mark the spot (great joke in the movie)----and they have to break through the floor timing the blows with the librarian's quiet "rubber stamping" of books returned....

I found something new Church/Library Trivia here: 'The search for the Grail takes Indy to Venice, where he finds a clue in the Church of San Barnaba, Campo San Barnaba in the laidback Dorsoduro district, across the Canal Grande from St Mark's. If you want to see the real interior, the 1749 church is open daily from 7.30am to noon and 4.30pm to 7pm. Incidentally, Campo San Barnaba is the spot where Katherine Hepburn fell into the canal in David Lean's Summer Madness. As Steven Spielberg is such a Lean fan, this hardly seems to be coincidence.'

Ghostbusters (the original!) At the New York Public Library with the 2 famous Lions outside, with a "full torso hovering apparition" Librarian Ghost SHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

(sorry about the vertical squishing--someone else did the You Tube)

* offtopic :
Offtopic but on topic of Libraries---has anyone ever seen this one?


Fantastic movie (just saw it was on again when they introduced San Andreas as Diaster movie themes this week......"The Day After Tomorrow" Many scenes, I'd say most of movie!! Took place in the frozen, ice encrusted, New York Public Library (Main Branch with the famous Lions statues outside!)

* offtopic :
(I had a review I was going to post, but decided to do this first to bump the topic up for others to see and have a chance at posting their reviews first as I don't want to monopolize someone's thread)
CarlJ | 20:39
The Peanuts Movie.....you may or may not love em, but they are back. Charles Schulz created this iconic strip over 50 years ago. With the final strip coming the day after he died, no one ever thought we'd see anything new from Charlie Brown and company. Schulz even stated their won't be anything new after he passes....he felt better that way. Lo and behold, his sons have brought the gang to the big screen again and done a very good job with it. It rehashes some scenes and themes from previous tv specials, but it has it's own great storyline that give it the same feel it always has. It focuses around the arrival of the 'Little Red-haired Girl' moving in across the street. And that's all I'll say, other than go see this movie! as a side note, A Charlie Brown Christmas celebrates it's 50th year this year!
kalsonberry | 16:37
Anyone watch Mockingjay Part 2 yet?
Hi all fellow geeks/Superman fanatics (like (Jerry) "Seinfeld" out there!

I was to have been putting finishing touches on a review to post here tonight....

But I found a little item on Showtime:

"The Death of 'Superman Lives': What Happened?" (2015)

about 1 hr 45 minutes Documentary that I watched it twice today... three and 1/2 hours!

No review----just go see it if you love the behind the scenes look into how movies are made [NOT!] and all the stories people tell---and lies and truth get all twisted up, surrounded by special effects and actors you've never seen in roles that were never filmed!

Enough talking about it! See this marvelous documentary, or turn the channel and watch some other rerun!

[When you finish watching.....read...really read.... all the credits "whew!"---shows what love, sweat, tears, budgets, were needed to make this difficult documentary!!]
Joeyy | 04:46
* offtopic :
Haven't forgotten about your message, Practice...just haven't seen a good new film to review yet.
kalsonberry | 16:31
Practice sent me a message, so:
Mockingjay Part 2

was pretty good, although probably my least favorite of the four movies just because the ending of the book and movie is a little lame. It was cool to see some of the scenes come to life though. Katniss's speech about the Capitol wasn't bad, although I still think Tris's (from Divergent) acting during her "I killed ___" scene was better. The mutts in the underground were pretty scary. I really like Boggs as a character. Also they give a nice tribute (pun not intended, lol) to Philip Seymour Hoffman who can be seen in the earlier parts of the movie but not the end.

Overall, for me it's Catching Fire > Hunger Games > Mockingjay 1 > Mockingjay 2. It was a great series - thanks Suzanne Collins!
112 Weddings : A documentary (2014)

Yes, that's the title.

Yes, its about weddings.

No, I don't think most of those here on this site would ever watch this. (With the notable exceptions of Sarah, Meg and soon to be married Saina!)

So why review it?

Well, its available, its on HBO for those that have access to it.

Doug Block took a part time job filming weddings to support himself as a Documentary Filmmaker.

Then, after two decades of doing these wedding photos /videos in a cinema vérité fashion, he wondered what happened to those couples? So he went back and revisited many of them.

Least you think its all happily married couples over and over again, there are a mixture of all types. same sex weddings, partnership vows, back stories of how they met. The successful marriages and ones that just fell apart/separations/divorces, for various reasons.

