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The xfactor vs the voice

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UWanKno | 00:46
Ok, I must admit I'm a reality junkie,especially when it comes to music Is anyone watching XF or The Voice? if so, which show do you think has the most talent? I think the voice is more entertaining, and has the best talent this year.. I would love to chat with other fans, and hear your opinions and who your favs and least favs of the shows are..
First time poster and topic starter, so I hope I'm doing this right..
Olivia_Ka | 01:53
That is not the same. The only common point between them is : one coach for each category.
Those categories for the "X Factor" are definite (either male, female or bands), those for "The Voice" don't have a specificity.

The only thing I like about "The Voice" is : vocal coaches turning their seats during the blind auditions. In case all 4 of them turn their seats, the contestant has to choose one... Nice idea.
No red squares or blue squares after the performance, unlike "Pop Idol". Nice idea too.
But I don't like the fact that 4 contestants (one from each team) are eliminated during the lives (as in liveshows), every week.
By the way, do all the vocal coaches turn their seats to the contestants during the battles and the lives too? It should really work this way.

I haven't watched the French version, called The Voice, La Plus Belle Voix (although Mika, to give a name, had a solid team in the 2014 edition, IMO). Unlike the American version (twice a year), it is aired once a year, between February and May.
Also, are there 'former musical stars' as contestants in the foreign versions? The French one had Victoria Petrosillo (2013) from Le Roi Soleil and Ginie Line (2014) from Dracula, L'Amour Plus Fort Que La Mort. Not a surprise because the Canadian-born Garou (my least favourite, IMO) had played Quasimodo in Notre-Dame de Paris, 15 years before he joined "The Voice".

One last thing : there's been the same contestant in the French versions of "X Factor" (2011) and "The Voice" (2014). Her name is Marina D'Amico.
As for the French winners... None has been successful yet. Raymond-Barker's album came out on download only. Winning the show doesn't mean : "becoming a best-seller".
X Factor
Sébastien Agius in 2009 and Matthew Raymond-Barker in 2011.
The Voice
Stéphan Rizon in 2012, Yoann Fréget in 2013 and Kendji Girac in 2014.

If I had to pick one of them, I'd like "The X Factor" more and I wish I had invented that concept. For the first season, Julie Zenatti, Cerrone and Alain Lanty all formed a "trio de choc"! Even better because one of my fave artists, Christophe Willem, has been a judge in the second season, wow!
But right now, don't have much to say about this one. Maybe because here, all the sites talk about "The Voice" and the "X Factor" has been less aired than "The Voice", ow, it hurts!

*Bites my fingers*
Olivia_Ka | 01:16
I'm getting completely lost with the jury members from the international versions, especially the UK and Ireland ones - that I haven't watched. Some of them were IMO mistakenly chosen.

Of course the female ones such as Sharon Corr and Una Healy are both Irishwomen. Isn't Jamelia Irish instead of English, too? Or did they take her by mistake, in lieu of Samantha Mumba? Both of them had a few hits 20 years ago in Europe. So it was more logical to have Samantha in the Irish version (but I don't think she was offered the place, too bad) and Jamelia in the UK one (as a predessior or successor to any of the only female coaches).

One of the coaches from the sixth season in 2017 was named Gavin. I keep on believing that's Gavin Friday and so, the second Irishman (after Danny O'Donogue) as a coach in the UK version. I don't think it was Gavin James because he wasn't that young.
But I cannot believe that, although born in the UK, Gavin Rossdale (Bush) is a British singer... No no no, either British or Australian. *Snake's tongue out* Why him? If the said "Gavin" was this one (and so not Friday), they must have chosen Rossdale by mistake, after/only because his ex-wife Gwen Stefani was a coach in the US version since 2014. Gavin Friday would have been a better choice in lieu of Rossdale.

Ow my knees hurt!
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