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New season, let's talk about it.
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kalsonberry | 03:22
My prediction for the finale is that Lauren goes 5th, Tommy goes 4th, and Janet wins the season over Dean and Noura. I probably won't watch the finale until I'm home for the holidays, but will check back with this thread after!
I could see Janet winning, yeah. But no one in this season would get my vote. See you then! Happy holidays!
Here we go! The finale!

Sandra has a crown on haha.

They're all going to the island. Yikes.

That hut is so cool.

LOL. Janet missed a clue!

He's colorblind... oof.

I need to take a poop.

Damn, Dean got the idol.

This'll be a good challenge!


What a win by Dean!

lol Noura.

Ooh Dean is gonna use his idol nulifier.

Wonder who is getting the boot.

So she played her idol. And got nullified. Yikes!

Tough scene for Janet.

I really liked Janet though. She was great!

Tommy is a sneaky devil.

This is gonna be a great challenge!

Damn Noura is gonna win this wtf!

Wow! That was impressive on Noura's end!

Lauren is gonna beat him.

Lol Noura she's a whack a doodle.

Lauren is dumb. Noura was smart not pick Lauren.

Cmon Dean...

This is intense!!!!!

Dean did it! Wow!

And here's the final three! Go Dean!

Noura is gonna get eaten alive by the jury.


Jamaal is a perfectionist apparently lol.

Looks like Dean might have this.

Dean has balls yo.

This is chaos lol.

And now it's downpouring! Wow.

Now Dean might not win. Yikes!

Time to vote! This is gonna be crazy!!!!

Wow, Tommy ended up winning. That was pretty surprising!
Kellee has balls for speaking about what Dan did. I admire her so much.
Holy fuck they're bringing back all the winners!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!
kalsonberry | 20:45
I thought the editors of the show did a pretty good job making us think that Dean might win, but I'm glad that Tommy did. Dean had a more flashy gameplay towards the end, but it was Tommy that pretty much knew what was going on every vote for the whole game. I felt like the season was kind of overshadowed by the Kellee and Dan thing, but I thought it was a really good season and there were a lot of good characters, Tommy, Lauren, Janet, Noura, and Elaine being my favorites.
Survivor is back tomorrow!!! Hope you're watching, Kaleb!
Man... This is gonna be NUTS.

Sandra is already pissed haha. I love it.

Sandra on a team with Sandra.

Fire token? Whatttttttt.

Two million dollars though damn.

Oh shit this challenge is gonna be good!

Immunity challenge already!!!! wtf!!!!!

Wow, that was a challenge!!!

Lol Wendell is building again.

I forgot Denise went to literally every tribal council! LOL!

Tony still the same goofball lmao.

Yul is a brilliant dude.

And as usual, no one can make up their mind.

First tribal! Wonder who's gonna get the boot!


Sandra wants to get rid of Amber because Boston Rob apparently said that he would "never play" again. Yikes!

Oh my god, I love these fire tokens!!!! You can buy pizza!!! lmfao!!!!

Immunity challenge #2 now. Gonna be good!

Sandra sitting out lol.

How does Rob's hat stay on when he's in the water haha

He's launching everyone over.

Dude Ethan is a team player.

What a win!!!

Natalie gave it to Sandra! omg lol

Poor Kim lol. So awkward.

Another good tribal about to happen!

Kinda shitty if Tyson or Kim get voted out cause they played poker. That's really shitty, has nothing to do with the game.


Wow. I am LOVING this season so far!!!!!
Rob's gonna be pissed finding out that Amber is gone.

Wtf she found an idol.

Why would you give half the idol to Parvati...

And now Kim has an idol. Jeez. They're just handing these out left and right.

This is exactly like a Survivor economy.

That advantage is nuts!

Lmao Tony built a ladder.

Tyson LOL.

Rob is PISSED.

What were Rob and Denise doing exactly?

Danni.... Bruh... She is a doofus.

Old school voting old school. Classic.

"It looked like a hole." Jesus.

This is chaos and I love it.

Damn and Danni goes out cause she didn't play smart.
kalsonberry | 04:35
Hey Jeff! Sorry I am behind on this season, life has been pretty busy. I watched the preview episode tonight and started the 1st episode. It's definitely exciting to see all these winners playing together, and also interesting because there are new school players and old school players and the game has changed a lot. My early favorites are Yul and Danni, they won their seasons right when I was getting into the show. I really like both Adam and Nick but I feel like they pretty much played the same game, lol. The only person who I really don't remember much about is Sophie. Anyway, I'll let you know when I catch up and we can discuss more then!
Hi Kaleb! I would've responded sooner but didn't see this cause of the new forum update, but I'm looking forward to your thoughts throughout the season!
Looks like Adam is running the show right now!

Sandra trying to catch fish haha.

Tony is nuts. Singing shark doo doo doo doo lmfao.

Amber is smart.

Dude, Natalie is a genius too.

Sarah's got balls! I hope she gets it!!!

She told Tony... Bad move.

What is he putting on her??

Sarah is a badass lol.

I used to do an exercise just like those ramp walls lol.

Sandra always sitting out smh.

Rob lmfao. Just chucking it.

That was INTENSE.

This tribal is gonna be nuts.

Adam has control of this vote for sure and he's a huge threat.

If Rob pulls off this blindside on Adam I'd laugh.

Here we go! Gonna be a good tribal!

They should've gotten rid of Adam. Damn... Was rooting for Ethan.

