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Ray | 19:23
Found a spelling error or any other contextual error on LetsSingIt? Let me know in here!

Only spelling errors that are related with the LetsSingIt website go in here, to correct spelling errors in content like lyrics, song titles, etc, please use the regular correct forms.
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Update ^ : Google Chrome does not do tab in ALL CAPS.
MCSMeister | 19:16
That's not what Scott was saying when he said "all caps". He used the phrase incorrectly; he was referring to the fact that Chrome has the tab as The Internet Lyrics Database, with the first letter of each word capitalized.

This really isn't an error though so I'll stop derailing this thread
MCSMeister | 03:55
Right now on the "edit tracklist" window, there's this:

New! Tag a bonus track by adding "[Bonus Track]" (separated by a blank space) at the end of the trackname. The system will recognize this tag and style the track as bonus track where useful.

I don't think "where useful" is really needed here. It could probably be removed from the sentence entirely and still make sense. Either that, or it could be changed to "where specified".

Also, "style this track as bonus track" should be "style this track as a bonus track".
Ray | 14:15
Updated! What about that

* offtopic :
I'm really longing for the day that this thread will be updated without needing re-corrections

I tripple checked my corrections, let me know if today is that day

A couple of notes:

1) "acurate" / "accurate" on album & song description

This one has already been fixed a while ago on LSI, Google search results can still show old cached data.

2) link the sitemap within the sitemap itself?

A sitemap should present a map of the entire site. The sitemap itself is part of it and should be listed as well.

Thumbs up again for smoking out all spelling errors on the site, niceeee!!
MCSMeister | 14:56
Thanks a bunch, Ray! Wow, this update was faster than usual.

Well, it's nearly perfect, but there was one tiny one that slipped through the cracks - though I understand why as it was a one-letter difference.

On the "edit tracklist" window, there's this:

The system will recognize this tag and style the track as bonus track.

Should be "as a bonus track".
Also, I found some other unrelated ones while checking these.

On the sitemap, the link to the most wanted tracklists is not capitalized consistently with the other "Most Wanted" links. It should be capitalized as "Most wanted tracklists".
On the "Remove Song" window:

Only use this option if the song does not exist at all, it is not by [artist] or any other artist.

So I already requested this one to be corrected in a different way. However, upon re-reading it, I think it would be even better if these were split into two sentences, because I don't think this is a proper sentence as is. So, "Only use this option if the song does not exist at all. It is not by [artist] or any other artist."

Aaaand that's all I got this time! Great job, and thanks again!
Ray | 18:55
brokenziinhu | 00:47
So I need to report a problem ...
When the artist is already linked pages of all their artistic names, I'm unable to request the transfer of a song to the correct artistic name, this error appears ... Can you verify this?

and can you release this to be done by the artist's moderator?
cause I have several lyrics that I need to do this
and maybe others need it too ... it would be more agile like this

aaaah já estava esquecendo
has also happened in some cases with verified lyrics
I can't "remove" that particular song ... mim ajuda please

MCSMeister | 18:44
Thanks for reporting the issue brokenziinhu, but could you please make a separate thread for it? This thread is for spelling errors around the site.
brokenziinhu | 22:41
I didn't know that could create a topic
so I reported it in the most similar to the subject (sim eu acho parecido )
I'm new to the forums yet
but thanks for the tip
MCSMeister | 16:03
When marking a song for deletion that is older than the duplicate:

This song can't be merged, because is has more historical value than the song you marked as correct.

"Is" should be "it".
MCSMeister | 17:26
When an album has multiple discs here, the discs will say "Tracklist Disc 1", "Tracklist Disc 2", etc. I think this would look better as "Disc 1 Tracklist", "Disc 2 Tracklist", etc.
Ray | 10:56
up to date
MCSMeister | 21:35
Looks like the "Tracklist Disc 1" error is still that one of those cache situations that will take some time to update?

The other one is indeed fixed, though
Ray | 23:09
That's a cache issue, within a couple of days all pages in the cache will be refreshed
MCSMeister | 21:26
It's been a hot minute, but a couple more of these came to my attention today.

