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New season, let's talk about it.
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roxcyn | 21:37
Do you think they'll end Survivor? Question is from my mom.
Yeah, Wendell gave his tokens to them. Denise definitely made a mistake announcing that she took out the queen but to be fair, they would've found out eventually. I'm still rooting for pretty much everyone besides Adam lol. I was hoping Rob got back in.

Not for awhile, Scott.
kalsonberry | 23:45
Haha, Adam's always been my favorite but I can see why some people would find him annoying. Rob almost made it back in the game, that was a close challenge.
I just think Adam whines a lot lol. He's a great player but I just genuinely do not like him. Rob was very close! I was on the edge of my seat during that challenge lol.

Overall thoughts in the season so far though, Kaleb? Glad to still have you post here!
kalsonberry | 02:55
No complaints so far! I think it's been fun to watch all the winners play together on a season. They all had such different strategies on winning their original seasons. I do think it's likely that one of the more under-the-radar players will end up winning the game.
I bet it was stressful getting them all to come back and play again, but yeah, I'm having zero complaints myself. Although, I wish each episode was longer because I'm greedy and really enjoy this show, haha. The strategies have been insane and that's pretty much what my sister and I agreed on; someone under-the-radar is gonna steal the show. Honestly could see Michelle or Sophie stealing the game from them. We will most certainly see!

I think after the Edge of Extinction is over, they're gonna do Ponderosa and I can link the videos here!
kalsonberry | 21:52
Sounds good, thanks Jeff!
Nick is pissed! He wants major revenge!

There's an idol at tribal council? Wtffff. I would love to see that.

Yoga on the edge lol.

Smart play by Danni!

That's an awesome advantage!

Poor Denise.

Wow, blue pulled that off!

Wow, Sarah gave her reward to Nick! That was nice!

Yeah, I think Sarah screwed herself from that gesture.

They sent it to Michelle, damn.

I remember this challenge!

That would be insanely painful. My goodness.


I love the new music they added to this season!

Ben definitely looks like he's doing kung fu haha.

What a great win from Kim!

Aww, I hope Nick doesn't get voted out. :/

Now Nick is planting the seed in Tyson's mind. Nice play.

Sarah is badass hahaha.

Hell has broken loose. This is gonna be an insane tribal council!!!

I'm very excited for this tribal!

Complete chaos hahaha I love this.

This is nuts! Adam is going nuts!!!

LOL ADAM. It wasn't an idol. Damn!

Not an idol. Hahahhahaa.

Bye bye Adam! Kid is NUTS!

What an episode! This season just continues to get nuts.
kalsonberry | 16:01
I was sad to my favorite Adam go, but it was really funny when he tried to go up there and grab what he thought was the idol, haha.
Very funny indeed. Probst was looking at him like "wtf are you doing bro?" lmao
kalsonberry | 15:25
Yeah, that was good thinking of Danni to think of the previous season when Aubry found it. Yeah, I wish there was a more subtle way that Sarah could have given the reward to Nick. 4 tokens seemed like a high price to pay for that 50/50 token, but Michelle does seem to be on the outs of the main alliance so it made sense that she bought it. Kim did great at the challenge.
What a great start to this episode! The entire family!

This is wholesome as hell. I love this.

Nick's wife is gorgeous lol.

Everyone wins! That's awesome!!!!

They even brought them to extinction!

Finally, a challenge.

This is gonna come down to the wire between Tony and Ben!

Dammit Ben!

What a win by Tony!

Ah the Sarah and Tony feud.

Now they wanna blindside Jeremy? Damnnn..

So many names in the air. This is gonna be great.

This tribal is gonna be nuts. Think it's becoming a thing for me to constantly say that.

And as usual, everyone is talking!

What is happening...? lol

Jeremy is headin' out! No vote though.

Jeremy is in a lot of trouble for doing that!

Now there goes another advantage!

Now Kim is playing her idol! Insane haha.

Played it for Denise?!?!

She didn't even need to use that idol.

