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Ray | 19:23
Found a spelling error or any other contextual error on LetsSingIt? Let me know in here!

Only spelling errors that are related with the LetsSingIt website go in here, to correct spelling errors in content like lyrics, song titles, etc, please use the regular correct forms.
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Joeyy | 17:59
Administrator privileges?
MCSMeister | 18:01
No, help administrator privileges - meaning I can edit/add/delete help pages. That's all

I'm currently working on updating your typo list.
Joeyy | 18:02
Taking over James' old job, haha. Good work, Nicolas.
MCSMeister | 18:08
Thank you! I'm looking forward to helping update all of the help pages to be in line with the new site.

Updated list of all typos mentioned (to save further repeats)

Most Reviews – Remove "of"
Front page – Updating information to leave out artist news
Avatar information – Wording
About Us page – 15,000 with a comma
About Us page – "Music related" hyphenated
About Us page – Spelling of "million"
About Us page – 10th anniversary punctuation
Contact page – Spelling of helpful
Public Review page – "...as (a) member" wording
Terms of Use page – Remove ",responsible for any damages..." comma
Most Likes page – Spelling of "available"
Profile pages – Spelling of Favorite
Profile pages, personalize – Spelling of your

Profile pictures – Change "tools" to singular
Profile pictures – Change "on" to of
Profile pictures – Wording
Poetry board on Forum – Periods after "etc"
Empty Album pages – Wording
Moderator sign up page – Spelling of moderator
Moderator sign up page – Add question mark
Terms of Use page – Smileys vs. smilies consistency

"You are moderator for artist..." – Wording
Profile edit box – Change "you" to your
'Personalize' Profile box – Wording
Submit page, Contribute – Wording X2
"New artist (and movies, tv-show...)" – Make "show" plural
"New artist (and movies, tv-show...)" – Capitalize "tv"
Album edit page – Change "exist" to singular
Friend invitations – Change spelling of invitation
MCSMeister | 22:40
On the bottom of each help page, it says:

Didn't find the answer to your question? Ask it in support forum.
This section was last updated on *insert time here* ago.

Should be "in the support forum" and "on" should be taken out. Or at least, it should be taken out when it displays as a certain time ago, like 9 hours ago, 9 days ago, etc. When it displays as a date (e.g. "last updated on 9-23-12"), then the "on" would be appropriate.
MCSMeister | 23:30
On the pop-out comment form, under the "tag" button:

Under the URL tag:

This is a link to google
This is a link to google

Both instances of "google" should be capitalized.

Under the YouTube Video tag:
"inserts youtube video"

"youtube" should be YouTube.
This one isn't visible to normal forum users, just to Help Moderators, but under the grey "help" button when editing Help pages:

Create a link to a page on LSI other then in the help section or to another website

Should be "than".

Also, all the spaces inbetween each colon on that page (on each "example code :" and "example result :") should be removed.
Just a note of thanks Nicolas (as I mentioned elsewhere I read what you write but not always responding).... I appreciate your list above of updated typo errors as I found a few and seeing them on the collected list did not have to post them here as they would have been repeats! So thanks a lot for taking the time to collect that information listing!
MCSMeister | 13:30
Ah, thank you But Joeyy deserves some thanks too - she was the one that compiled that list originally, all I did was update it after I became Help Moderator and had the power to fix the typos on the Help pages.
Thank you and props to Joey too!

That's what happens when you dip in and out of the pool without swimming/reading everything!
MCSMeister | 12:57
On the About button when editing songs:

This information must be objective and written in own words.

Should be "your own words".
MCSMeister | 21:49
Also on the About button when editing songs (didn't see this for some reason):

You can use other websites for inspiration, but please use as much as you can your own words.

Would sound better as "You can use other websites for inspiration, but please write as much as you can in your own words."
MCSMeister | 21:17
On song pages that don't have lyrics:

Unfortunately we don't have the lyrics of this song named "Song Title" by "Artist" yet.

This would sound less awkward if it was something like "Unfortunately, we don't have the lyrics for "Song Title" yet.". It's not really necessary to name the artist in this sentence (the artist name is on the song page anyways, so it's not important), and it would sound more fluid this way.
Ray | 19:32
Corrections made
Excellent work guys
MCSMeister | 20:28
Sweet! I'm glad this thread's finally been updated

I'll double check everything listed and make sure no further errors were created.
MCSMeister | 20:49
Indeed, there were a handful that weren't fully fixed (and some others I found in the process of checking these):

On the About page when editing songs:

You can use other websites for inspiration, but please write as much as you can your own words.

Ray forgot to make this "please write as much as you can in your own words.
On the profile edit box, it now says: "You profile is *number*% complete". Should be your.
On the Museum page, under LetsSingIt Design and the Design page itself:

Interested in how LetsSingIt looked like during the years? Find out here. Which ones do you still remember?

This should be "during previous years".
On the Museum page, under LetsSingIt Postcard and on the Postcard page itself:

Curious about the cards and what people wrote in them? Find it here.

Should be "Find them here", as it's referring to more than one postcard.
Under the Profile Picture button when editing your profile:

This tool allows you to edit your profile picture, which is the large picture being displaying on top on all of your pages.

This wasn't fully fixed, Joeyy suggested that "being displaying" should be "displayed".
On the Terms of Use page, the spelling of "smilies" wasn't fixed in the header, but was fixed in the header's description. Also, Ray added an extra line break after that header's description by accident.
MCSMeister | 21:11
These are all on the About Us page:

Under the "Some interesting articles about LetsSingIt" section:

Article in The World Journal about LetsSingIt from 2004

The article linked here no longer works. Also, once this is removed, the section will have to be renamed as it'll only be one article listed (maybe "An interesting article about LetsSingIt"? Though a forum topic isn't really an article...)

Under the "Contact" section:

Or you can start a forum thread in our forum, or leave a message on our Facebook page!

"Forum thread in our forum" sounds redundant, should just be "Or you can start a thread in our forum".

Under the "Who runs this site?" section:

Well, for starters of course the founder and godfather of LetsSingIt: Ray.

Missing some commas, should be "Well, for starters, of course, the founder and godfather of LetsSingIt: Ray."
On profiles, the section for favorite artists still says "Favoriste Artists".
Big thank you to Ray for fixing all of those errors!

I don't know if its a true spelling error, but here goes (had this saved for a while so maybe someone else mentioned it in the meantime before I chose to post it tonight)..

The spell checker on LetsSingIt pop out window for messages says "LetsSingIt" is underlined in red as Misspelled... certainly we can set that to be one of the "ok" or learned words (there is a "add to dictionary" choice) that is spelled correctly for this website! But we should not have to use that option for the name of the website!

Hopefully this is someone others can see occurring, and not just my computer/Windows 7 Platform.
MCSMeister | 03:46
* offtopic :
Speaking of, I can't be the only one that's bothered by the fact that there's no apostrophe in the site name That's always been a minor thing that annoyed me since I found out about this site. I know you can't put apostrophes in URLs, but why couldn't the site have been named Let'sSingIt?

Of course it's far too late for that now, but that's just my two cents.
* offtopic :
Yes, Nicolas, its probably too late to fix the URL as too many links would be broken in fixing the problem...

But... in case there are any "spin offs" from LetsSingIt site, sister sites, etc. created by Ray.. (just a suggestion) that there are many characters allowed in the URL that we can be creative to use instead of the apostrophe which is not allowed:

Quoted from an internet source:

In general URIs as defined by RFC 3986 (see Section 2: Characters) may contain any of the following characters:
ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789-._~:/?#[]@!#selection#'()*+,;=. Any other character needs to be encoded with the percent-encoding (%hh). Each part of the URI has further restrictions about what characters need to be represented by an percent-encoded word.

I could suggest what I've seen others do instead of the apostrophe (Department stores that have ' in their name, etc) do it this way "Let*sSingIt" and create a unique way of looking at the name.
MCSMeister | 13:56
* offtopic :
I wasn't saying it was too late to fix the URL, I was saying it's too late to fix the site name. Like, the url could still be letssingit.com, but the logo could say Let'sSingIt and the apostrophe could be wherever the site name was mentioned here. However, if Ray wanted to do that for whatever reason, he'd have to peruse through every help page, site page, etc. that mentioned the site's name, simply to add an apostrophe to it. It wouldn't be worth it, I'd think.

Sometimes I can't help but wonder why he originally made that decision to omit the apostrophe in the name, though.
* offtopic :
I posted too quickly (again!) I see listed in the list of acceptable symbols the " ' " apostrophe symbol (its between the hashtag/number sign/pound sign and the open "(" parenthesis---see it hiding there?)

And correct you are Nicholas.. I see you meant the site itself not the URL directly.
MCSMeister | 22:29
Another one on the "help" button when editing help pages, not visible to normal users. Under the "Create a link to a page within the help section" section:

example code: LSI clock

The example here links to a help page that no longer exists (the Clock help page, as I deleted it due to it being outdated). Perhaps it could be updated to link to a help page that does exist.
On the Public Review page:

This is the public review corner where you as a member can help reviewing new material for artists that don't have a moderator.

I don't know if it's just me, but this sounds slightly off. I think either "help in reviewing" or "help review" would sound better. Most likely the latter.
When reviewing items in the Public Review, next to the "no, the title is wrong" option:

important: keep in mind that minor spelling errors in the title are no problem, it's better to have the song and correct the error later on than don't have the song at all!

This should be "it's better to have the song and correct the error later on than to not have the song at all".
MCSMeister | 22:57
Just got this in my notifications after accepting a chat notification from Ray:

1 expired invitation for a chat conversation, because you didn't repond in time.

Should be "respond". And also, why does it say I didn't respond in time when I did respond?
Ineke1966 | 21:30
Then Jerico should be spelled Then Jericho. Thank you
MCSMeister | 00:02
Not only does that sort of request belong in Moderation Repetition (this thread is for site-related spelling errors only, not artist/song typos - read Ray's original post), but Then Jerico is actually their correct name. I did a Google search and couldn't find a single source that spelled it "Jericho".
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