When unfollowing a topic:

If you unfollow this topic, it will not appear any longer in your list of active topics.

Technically this is grammatically correct, but it sounds more natural to say "it will no longer appear" rather than "it will not appear any longer".
When editing an artist, under "Sorting Name", it looks like there might have been an issue with the code, because it displays this at the moment.
MCSMeister | 22:39
Another thing that's been bugging me for a long time, though less of a spelling error and more of a text error.

When you try to set an artist's profile picture, but there's no suitable pictures to use, you see this screen. The link text on "here" in the sentence "Upload a picture first here" has no indication that it's a link until you hover your mouse over it. It needs to be blue and made obvious that it's a hyperlink.
Yes Nicolas! Its also when you are (just did it two days ago) setting up a upload for a photo for the skin for a Forum new topic page. It does not appear until you hover over the word "here".

I chose not to mention it as I didn't know it also happens elsewhere on the site in the more vital song page/artist profile pictures!

Confirming it is there, I also noticed (if this is spelling or formatting error?) You get the sub-menu:
"Topic Tools"

Click on "edit skin" to get to the page (three dots on the creator's top post when YOU are the creator) and then the words become not "edit skin" or "edit picture" but "Edit profile picture"

Only the members here might notice, but I thought profile refers to one's own Avatar, not the picture at the top of a topic page in Forum, etc.

Just a spelling "correction" if Nicolas agrees, remove the word "profile" and just say "Edit picture" or "Add Picture" for that next sub menu designation to keep it separate from our own Avatar profile photos??? [I don't go here too often as you see I get too easily deep into the word choices with no definitive answer, so I leave it for Nicholas who is better at making those word choices to see if any changes should be made or just skip this) Thanks!
MCSMeister | 00:52
Good to know...hopefully Ray will fix this soon now that it's brought to his attention. Stuff like this might seem minor, but it's extremely important to the usability of a site.
MCSMeister | 01:11
OK, so you edited the part about the "edit skin" problem into your post after I made my post, and I do see the problem there. That's definitely another thing that needs to be fixed. My guess is that Ray basically copy-pasted over the same dialog box from setting an artist's profile picture. But that needs to be consistent with the "edit skin" button for sure - having it change to "edit profile picture" doesn't make sense and is confusing.
Ray | 11:54
Spelling issues updated, thanks for the help guys

About the "Edit Skin", nice catch. There is indeed in inconsistency here that needs to be fixed.

What about changing "Edit Skin" to "Edit Header Picture" and use this same description on artists and members pages. One description, it can't be more simple
MCSMeister | 16:28
Looks great, Ray! That big blue "Upload Picture" button makes it much more obvious to the user, and above all, just looks better It's also consistent with many other buttons on the site, which I like.

Besides the spelling error you fixed, I notice you made another change to the "unfollow topic" dialog box:

If you unfollow this topic, it will no longer appear in any of the lists.

I think "any of the lists" sounds a bit vague, because what lists is it referring to? If it was changed to something like "any of your forum lists", it'd be a bit more clear.
Ray | 16:07
"Header Picture" it is

And "any of your forum lists" indeed sounds much better
roxcyn | 03:28
Welcome message corrections:

1) Welcome at LetsSingIt (2 times listed - once in the subject line and once in the message)
It should be "to", not "at".
2) Commonly asked questions :
Usually we say "Frequently" and not "Commonly". There shouldn't be a space between questions and the colon.
3) "At 99%..." should say "In 99%..."
4) "...the number one '1' or often.." "Or" should be "is".
MCSMeister | 05:15
This one's bothered me for a bit, but it's so minor I've tried to ignore it to the best of my ability, lol. But here I am, finally giving in.

When uploading an artist picture and the system doesn't "find" a picture (due to an invalid link, most of the time):

No picture was found, please select a picture.

This should be split into two sentences since it is not grammatically correct as one. So, "No picture was found. Please select a picture".
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