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A missing group with 47 albums?

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Hi Everyone!

I know its overload for the busy Artist Moderators here....

But I was searching for a song to help someone here.

And "discovered" (or rediscovered?) a Country Group called "The Shoppe"

See Wikipedia bio here

They seem to have done a major amount of records and their own original songs in 47 albums.

Most of the albums I know also contain their versions of established songs---so I don't know how you "the LSI community of Artist Moderators" treat "tribute" bands.

For more information on the lists of albums and songs, See their own website

I could not find them listed anywhere on the LSI site.

So does someone have the power to at least list them (maybe with the albums I found at the site above, with the songs they sang, as well as wrote) (one single hit Billboard's top 40 Country 1981 as well as one album was listed on Billboards top Country)

Someday---someone with the lyrics or a good ear can translate them and add considerably to the number of songs here... but this is all I found so far.

Thanks all!
Miscellaneous: Their online history site cities 42 different people were members of "The Shoppe" over the years and people "say": "Hey you guys are pretty good. How come I've never heard of you." Reunion performance in 2012 (will try again in 2016)

They say 39 albums with 8 Billboard chart appearances. I guess when I was counting I must have included re-issues of some, or compilation albums to get to 47.
Alinda | 14:13
Hello PracticePractic,
The group is now listed. I added a few albums. Please become moderator yourself and complete this artist.
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