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FleurDerLys | 14:00
All the events of our lives affect our mood and our mood is reflected in our actions ...

And the mood you have now?

+100 This is the best day of my life!
+ 90 I'm happy! Soul singing, perhaps it is love!
+ 80 Life is cool, everything is blooming and happy!
+ 70 I have all the work! All disposes me!
+ 60 Everything is wonderful!
+ 50 I'm happy!
+ 40 I have fun
+ 30 I am glad that everyone around me is good and well ...
+ 20 I am well
+ 10 is normal, what is Activities.
+ 0 Just an ordinary day, one of the many
- 10 I have a slight sadness in my soul
- 20 Missing you, absolutely nothing to do
- 30 I am homesick
- 40 It might be better. Mild Depression
- 50 I feel bad
- 60 I'm rotten at heart, a sense of something lost
- 70 I'm depressed
- 80 I'm crying
- 90 Depression and despair, thoughts of hopelessness ...
-100 I'm terribly bad. I was overwhelmed with a wave of despair and hopelessness, life has no meaning ...

Respond on a scale and write the reason. For example:

+ 90 had a wonderful time with your loved ones
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Olivia_Ka | 11 days ago
Felt so stressed a few days ago, that I messed up the beginning of the week, and some curiousness has somewhat hurt me. Back to work after letting go during almost 2 weeks, and really, I must get into it despite that sad November anniversary. Meditation will surely help.
kalsonberry | 2 days, 11 hours ago
Olivia_Ka | 2 days, 0 hours ago
Usually against Black Friday, this time I end up with a new black, long-sleeved hoodie for indoor wearing. While my dad has a new pair of shoes and my mum has a padded jacket without sleeves.
And before watching TV tonight : earlier this week, I realised that Amber is actually Marc's protégée, both worked at the same magazine where he was the editor, and I like both of them.
POP OUT SAVE saving ...
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