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New Year's Resolutions

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kalsonberry | 18:21
I found this pretty helpful last year so here are my goals for 2016!

1) Receive at least one other job offer and either take it or turn it down
2) Weigh 145 pounds by the end of the year
3) Be in a relationship by the end of the year
4) Wear my retainer at least once a week
5) Apply for The Amazing Race with my sister before the end of the year
6) Improve my Cantonese skills
7) Use the Crockpot to make more home-cooked meals
8) Understand more about finance/economics
9) Memorize all of the important phone numbers in my life
10) Finish this theology book I'm going through
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kalsonberry | 23:17
1. Try a new fruit or vegetable every time I go to Buford Highway Farmers Market.
2. Don't get Covid-19.
3. Learn to sew.
Pandora | 22:58
1. Finish any video games that I've bought to prove to my kids that I'm the OG gamer around here. (I keep starting them and getting distracted with life)
2. Work less, auto manufacturing has become a nightmare between Covid and chip shortages. My work ethic keeps me working too many hours to keep things under control.
3. Read more, I only finished 48 books this year which is a forth of what I used to do, I need to get my head space back.
4. Do not kill the oldest that will officially become a teenager this year.
Joeyy | 20:43
Proud of you, Jeff.
Thank you, Joey! <3
Olivia_Ka | 07:59
1. Keep on trying different pizza varieties and follow any coworker's advice if I should like any topping (or not).
2. Meditating, again and again, if I keep on doing so.
3. Publishing poetry, and find some inspiration if I get back to it.
4. Keep on working on different music sites - including LSI.
5. While putting clothes on, see if all go well together - certainly with the face mask.
kalsonberry | 14:09
Doing #1, although I've only been there once or twice this year so far. Did not do #2. Haven't done #3 yet
kalsonberry | 13:32
Same answers as my last post - I've been to the farmer's market a number of times now.
kalsonberry | 20:50
Ok, time to check in -

1) I did this one, pretty much! Got to try some interesting fruit and vegetables this year.
2) Did not complete, as I got Covid back in January.
3) Did not do this one.

Time to think of some for 2023.
Goals for 2022:

1. Lose more weight. Proved to myself this year that I can in fact maintain and lose some weight.
2. Always maintain your mental health!
3. Keep grades up in college. There's no reason to fall behind.
4. Get better at golf.
5. Keep lookin for a potential lover.
6. Keep being as independent as you can be.
7. And always live life the way it's intended.

Let's go for it!

1. Maintained my weight quite well considering how stressed I was during the semester + working a job as well.
2. I definitely struggled with my anxiety when I got sick with COVID, and that lasted for about two weeks. I felt pretty low, but I was able to pull myself out of the rut and get myself back on track. Huge win in my book.
3. Spring semester: 3.91, Fall semester: 4.0! I am very impressed that I put my games aside and all of the college nonsense as well and strictly focused on my studies even while working as well. I was really able to prove to myself that I actually can do it. Although, the schedule got pretty exhausting though. Nonetheless, very proud of this one!
4. I played for as long as I could and feel as though I stayed at the same skill level. Cannot wait to get back out!
5. Well... I did have a connection with this girl for a bit, but I have realized it's pretty much going no where and have accepted my defeat on this one lmao. Will keep looking though. :p
6. Sure have!
7. Every single day!

Overall, I am really proud of myself for how I performed this year. A lot of devastating events happened that I won't go into, and I simply refused to wave the white flag. Just not an option. 2022 really kicked my ass though; school, work, life events, drama, etc. A lot of the bad days will hopefully stay here in 2022, and I am really hoping 2023 is a little less stressful.

I will post my 2023 New Year's Resolutions in a few days!
kalsonberry | 15:10
1. Have 5 or fewer panic attacks.
2. Learn to sew.
3. Weigh 154 pounds.
Good luck Kaleb!
Goals for 2023:

1. Graduate college, get the Associate's degree! May 2023!
2. Maintain / lose weight. Aiming for low 180, high 170.
3. Continue rehabbing leg and try to get a mile in under 8 minutes again.
4. Find a girlfriend lol enough is enough.
5. Figure out which college I'm transferring to.
6. Always put mental health first before anything.
7. Release a new song, haven't in almost two years.
8. Live your life the way it is intended.

Let's do this!
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