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Ray | 19:23
Found a spelling error or any other contextual error on LetsSingIt? Let me know in here!

Only spelling errors that are related with the LetsSingIt website go in here, to correct spelling errors in content like lyrics, song titles, etc, please use the regular correct forms.
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Juliet86 | 17:41
* offtopic :
I think there might be an issue with the page not updating when you post. It's happened to me too, but I thought I might have imagined it.

There should definitely be a question mark.
Olivia_Ka | 01:53
Cannot transfer songs or albums and by the way, the button is spelt as "trnasfer".
Joeyy | 03:17
I don't think this one's been mentioned yet:

You are moderator for this artist Blessid Union Of Souls. You can access content of this artist directly. Make sure all content is up to date. Other users will help you keeping the content up to date by submitting new material or make corrections. This material is placed in your review queue.

Should be something like, "You are the moderator for the artist Blessid Union Of Souls. You can access the content of this artist directly. Make sure all content is up to date. Other users will help you keep the content up to date by submitting new material or making corrections. This material is placed in your review queue.".

Some would also write "up to date" as "up-to-date". :p

And...well, technically everyone can access the artist's content directly; it's the editing tools that moderators have a direct access to.

* offtopic :
Obviously I'm just using the text I see in the pop-up Contribute box for Blessid Union Of Souls as an example.
Joeyy | 03:21
Actually, maybe the "the" before "content" (the one I inserted in bold) isn't necessary. Eh, it's 4am.
MCSMeister | 21:01
On the profile edit box, on the Profile button, it should be "Edit your profile details and privacy".

Also in that image, "You currently completed your profile for *number*%" sounds weird. If the "for" was taken out it would sound better.
Joeyy | 21:15
Common wording is, "Your profile is X% complete".
MCSMeister | 21:04
Yeah, that's a lot better. I knew there was something still wrong about it but it wasn't crossing my mind, haha.

On the Report button for posts, even though it's still in maintenance:

Report this commment. (currently not available due to maintenance)

Should be "comment".
MCSMeister | 14:08
On the submit page:

- Under Contribute, the "Help building a better LetsSingIt!" should be "Help build a better LetsSingIt!"

Submit here new material or your requests!

This sounds a little awkward, I think it would sound better if it was "Submit new material or requests here!"

New artist (and movies, tv-show, etc.)

If "movies" is plural, then "tv-show" should be as well. "tv" should also be capitalized, and the "and" would make more sense as "or". So, "New artist (or movies, TV shows, etc.)
MCSMeister | 21:12
On the album edit page, it should be "(use when the song does not exist)".
MCSMeister | 22:54
The "accept invitation" button when accepting a friend request from somebody has "invitation" misspelled as "intivation".
roxcyn | 05:52
MCSMeister said:

On the about us page:

" The archive was expanding quickly and with 15.000 daily visitors in 1999, it was time to make some substantial changes. "

Should be 15,000 with a comma, not a period.

Both versions are right. Some countries use a period (also called a stop) when using numbers that are little or a thousand and over. Example: 15,000 (USA), 15.000 (EU--I believe?). 0.05 kg (USA), 0,05 kg (EU--I believe?)
roxcyn | 09:33
On our profile pages it says "Favoriste Artists" (wrong). It should be "Favorite Artists"

When you go to the "review" section of the website here

It says "Contribute
Help building a better LetsSingIt!"

I think it should say:
Help build a better LetsSingIt!"
MCSMeister | 12:02
Already mentioned that a few posts up, Roxcyn
roxcyn | 06:20
Oops! Ray, you've got some work to be done, then.
Joeyy | 01:05
List of everything mentioned so far (to save further repeats):

Section 2 Part 3 of the LetsSingIt Help Section – Wording
Most Reviews – Remove "of"
Front page – Updating information to leave out artist news
Section 8, Part 1 of the Help section – Wording
Avatar information – Wording
About Us page – 15,000 with a comma
About Us page – "Music related" hyphenated
About Us page – Spelling of "million"
About Us page – 10th anniversary punctuation
Contact page – Spelling of helpful
Public Review page – ",as (a) member" wording
Terms of Use page – Remove ",responsible for any damages," comma
LSI Help page – Hyphenate "self explanatory"
LSI Help page – Periods after "etc"
Most Likes page – Spelling of "available"
Profile pages – Spelling of Favorite
Profile pages, personalize – Spelling of your
Glossary 'Help' page – Wording
Help 8.1 Glossary Preview page – Wording
Clock page – Clock is no longer available
Help 8.4 Rankings page – Change "artist" to plural