Poor Tyson... Again.

What a tribal!!!
kalsonberry | 17:40
Yeah, it's cool that they were able to bring whole families this time. I liked how Ethan was like, "it must be something bad", and then Natalie got up and said, "it's our families!". It was great to see the Twinnies back together with Nadiya's daughter, and Tyson, Parvati, and Jeremy's spouses who have also been on the show. Yeah, it was funny that Tony and Sarah couldn't communicate at all, but once Jeremy brought up Sarah's name they figured it out haha. Jeremy playing his leave tribal council thing, and Sarah playing her steal a vote. I thought it was very bold of Sophie to say, "why don't the five of us go over there and figure out who to vote for." What if the four of them didn't join her? Jeremy was smart to leave the tribal council. I'm rooting for Nick, Sarah, Denise, Sophie, and Michele.
Told ya that Jeremy was gonna get yelled at for playing his advantage lol.

Tony going bananas it seems.

Tony found another one. I knew he would.

Sarah and Tony's feud is so funny lol.

Why am I watching a fashion show on Survivor?? lmfao.

Tony playing two sides. Dude is nuts.

Oh wow, Natalie found a clue! Wonder what that's gonna be.

Lol no one is leaving the shelter.

Holy crap that advantage is POWERFUL!

Tony is getting extorted?! Holy crappppppp.

6 tokens, wow.

Very smart move by Michelle.

Poor Jeremy is gonna get double crossed by Tony.

Tony got lucky. Wow.

I remember this challenge!

Oof Kim. Nice.

So many people dropping quickly.

Tony won again! This episode is all about Tony! And he's getting 2 more fire tokens.

I think Jeremy is gone.

Now Ben might be getting the boot!

This is gonna be a good freaking tribal! Think someone is getting blindsided!

First nonhectic tribal in a hot minute.

Sophie blindsided with an idol in her pocket! Damnnnn!!!!!
Sarah is PISSED that Sophie is gone.

Did Tony just get pooped on? LOL

lmfao is Tony gonna really hide in the tree?

Spy nest, hahaha. Dude is a psychopath!!!

Jesus, Ben is being really rude to Jeremy.

The poor guys on Edge... that is an insane challenge.

Great workout! But a horrendous challenge. And this is for two fire tokens? Yikes...


Uh oh... Rob got hurt.

This is why Rob is a fan favorite - he keeps going even though he's lost.

Ben got the idol! Damn!

This is a classic challenge! Kim did this once!

Two immunities!

Damn, this challenge got heavily modified since season 3.

Just like that, two guys left!

Damn, too bad that Ben touched the beam.

What an ending!

Nick is not very smart for doing that.

Oh Nick... He got caught...

Jeremy is doing everything he can. Would be interesting if Michelle gave him the coin.

...And she gave it to him. Wow.

As I always say, this tribal is gonna be NUTS.

Here's the whispering!

Poor Sarah.

Oh shit, Denise just gave an ultimatum!

Why is Michelle voting for him even though she gave him the advantage?!!!!

What the hell is happening???

No one played anything!!?!?!? Holy shit!!!!


That was a TRIBAL. Holy shit.
kalsonberry | 15:04
I was really impressed with how well Sophie did at that workout challenge. Michelle voted for Jeremy because she thought that Nick and Ben were voting for Jeremy as well (in addition to Kim and Denise), so she wanted to vote with the majority. We'll have to see if Jeremy gives the 50/50 coin back to Michelle since he didn't actually use it.

Have you seen all the seasons of Survivor? I have only seen season 9 onward.
I was impressed too! I don't think he will give the 50/50 coin back.

I have seen them all! I was very young when the first seasons came out but I do remember them. I think I stopped watching after Heroes Vs. Villains and then started watching again in Season 28, which was Cagayan and ironically the season Tony won!