This video documents excellently some real life examples of pluses and minuses of weddings/married life, and life in general from the viewpoint of married (or "who were married" people).

Also Doug Block asked a Rabbi about the institution of marriage who had advice from having performed more weddings than the title of the film says (112) , all by himself.

Its a fascinating piece for those who are married, those who are considering marriage or some other ceremony arrangement, and even for those who said they would never do this.... it appeals to all people races personalities.

I'm hoping that my introductory lines of this review, where I stated that most of the people on this site might not be interested in watching this...maybe by now, after reading the review, they are changing their minds and might at least start at the beginning, with one Wedding, and see if they like it... What I am certain about, is how everyone watching this would see and interpret this through their own lenses of their own lives and how their personal life events have shaped their views about marriage. The film is interesting, allowing us to meet all these couples and having a sit down conversation with them (while showing clips of their marriage videos) and other more recent videos today---its put together very well .

You won't be bored!

Try it!

[So sorry---delayed posting waiting for others to post something first---just checked and its no longer on general access HBO channel---maybe it will come around again or be on sister channel Cinemax--or those who use Netflix or Hulu or other services (I don't know), may be able to locate it there]
Kingsman: The Secret Service

Well for those who want MORE Bond-like action..... here's a totally UK made to order movie that delivers!

And its a comedy too!

Starring Colin Firth as Galahad (this versatile actor has played in many famous films including The Kings Speech and he won Oscar for his role)...

...with Mark Strong as Merlin (Tinker, Taylor, Soldier Spy ; Sherlock Holmes, and The Imitation Game) (by now you get the idea, the secret service agents and staff are code-named after King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table!).

and Michael Cane as (King) Arthur, of course!

And Samuel L. Jackson stars as the Villain.... Valentine!

with Mark Hamill (of 3 Star Wars movie fame as Luke Skywalker, and Cosby Show) (And for future me to know, in his honor, I decided to post this during the Star Wars VII Weekend opening!)

'Kingsman's' special effects are used to comedic lengths.... (Fun title opening sequence---I'd like to see that done for some other movies too!)
If you are a fan of 'Under the Dome' (that is Stephen King's story brought to CBS TV in past few summers) .... and the special effects used there.... well there is a great sequence filmed of a "split personality"..... but its not a cow this time!

Usually movies cast people with a disability as a "nod" to acknowledging their mobility impairment... but this movie script actually integrates Sofia Boutella's role as a effects laden person with a disability as Gazelle into the story line very powerfully.

I had to watch (and maybe you will have too?) the fight sequences three times over to see all the carefully choreographed details! Maybe this movie will go down one day with 'The Matrix' or 'Enter the Dragon' or 'Sherlock Holmes' (the one in 2009 w Robert Downy, Jr.) as some of the most outlandish, detailed, tightly scripted fight scenes I've ever seen in a movie! (I'd recommend watching the movie just for them----believe me, they are onto something...and the Director Matthew Vaughn used this fighting techniques a lot!---he learned how to do these scenes on 'X-Men: First Class' which had one or two sequences of this type if I remember).

Maybe its because the original story, scenes, etc and characters in 'KIngsman: The Secret Service' originally came from a comic book named just "The Secret Service" that there is this tight melding with a serious secret agent story, with humor all throughout, just like a comic book).

I'm very certain that both MI6 and James Bond fans would LOVE to have some of the very high-tech, hidden in ordinary items "toys" that the Kingsmen use! This requires the quote from "Batman" "Where does he get those wonderful toys? where the Joker (Jack Nicholson) asks!

WARNING!!! WARNING 1 hr 57 min into film.... Projectile Vomit from Samuel L. Jackson (DID he practice that? How many times I ask?)---He "telegraphed" (as its called in Scriptwriting 101) the coming of that scene way back in the very beginning scenes of the movie!

Mistakes happen! (like the car in background of 'Lord of the Rings' Middle Earth scene).

But annoying (to me at least) is the lack of "continuity" easy to fix, need not to have happened... when Eggsy rips off!!! a necklace central to the plot, in frustration, and then about 10-15 minutes of time passes for him---the very next scene in the movie actually---he has the necklace back on, mysteriously restored without a Jewelry store or ability or time, to fix the ripped off necklace.

Great jokes... double-meanings like Bond.... but these are the typical wry/black humor we are wanting to see from our viewing an extremely well crafted British film!

Stay for the credits...so you don't miss the return of the film again with the well-anticipated comeuppance of the film!

* offtopic :
Offtopic /slightly....

