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juicy1 | 12:38
Is your computer running slow?

Are you looking to buy a new computer but don't know what to look for?

Are you looking for people to game with?

Looking to buy a new phone?

Do you have a question about computers or the interwebs?

Ask here and I'll be glad to lend a hand in any way I can.

I'm a WiFi Engineer with experience in routers, switches, linux, windows, apple, PC troubleshooting, WAN and LAN troubleshoots, MySQL, SQL Workbench, DHCP, DNS, AD, Radius and of course WiFi.

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juicy1 | 22:50
You should be able to download java to a surface. It might work in the browser your device has anyway. Most of the time when they post things like that is because some random user had a problem and they didn't know how to fix it so they just its not compatible.
Joeyy | 17:13
Joe, computer seems to be running fine except for scrolling. Well, LSI appears to be OK, but it's really slow on other sites. I'll click the bar, move the mouse, and either nothing at all will happen or it moves a tiny bit after a few seconds. Annoying.

Any ideas?
juicy1 | 17:17
Is it happening on other web browsers?
Joeyy | 17:26
I tried one on IE and it didn't happen.
juicy1 | 17:31
Did the browser you were using recently update? I've been having some issues with Chrome the last few days
Joeyy | 17:35
Not that I know of, but maybe sneakily?

Anything I can do?
juicy1 | 17:41
You can use the other browser, otherwise you'll have to wait until they patch the issue in the browser.
Joeyy | 18:04
Seems to be working now. :s
Bringing this back.
roxcyn | 05:58
What's a good smart phone to get? I'm wondering if I should upgrade to HTC One M10.
Olivia_Ka | 04:44
Oh dear, this is driving me crazy.

I'm using a comp that still has Windows XP - even though I already know no updates would be done anymore from April 2014, I keep on checking newer versions of Adobe Flash Player and Java and update them with success, so I can keep playing games.

It started on Saturday, around 10am. I was updating a video for a song page, but after I had clicked on "save", it showed me the song page for a short while before putting a square, blue screen in the middle with a message I could not read - it appeared for 2 seconds and the comp went back to starting. After that, I checked Mozilla Firefox and it showed me the new versions of Adobe and Java are both currently installed. The blue screen episode happened again when I was either reading a WP article, checking a track on whosampled or reading the java.com site.

I don't use IE anymore since JavaScript doesn't seem to be working.

Since yesterday, I do not use Mozilla anymore and focus on Chrome instead. I had to transfer all my current documents on my USB flash drive - done tonight. I cannot use Mozilla since the page would freeze a lot for 10 seconds, then freeze again, and show me no text anymore - so I'd close the browser but when I started again, it showed me a message like "not enough memory available".

I cannot play games on Chrome anymore, but some of them work. In case it worked, the comp would turn itself off in the middle of a game (second of 9 sets of Connect 4 - no possibility to save in the middle).

Windows XP
Shockwave Flash
Java 8 U 121
Google Chrome 49.0.2623.112
Mozilla Firefox 51.0.1 (32 bits)

Here it's 5am (France time) and I don't want to wake people up. That's why I'm calling on a special person here.

roxcyn | 04:02
Can you run Ccleaner on it? It will delete old cache, cookies, and flash cookies. Maybe that will free up some space and RAM.
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