Help, Music Content 3.2 Request page – "os" to is
Help, M.C. 3.3 Edit page – "mange" to "manage"
Help, M.C. Transfer page – "informationis": two words
Help, M.C. Edit, Songs, Remove page – Outdated
Profile pictures – Change "tools" to singular
Profile pictures – Change "on" to of
Profile pictures – Wording
Poetry board on Forum – Periods after "etc"
Rules & Penalties – No apostrophe in "smiley's"
Rules & Penalties – Change "represent" to plural
Rules & Penalties – "You ban meter" to "your"
Rules & Penalties – "You ban level" to "your"
Rules & Penalties – Spaces before colons removed
Song Edit page – Spelling of separately
Song Edit page – Add "a" before "comment for the reviewers"
Song Edit page – Spelling of helpful
Song Edit page – Spelling of archive
Song Edit page – Separate "emailaddress"
Song Edit page – Spaces before colons removed
Album Edit page – Spelling of archive
Album Edit page – Add "a" before "comment for the reviewers"
Album Edit page – Separate "emailaddress"
Album Edit page – Spaces between website names
Album Edit page – Outdated? (Bol?)
Album Edit page – Periods after "etc"
Album Edit page – Spaces before colons removed
Empty Album pages – Wording
Moderator sign up page – Spelling of moderator
Moderator sign up page – Add question mark
Terms of Use page – Smileys vs. smilies consistency
Benefits 5.1 Help page – Change "you" to your
Benefits 5.1 Help page – End sentence with period
Register 5.2 Help page – Remove space before colons
Profile Page 5.6.01 Help page – Periods after "etc"
Messages 5.6.07 Help page – Change "an" to and

Transfer song/albums – Change spelling of transfer
"You are moderator for artist," – Wording
Profile edit box – Change "you" to your
'Personalize' Profile box – Wording
Report button – Spelling of comment
Report button – Remove period after "comment"
Submit page, Contribute – Wording X2
"New artist (and movies, tv-show,)" – Make "show" plural
"New artist (and movies, tv-show,)" – Capitalize "tv"
Album edit page – Change "exist" to singular
Friend invitations – Change spelling of invitation
Joeyy | 01:05
Sorry if I've missed any; I can edit them in. And Ray, better get started soon to stop the list getting much longer. ;p
MCSMeister | 22:43
Fantastic job compiling that list, Joeyy! Though I'm sure he'll still have to look back at previous posts so he can easily click on the source to a lot of the pages with typos, that's still going to help him a lot.

Anyways, found a bunch on the new Museum page and its subpages:

Under LSI Postcard:

Members of LetsSingIt started the initiative to send eachother a (real) postcard. The postcard travels around the world and each person writes something on the card. Curious to the cards and what people wrote in it? Find it here.

"Each other" should be two words, "curious to" would sound better as "curious about", and it should be "wrote in them" as it is referring to multiple cards.

Under LetsSingIt Poll:

From March, 21st 2003 until June 30th, 2013 LetsSingIt ran a Daily Poll on which every visitor of LetsSingIt could vote on.

The comma is in the wrong place, it should be "March 21st, 2003".

Finally, under LetsSingIt Design:

Interested in how LetsSingIt looked like during the years, find out here. Which ones do you still remember?

This should be split into two sentences: "Interested how LetsSingIt looked like during the years? Find out here."

All of those typos also exist on the pages themselves as Ray copy-pasted the descriptions to each page.
Then, on the Designs page of the Museum:

Next to the 2001-2003 layout:

This was the second design for LetsSingIt, noticed the logo is still the same! This layout served from 2001 until early 2003.

Should be "notice".
Finally, on the Postcard page of the Museum:

Next to Postcard I:

More in this thread, the tracking of the postcard while tavelling around the world.

Should be "travelling".

Next to Postcard II:

Unfortunately there is no information available about the date of this edition. Neither there is a conversation about the postcard available. Any info is very welcome!

Would sound better as "There isn't a conversation about the postcard available, either".

Also, Postcard II starts with "Second edition of the LetsSingIt Postcard.". Postcard isn't capitalized in the other two headings, though I'm not sure if he wants it to be capitalized or not, as a trademark of sorts.
Joeyy | 22:51
Oh, the list is for us so we remember what's already been said.
MCSMeister | 22:56
Right right, I knew that since I saw your list a few days ago. My mistake
Joeyy | 23:02
No worries.

Should be "travelling".

I could be mistaken, but I think Ray usually uses American English, in which case it should be "traveling" (right?). Though if he wants to change everything to British English, I have no complaints. ;p
MCSMeister | 00:59
Yeah, I knew travelling had an alternate spelling in America but I wasn't sure which spelling he preferred. That's up to him, but if he's consistent in using American English on the LSI pages then he should probably change it to "traveling". I was just going off of that specific typo as it had two L's.
roxcyn | 02:30
Travelling is BrEn and Traveling is AmEn.
MCSMeister | 01:31
From the Become moderator page:

Their job to make sure all songs and albums are added to the archive, upload pictures, fill the biography section and review any new and corrected items that people send them. Find here a list with our artist moderators.

"Their job to..." should be "Their job is to", and the last sentence doesn't sound right, it should be worded as "Find a list of our artist moderators here".
MCSMeister | 00:34
Got this PM today, and I've seen it in previous birthday notification PMs:

Hi MCSMeister!

Today is robdog2008's 31th birthday!
Congratulate robdog2008 by sending a message or leaving a profile comment.

I know this problem existed on song/album pages for a long time with the submission dates, with days of the month having the wrong suffix (12rd, 24st, stuff like that). Looks like that needs another fix with the birthday PMs.

* offtopic :
And of course, happy birthday robdog!
MCSMeister | 17:54
Ray added help administrator privileges to my account, so I went ahead and fixed all of the typos and weird wording on the help pages that were posted here (and will do so for future typos we spot ) So Joeyy, I might update your list and re-post it, minus the help page typos.
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