Joey, how about doing what you do in 'Pointless!' You have in the introductory section (except this last week's game, #45, it is missing) a word in hyperlink "here" showing where all the winners of the previous games are and the 'Pointless!' scores they got...

As these Movie Reviews grow longer (in postings/pages used) .... in order for us not to duplicate movies without first reading every single review made....Can you make a list of the movies reviewed so far? (especially when some of us did not put the movie title up front in in bold face type---until you mentioned it. some did not--- and that way we have a separate page with a listing of the movie's reviewed (and maybe a mention of "who" did the review... our claim to fame here).

That would help me and others looking to see if someone had reviewed a movie already...(unless someone WANTS to submit a review that is opposite of the review presented by someone else earlier for the same movie---hey then we can have a real discussion about a movie! Pro and Con going to see it! or recommending it!)

Just a suggestion, if you have some time to do it---I know its difficult, with you working on the 'Pointless!' and other tasks that keep LSI site running here.... maybe I can help and PM you a listing of who did what movie to help you create the list? Just ask.... I still can PM. No one asks how many PM's anyone gets anymore... we ALL get far too much Email!!
Introduction to two paired movies: Mary Poppins (1964) and Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

From Pointless Quiz 50th Edition

And Jeff's gone with MARY POPPINS for MP (1964). I, er, haven't seen that one, either

I can't believe it Joey!

'Mary Poppins' is perhaps the quintessential American version of British people in a Musical Movie!

I'm amazed you have never heard of some of the songs (two of which involve one of your favorite items: coins!---yes songs named after or involved with coins!)

Feed the Birds (Tuppence)

Fidelity Fiduciary Bank *(at 29:32 on album).

A more recent rendition of this but low volume for poor quality sound

and without giving away the whole plot, watch this clip of Chim Cheree song and dance...

.and afterwards viewing that little treat, see if you still can't resist watching the whole movie here :: Link to whole 'Mary Poppins' movie has been removed due to copyright in every one of the You Tube locations. The buttons that are left are suspect and I would not click on them or "Free Disney Movies online " links as probably will download viruses or unwanted malware into your computer if you follow the links so I did not, sorry!
(Should post this in movie review but its not a review, I'll let you Review it Joey from your viewpoint of did the Disney Americans get it right.

I enjoy it as I (am or used to) be able to perform most of the music/songs in the movie).

AND if one Mary Poppins movie isn't enough!

This one with Tom Hanks is award winning smashing movie on how that Mary Poppins Movie almost was NEVER made!

SEE "Saving Mr. Banks" if you can find it over there too (this costs @2.99 USD after the trailer)

Two movies for you Joey!

(again I'll leave it to you to review them in detail for this Movie Discussion/Review Thread)

Have fun!

(hope others here will view them again together! now that I mentioned it again)


Spoiler Alert Behind the scenes of Saving Mr Banks:

Some words published about the movie with spoilers here, so read after watching movie!

Published on Nov 12, 2013

A look at how Emma Thompson took on the challenging role of P.L. Travers.

"Saving Mr. Banks" will be released in UK cinemas nationwide on November 29th, 2013.

Two-time Academy Award®--winner Emma Thompson and fellow double Oscar®-winner Tom Hanks topline Disney's "Saving Mr. Banks," inspired by the extraordinary, untold backstory of how Disney's classic "Mary Poppins" made it to the screen.

When Walt Disney's daughters begged him to make a movie of their favorite book, P.L. Travers' "Mary Poppins," he made them a promise—one that he didn't realize would take 20 years to keep. In his quest to obtain the rights, Walt comes up against a curmudgeonly, uncompromising writer who has absolutely no intention of letting her beloved magical nanny get mauled by the Hollywood machine. But, as the books stop selling and money grows short, Travers reluctantly agrees to go to Los Angeles to hear Disney's plans for the adaptation.

For those two short weeks in 1961, Walt Disney pulls out all the stops. Armed with imaginative storyboards and chirpy songs from the talented Sherman brothers, Walt launches an all-out onslaught on P.L. Travers, but the prickly author doesn't budge. He soon begins to watch helplessly as Travers becomes increasingly immovable and the rights begin to move further away from his grasp.

It is only when he reaches into his own childhood that Walt discovers the truth about the ghosts that haunt her, and together they set Mary Poppins free to ultimately make one of the most endearing films in cinematic history.

Inspired by true events, "Saving Mr. Banks" is the extraordinary, untold story of how Disney's classic "Mary Poppins" made it to the screen—and the testy relationship that the legendary Walt Disney had with author P.L. Travers that almost derailed it.