This live show will be interesting considering there's a global pandemic going on. We'll see.
kalsonberry | 18:25
I think it's a two hour episode this week.
Yep, it is! And then next week is the season finale I believe! Gonna be a bit bummed without Survivor for a few months.
Michelle giving Jeremy her advantage and then voting for him was really weird. I still don't get it.

Well, at least he gave it back to her.

I like that thing Denise drew lol.

Jeremy and Tony arguing about how many days are in a week.

So now they wanna get rid of Nick. Wow.

Challenge time! Should be good!

Ben's ball got over near Nick's.

Michelle is awful at this! Poor girl.

Wow! Nick got it!

Poor Michelle.

Figures that they try and get Nick and he wins it. Wonder if Tony will get the boot now that he's vulnerable.

I could see Denise getting the boot. Hell, I could see anyone getting the boot.

Now Ben is the target! I sense another chaotic tribal coming up!

Now Tony is telling Ben! Holy crap. What the hell is going on lol.

Nick has all the power tonight it seems!

Here we go! Tribal time, gonna be good!

I think Nick is gonna make a big move tonight.

Yeah, I can definitely see Survivor giving the players major trust issues outside of the game.

I'm surprised there's no chaos lmfao.

She's playing the coin, surprised she isn't playing it for Jeremy.

I seriously thought she was gonna play it for Jeremy.

Damn, she's safe! Wow!

"Can I keep that?" "No!" LOL

Dammit all... I am sad Jeremy is gone now...

All the tokens to Michelle.

Yikes, Michelle is PISSED at Nick.

Nick is very naive.

Michelle has the biggest balls honestly.

Lol I bet Michelle finds a crack and somehow splits up Tony and Sarah.

And now the Edge of Extinction is going haywire now lol.

Damn, Natalie got it. Wendell went the wrong way lmfao.

Another disadvantage eh? Perfect.

They gave it to Nick...

Eight fire tokens?! Holy shit, they drive a hard bargain.

Michelle is going nuts right now. They are gonna create a lot of chaos.

I wonder who is gonna get the disadvantage?!

Oh good lord, this challenge.

30% more blocks. Damn! And Ben got the disadvantage!!! Lol!

I would not be good at this challenge.

Holy crap! Michelle got the win!!!!!! Wow!

Why is Denise playing that way? Weird. Kinda giving herself up.

Never mind, it's kinda smart.

The music... Tony is hiding in his spy nest. I love it.

The Tony and Sarah banter haha. I love it. Someone needs to make a compilation of them bickering.

So there's 30 mins left and we are at tribal... What is gonna happen??

No chaos at tribal yet... Something's up.

Denise is totally BSing right now.

No idols...

Damn! Nick saved Michelle and he still gets the boot! Damnnn!!!!

Last day on Edge for them all... Someone has to fight to get back in. Might start seeing Ponderosa's now.

It's time to battle!

I did not know she had 14 fire tokens! Holy shit.

Wtf she bought the idol for Tyson.

Oh shite this compilation is awesome.

And now the final episode, the finale! See you next week! Hope you enjoy this episode, Kaleb! I loved it.
kalsonberry | 16:30
I think Michelle still voted for Jeremy because she thought the majority was going to hope for Jeremy, so she wanted to go with the flow. I'm glad that Jeremy gave the 5050 coin back to her. I think the reason Michelle played the coin for herself is because if Jeremy used in the coin and was immune than the votes would have been split between michrlle and ben, and I think in a revote michelle would have been voted out. Nick should have made a move that round. I would like to see yul, Adam or Nick, or Sophie get back into the game. Natalies done a good job on extinction but I don't know if ill be great if she got to come back in because she was the 1st person voted out that. Out of the people currently in the game I think I'm rooting for Denise and/or Michelle the most, I like Tony and Sara as well and would be OK with them winning. Not a big fan of ben though
Well also, Michelle only had that night to play it because it was the last night you could do so, I believe. Nick kinda threw his game away tbh. I would like to see Rob, Yul or Tyson get back in honestly. I'm really rooting for all of them cause I really like them all lol.

