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star wars - eminems without me

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stupot | 19:50
well one of my mates is big on star wars and wont stop going on about it when she gets started and we started to write a song about how anakin turned into darth vader but we only got so far before we gave up.
uve gotta sing it to without me by eminem. sum bits are bit dodgy and dont fit properly but here goes:

gess whos back, back again
yodas back, tell a frend
gess whos back, hes not black
just a whack, needs a smack
round the head round the head round the head...

theyre creating a monster
but nobody knows that one day anakin will turn into a bastard
well if you want trouble that is what he'll give ya
a little bit of Jin gives him the chance quicker
a chance thatll mean that if he wins the podracing he'll be free to wreak havoc drinking liqour (!)
by killing those who arent co-operating
and using dark forces for his operating
you twat Qui Gon, now start your praying
cos hes loose and hes here and hes full of hatred
we know that you really like the kid
but if you train him, youll all end up in deep shit
but yoda and chums wont let him be, let him be him, until they see
that Qui Gon wants to take care of him and release the innner arsehole full of sin
so come on twit
explain it to me twit
just why you wanted him to part of the force twit
now get ready, cos this kids mind isnt steady
you just had to get him started
frig you jedi

thats how far weve got so far and yes i know its sad that were writing about star wars but we were bored!
can anyone add to it? if u cood it would be GREAT!!!

Kiki | 09:44
wow! that was cool!

ok, im not that good at writing parodies, but ill try my best at the chorus...

now, choosing the dark side is he,
so nobody question, his authority,
this kids a rebel, and so we'll see,
darth vaders gonna take over, young ani!

ok i deserve criticism for that! LOL!
i hope that was ok...

eminems_byrd | 16:02
lol thts kewl
Jez | 16:18
Hehe.. pretty impressive.
Heavenlybabe | 19:18
Thats emence! Keep going!
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