"Saving Mr. Banks" is directed by John Lee Hancock, produced by Alison Owen, Ian Collie and Philip Steuer, and written by Kelly Marcel and Sue Smith. Executive producers are Paul Trijbits, Christine Langan, Andrew Mason and Troy Lum.


.......and to complete this British Musical Movie festival, don't forget "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" (1968) (Also starring Dick Van Dyke) which could be the subject of another review Joey! (From your point of view across the pond). Which I mention as we already discussed one of the songs in relation to something on Pointless (?) about "Posh" (name of the song and what it is in British life).
Television Show

* offtopic :
(guess I'm writing the first review in the new expanded category, so how about saying its either a "TV Show" in bold too or a "Movie/Film" so we know right at top (or perhaps it should be all moved to a TV only thread?)

Rick and Morty

* offtopic :
(I am guessing here: add in Episode in Bold too if appropriate?)

Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate

* offtopic :
(one more off topic: I guess if its a TV show and not a "movie" we should list the times its shown and channel too? At least at the time of the review as TV shows may be moved around a weekly schedule (or cancelled......... gasp!)

'Rick and Morty' are on Saturdays, showing twice(!) 9 pm and 3 am EST in the USA, on Adult Swim segment of the Cartoon Network.

Saw my first episode yesterday......

Looks Good....no....GREAT!!!

Mild Spoiler Alert---nothing major read on!

Funny one liners ... Great story line (I think this is a part 2 of a two part episode---but anyone can come in and pick up the story line and go with the flow if this episode is the one you choose to see first).

The main story concerned itself with Morty's (a fourteen-year old) dad (Jerry Smith) deciding about having a very vital operation on a most vital male organ to "save the universe" by providing a new heart organ for an alien creature in this interdimensional world that Dr. Rick Sanchez can access using his inventions. Of course his wife Beth Smith is at first against it, until she reads about all the fantastical "substitute" artificial organs they can put in its place.... then she is for the operation....

But by that time in the story Jerry is against it again!

Meanwhile the rest of the family, Dr. Rick Sanchez, Morty, Summer (his teenage sister) are stuck in the alien-filled waiting room, watching television using another of Dr. Sanchez's inventions so they can see the Interdimensional Television channels. They all put up with the crazy misadventures of Dr. Sanchez because he is Beth's father, so grandfather to the two kids he drags with him on his time and space travels.

So the rest of the episode is a whole bunch of these spoofing of and making fun of the cable shows we watch today, but in another dimension.

(And remember...please don't drink from the coffee machine )

So I set my timer on DVR and will catch it again each week at that time....a new fan!

Reading the notes about the show, it appears to have been crated as an animated version of 'Back to the Future' type of story line, so if you liked the three movies and wanted more Marty McFly and Doc Brown---here comes Morty and Dr Rick Sanchez!

Oh and for those who tune out the credits, you'll miss an added little something after each episode, so stay glued to your screen!

(Season 2 repeats are on now, Season 3 will be on later this year).
Also the Cartoon Network Adult Swim schedule for 'Rick and Morty' show is:

Sunday July 31, 2016 and Monday morning August 1, 2016:

11pm and 3 am EST The Wedding Squanchers (end of season 2)
12 midnight and 4 am EST Pilot episode! the very first Rick and Morty I guess they are showing them over again from the beginning!
Olivia_Ka | 19:55
The Simpsons Movie (2007)

I haven't watched the Simpsons on television for 6 years - I remember watching the series weekly, every Saturday around 6pm. All dubbed in French, I know!

It deserves 5 stars, because 70% of the emblematic characters from the series were all present, from Lisa Simpson to Monty Burns. Even a guest appearance by Tom Hanks!

I appreciated the references to Titanic and An Inconvenient Truth.

My favourite scenes so far were Bart drawing on a "wanted" poster and Homer sliding on the rope that would save people from Springfield.

In one of the final scenes, I noticed that Bart and Lisa's school was the only building that survived the catastrophe.

Raise a toast to this fabulous team!
Just a note for a movie not yet out:

for all you Michael Fassbender fans at LSI:

The Light between Oceans will be out September 2nd 2016
kalsonberry | 18:00
Looking forward to three film adaptations of books I read: Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children, The Girl On The Train, Inferno!
kalsonberry | 16:46
Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children

Pretty good. They definitely kind of gave it an ending though - think it will only be a single movie while there are 3 books out for it.
POP OUT SAVE saving ...
Read more: