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Hello. Possible slander.

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Kat1e1 | 03:47
Hi, yes I'm new. Frankly the only reason I've registered is that I want to notify the people running this site that they've slandered an artist and should correct their news item.

Bit difficult to find an option to do so - could not find any other way to advise your mods/site operators.

Anyway - the item is a news article on Gotye.

You state that:
- Gotye "sampled Luiz Bonfa's 'Seville' without being credited"; and
- called it "plagiarism";
- stated that Gotye had "plagiarised";

These are false statements.

Gotye sought permission to use the sample _before_ he released the song. Gotye credited Bonfa in the jacket notes of his music release and agreed to the split in the song's profits _before_ the song's release.

You've falsely accused Gotye of plagiarism.

I'm pretty sure that counts for slander.

You might want to fix that.
PinkFloyd | 06:42
One person submitted the news for Gotye, it was not the website. So don't blame the site for this mistake. Anyway, the fake news has been removed. And I can see what you are talking about that you could not find anyone to remove it so you took to the forum instead. I will talk to the webmaster about perhaps adding an area on the news section to "report fake news".

Thanks for reporting this to the forum though, it's better to mention it than have fake news on the site. But since the problem is resolved now, I will close this topic.
PinkFloyd | 06:56
Sorry, I will actually re-open it. I just realized it was also your "Hello, I'm new" thread. Even though you said you joined only to report the news. But just in case... Welcome to the site.

Kat1e1 | 07:24
Thanks PinkFloyd
TheAnnoyance | 08:02
Hello & Welcome
JDolla | 14:18
For the record, Slander is an oral misrepresentation that damages a person or entity's reputation. Since this was a written misrepresentation, it would be considered Libel
TheAnnoyance | 18:53
Alright, smart-arse.
Gotye reminds me of Goatse
Olivia_Ka | 16:47
*Put my glasses on*

Hello, Katie and welcome to LSI. Bienvenue! I have fully read your message on May 20, 2013 and because of that, I could not sleep that day. You asked Sierra to remove a news article.
* offtopic :
Do not laugh, this is true.

I know what you are talking about, I am the girl who posted the news saying that the Australian-Belgian singer was sentenced to pay a $1 million fine to the Brazilian composer's rights owners. I got the article from this French site, with the date May 15, 2013. This song, Somebody That I Used To Know, from the album Making Mirrors, has since become one of my favourites.

Here are the credits of "Somebody That I Used To Know", taken from the back cover of the single.
Distributed By - Universal Island Records
Mastered At - King Willy Sound, Stanmore, NSW
Mixed At - Moose Mastering, Richmond, VIC
Phonographic Copyright (p) - Samples 'N' Seconds Records Pty Ltd.
Published By - Kobalt Music Publishing Australia Pty Ltd.
Published By - Op Shop Songs Pty Ltd.
Recorded At - The Barn, Merricks, VIC
Recorded At [Bass] - Lucas' Loungeroom, Melbourne, VIC

Artwork By, Flute, Guitar, Mixed By [Assistant], Percussion, Producer, Recorded By, Synthesizer [Samples], Written By - Wally De Backer
Backing Vocals - Kimbra, Wally De Backer
Bass - Lucas Taranto
Illustration [Back] - Frank De Backer
Illustration [Front] - Kat Kallady
Management - Danny Rogers, John Watson
Mastered By - William Bowden
Mixed By - François Tétaz
Vocals [Featuring] - Kimbra

So far, Luiz Bonfá's rights owners noted that Gotye was credited as the sole songwriter. But there is a small note on the right of the same back cover and I wonder whether they had read it. Depends which copy of the single they had - this note does not appear on every edition.
Contains a sample of the recording Séville as performed by Luiz Bonfá. Courtesy of Geffen Records, under license from Universal Music Enterprises (UMe). Used by permission, all rights reserved. Written by Luiz Bonfá and published by Sasqua Music.

And for them, the song should have been credited like that
Lyrics By - Wally De Backer
Music By - Luiz Bonfá, Wally De Backer

instead of this one.
Written By - Wally De Backer

I hope it's clear.

*Remove my glasses*
CarlJ | 21:58
Hello Katie and welcome to LSI! hope you have as much fun and enjoyment here that we all have had.
I guess, "welcome?" Even though she won't see this...
Olivia_Ka | 23:51
She may see this.

Too bad I hid in my corner while she started this thread, too bad I did not tell I was the one who posted the news article.
I doubt she will.
Olivia_Ka | 00:35
* offtopic :
What have I done to deserve this?
POP OUT SAVE saving ...
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