Excited for the season finale, Kaleb?
kalsonberry | 14:28
I think Rob was voted out too early so I wouldn't be happy if he came back in. Same goes for Natalie, she's done an amazing job on extinction but she was the first person voted out. I'm not really rooting for Tyson but he would be more deserving since he already got back in the game once.

I guess, haha. To be honest it's hard to get excited about very much these days. But it has been a good season!
I know what you mean. But yeah, I've very much enjoyed this season! Should have Ponderosa videos sometime soon I think!
Lmao, Jeff is in his garage. Crazy.

Everyone is on a voice chat. This is gonna be weird lol.

Here we go! Time to see who comes back in!

I think everyone has a fair shot at winning this honestly!

Lol Natalie totally has this in the bag.

Natalie choking this!

Wendell might pull it off!

Natalie did it! Who would've predicted that! Not like she only had three advantages.

Minute she loses a challenge though, she's gone.

You gotta really admire the people who lost though, especially Rob.

Man, we are all in the feels.

This is wholesome lol.

I'm gonna be annoyed if Natalie wins this entire season tbh.

Oh come on, what does equality have to do with any of this?

This challenge will get tiring fast!

The slide looks fun, everything else looks like torture lmao.

Poor Michelle lol.

Michelle? Wtf she is killing the puzzle now?? wow.

If she pulls this off...

How did she just win that? That is why you never give up!

Just vote Natalie off...

I have no idea why Natalie wouldn't get voted out. Wow.

Tony makes good points lol.

Sarah and Tony's banter...

This is gonna be a good tribal.

Natalie calling the shots lmfao.

Natalie is a mastermind lol.

So many idols! Love it!!!!!

No votes! Wow!

Poor Denise and Sarah... Wow.

Wow... This is NUTS.

Down goes Denise.. Damn.

Idol searching has commenced. That was quick. Guess it's a good idea.

How is Natalie getting the idols??? Wtf??? Rigged?

I am not liking this.

Tony can't swim lol.

Tony got it! Damn!

I really don't see Sarah flipping.

Double agent Tony time!

Tony knows now she has the idol! Bingo!

Tony needs a reality show lol.

Ben giving himself up???? Wtf?

This is why Ben is a class act.

This might be a really sad tribal council.

I think it's Ben. Has to be.

Knew it. Tony was shocked. Damn.

Final immunity challenge!

Oh yeah, I remember this challenge! First introduced in JT's first season I think?

Interesting stat Jeff made.

Tony.... WTF.

This is giving me anxiety lol.

How the hell did Natalie get to the final three by sitting on Edge the entire season? I really do not like that at all.

Sarah is gonna beat Tony if they go against each other.

Lol she's really gonna throw Michelle against Tony. Guarantee Tony loses.

Let's see what Natalie does...

Interesting that Sophie isn't there.

Oh Sarah, lol. She is such a likable person.

So Sarah vs. Tony. Wow. This is gonna be good!

Good sportsmanship between Tony and Sarah. I want both of them to win lol.

Wow this is neck and neck!

And her flame went out! Damn!!!!! Intense!!!!

This is intense!!!!!

TONY GOT IT!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was a showdown!!!!!

Jesus, Sarah got me in the feels now.

Ayeee the day 39 breakfast. Yummy.

The final tribal! Here we go. Let's see what the jury has to say.


I really do not like Natalie.

Oh Adam, pipe down.

Jesus, everyone has a shot so far.

Yeah, everyone has a pretty good shot honestly.

The final vote!!!!

Rob lol, yikes.

"I'll see you back in Los Angeles" welp, that aged well.

This doesn't look like Los Angeles!

This is working out better than I thought lol.

Here we go, who is the winner?!

Michelle not getting any votes. :[

TONY GOT THE DUB!!!!!!! LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!!

So well deserved!!!!!!!!!

And that's it! Very anticlimactic but what can you do.

What. A. Season. So bummed it's all over now. :/ See you next season! I will link Ponderosa vids if there are even any.
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