Gave his coin to Parvati. Bold.
kalsonberry | 16:16
Tony and Sarah seem to be working better together so far. Adam is my favorite but think he is trying to play too hard. Hoping that Natalie can get back into the game. Denise is doing well so far, getting an idol and a token so far. Also glad she hid her idol when they all opened their bags. Yul hasn't changed at all since he played 13 years ago. Not sure why Kim trusted Sophie in the previous episode. Michele and Jeremy are doing well too.

I agree, this season is great so far, all of them are winners but it's interesting to see them all play together since they all won their seasons in such different ways!
Not a big fan of Adam.

Yul is really no different, like you said, lol.

I forgot they could literally see the edge of extinction island.

20 trips for a fire token??? No way!!!

Ethan's having no problems! Wow.

Okay that is a stupid task to have them constantly do that.

I agree that Michelle's win was controversial, but that season sucked lol.

Adam boot licking. Smfh.

Let's hope Rob doesn't do the puzzle this time.

Adam and Parvati suck at this!

Rob should not be doing puzzles lol.

What an INSANE comeback! Damn!!!!

Not sure why I Tyson wants to go for Nick honestly.

Yul is intelligent and that will make him a threat.

And a blindside. Damn.
kalsonberry | 20:59
Adam is my favorite this season, haha. I'm glad they won immunity so that he didn't get voted out. I think Adam and parvati struggled with that challenge because they're not as tall as some of the other players.
kalsonberry | 21:00
Pretty cool that Nick voted out his idol Tyson and then Tyson still gave him his token.
I thought that was neat that Nick did that too!
Nick potentially foreshadowing a future alliance with Tyson if he gets back in.

Aww, talking about Penner's wife. I miss Penner.


Drop your buffs! Uh oh.

Three tribes. Oh shit.

Wendell and Michelle dated? Interesting.

Makes me laugh that Tony and Sandra are working together even though she voted him off before lmao.

Nick lol.

Yikes. The awkwardness between Michelle and Wendell.

This is so awkward...

Yara tribe already at chaos.

Damn, Sophie found the idol! Wow.

Ah I remember this challenge.

I'd definitely wipe out during the running down the net part. Kinda like Yul did.

Wow, Sele came from no where with that win!

Yara lost. Damn. Poor Rob.

No way Rob survives this vote.

This will be an exciting tribal council.

Again there's no way Rob is making it out of here.

Talking about cookies lmao.

Dammit all. That sucks.
kalsonberry | 16:12
Rob's idea to have everyone sit around the camp was interesting, but I wonder how they still all communicated to vote him off. Props to Sarah, Sophie, Adam, and Ben for pulling that off!

Adam and Nick are my favorites this season, followed by Yul, Sarah, Sophie, Sandra, Denise, and Kim. Yeah it's interesting that Michelle and Wendell dated... D:
I'm currently rooting for Nick, Ben and Yul because they're my favorites so far for this season but I am also rooting for Sarah, Jeremy, Tony, Michelle, Wendell and Parvati. I really am enjoying this season.
Finally, some Edge of Extinction content!

Lol he gave it to Parvati.

Tyson being Tyson lmfao.

The reactions that Rob got voted out were great.

Two people going home tonight. Damn.

Sandra bench LOL.

Ben is the MVP so far of this challenge.

Talking smack haha.

What a win!!!!

Yeah Parvati is screwed.

Tribal is gonna be nuts.

Wendell is a sneaky lil dog.

Tony spy shack 2.0!!!!

Tony is a nutcase lol.

Sandra has balls to ask Denise for two fire tokens for an idol that's powerless after the next tribal.

I think Wendell is gone.

Well this just got real.

Damn... Parvati got the boot.

He didn't use his advantage, damn!!!

She's playing the idol?? Wow.



That was fricken unbelievable. Two million dollar play right there from Denise.
Wtf Sandra is leaving? Damn.

Wow that was a shock honestly.

Wendell is being a dick this season. I don't like who he has become.

I hope Ethan doesn't quit too. :[

Holy yikes. Someone could find a lot of fire tokens.

Lmfao Rob. He's NUTS.

Been is nuts too.

Adam is so annoying.

Michelle just ate shit! Ouch!

Damn, this is a close one.

This is intense!!!!!!!

They won by no more than half a second! Wow!!!!!

I have a feeling Wendell isn't going home.

Yeah, Yul might have dug his own grave by asking for the fire token.

Wendell is a dick haha.

Dammit all! Not Yul!
Amber and Rob are awesome lol.

Merge time!!!!

Oh man, one of the players from Edge of Extinction are gonna fight their way back to the game! This is exciting!!!

Tyson is preaching facts right now.

Yep, I remember this challenge! This is gonna be absolutely insane.

They buried that bag like two feet. Wow.



Like I always say, the merge food always looks great lol.

Denise totally has a resume for voting Sandra out.

"Survivor diapers"

People are shivering... damn.

Ah the classic "hold onto the pole" challenge.

Immunity necklace + fire token, very nice!

Wow, a dude and girl can win this! Sweet.

Adam is scared?

Holy shit, Michelle took a HARD fall.

Denise with a great win!

What a win for Jeremy!

I hope Nick doesn't go home...

This should be a good vote.

What a blindside. Damn.

Interesting he didn't give his tokens to Jeremy... hmm.
kalsonberry | 15:25
Did wendell give his tokens to Nick and Michelle? I can't quite remember. Denise is awesome, but not sure it was the best idea to tell the whole tribe that she took out the Queen. My other favorites are Adam and Nick but unfortunately they're kind of going against each other. I think sophie is playing a good game and I really like Sarah too. I was hoping that Natalie or yul would come back into the game, but I guess they still have another shot.
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